Amsterdam Capital Week 2016 – Romexsofters are going! What about you?

Romexsoft team will visit this year’s Amsterdam Capital Week, in which startups from around the world travel to Amsterdam to meet and pitch to over 500 investors.

On September 26-30, 2016, Solomiya Zahray and Serhiy Kozlov aka Business Development Team at Romexsoft will visit Amsterdam to attend Amsterdam Capital Week which offers a great opportunity to communicate with talented startupers and learn some startup ecosystem insights.

Why Amsterdam Capital Week?

We have chosen this event as we love startups with their creative ideas; and would love to learn insights, communicate with great people and find new friends!

At this event you can literally feel how innovations transform and take place in the daily lives of everyone. Here you can see how your pain points turn into delighters, and how new projects disrupt markets.

Also, we try to help startups to fulfill their dreams and to take their place on market by providing endlessly technology support.
But first, a few quick words on the event:

About Amsterdam Capital Week

Amsterdam Capital Week is a week in which startups from around the world travel to Amsterdam to meet and pitch to over 500+ investors. The week features events during which angel investors, venture capitalists and (crowd-) funding events open their doors to startups. Amsterdam Capital Week is about two-way connections: all participants, both startups and investors, get to pitch meet and learn to inspire new investments and long-term partnerships.

As a startup this week is for you, whether your startup is looking for pre-seed, early stage or series A or B funding. For investors Amsterdam Capital Week offers matchmaking with awesome and fast-growing startups. The week gives you a perspective on the opportunities waiting to be seized, whether you’re a big investment fund or a first-time angel investor. In 2015, Amsterdam Capital Week was organised for the first time, born out of an ambition to truly connect startups and capital and to create a space where startups and investors jointly pitch, meet and learn.

Amsterdam Capital week is initiated and part of the Startup Amsterdam Programme.

Here you can check how it was last year.

Are you going?

Solomiya and Serhiy will be glad to discuss your ideas, advise how to monetize your project on early stages and help you with turning your idea into a working product.

Our experience is based on a great number of delivered projects in fintech, healthcare, media and entertainment, so if you’re interested in this area and have any question, feel free to use the Contact Us or drop us an email at

If you would like to know more about how we can help your startup by solving different technical challenges, ping us or read our references at

See you on Amsterdam Capital Week!

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