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Why Opt For Automated Software Testing

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Have you ever faced a bunch of test cases problems?

Are you tired of supporting different automated systems for web and mobile in-house?

Why Opt For Outsourced Automated Testing Services?

What Our Existing Partners Have to Say

We constantly use Work Calendar and can't imagine having to use anything else. It saves us so much time, and ensures we don't miss any logs. The staff were responsive to our feedback too. Five Stars!

Joseph Narai

Joseph Narai

Managing Director at Transmedia Technology (Sydney, Australia)

Test Automation As a Service: Our Process


We study your business requirements. Evaluate the testing scale. Choose the best tools and technologies for the most cost-effective results.


We define web services automation testing scope and allocate resources. Our professional team prepares unit test cases, does the tool installation & configuration.

Automation and Optimization

We prepare the scripts and implement the testing framework.


Action time! After executing the test cases, we capture, review and analyze the results to guarantee 100% error free delivery.


You receive a detailed report containing all the defects and errors, screenshots of failures with additional commentary.

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Web Testing

The hassle of manual web testing is over.

Implementing an automated testing framework for your company will reduce the testing costs by at least 40%, give simultaneous web and mobile application testing a breeze, improve database validation processes and increase your ROI.

Not familiar with automated testing technologies? We'll equip you with:

  • detailed reports to monitor the progress and analyze the results;
  • efficient solutions for testing complex web elements with less hassle involved;
  • living documentation, which contains your application business cases with additional commentary.
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Mobile Testing

Manual mobile testing crushes your budgets?

Our framework can enhance the quality of your mobile application with little investments involved. Cut down the app development costs without compromising the quality.

Don't have experience with automating your mobile testing? We offer the following automated testing services:

  • simultaneous automated app testing on multiple device emulators;
  • powerful regression testing to prevent any release problems;
  • robust reports and living documentation based on application business cases.
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Continuous Integration

Discovered a bug after the release?

With our testing framework you'll improve your release process and optimize dragging routines. We vouch for delivering sub-par products and taking a step further to guarantee a smooth, stress-free product release.

New to establishing efficient release processes? Apart from doing this job for you, we additionally offer:

  • different test types execution: full functional testing, fast application testing and more;
  • additional regression tests after automated builds;
  • timely notifications about application status via email or text messages;
  • fully automated roll-outs, which guarantee a 100% human error-free environment;
  • detailed reports and comprehensive logs generation.

Romexsoft team is goal-driven and result oriented

Our software test automation services will save you at least 20% of costs per project and over 600 hours in manpower while delivering a better product ready for the market.

The Agile approach to software development we use helps us bring you faster feedback, break free of Waterfall's "coding phase/testing phase" and dilute the hassle of post-release bugs from your business.




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