What is DevOps? Romexsoft

What is DevOps?

To get a better grasp of what is DevOps, let’s take a look at some ‘cultural’ underpinnings fostering the creation of this new IT movement,…

by Victoria Naichuk
DevOps Team Structure and Best Practice

DevOps Team Structure and Best Practice

DevOps practices come and go as they are put to a test against real life scenarios. Some prove to be viable, others just don’t bring…

by Anna Boyko
what is NOC

Why Companies are Choosing to Outsource Their NOC

Outsourcing. It's a "thing." And it's proving to be highly advantageous to businesses that need access to a variety of top talent sans the hiring…

by Ivan
Top 5 Application Migration Best Practices

The Top 5 Application Migration Best Practices

Migration to AWS cloud as no longer an ‘if’ option for businesses. It’s now a question of when and how it should be orchestrated. Because…

by Anna Boyko
Benefits of AWS Cloud

The Definitive Benefits of AWS Cloud Adoption

Migrating to the cloud. It's on the minds of all businesses, large and small. Many companies have already moved their infrastructure and applications to the…

by Ivan
AWS cloud based solutions

What are Cloud Based Solutions? Your Cloud FAQs Answered

For those, who are still building a business case for cloud adoption, we propose this quick FAQ, explaining what is the cloud, and how can…

by Anna Boyko
List of the AWS services

Top 10 AWS services to choose for your business in 2020

The universe of Amazon In the past years, cloud computing has revolutionized the technology industry. With it, tech companies don’t need anymore to make essential…

by Anna Boyko
AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure: cloud comparison

AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure: Which One is The Best For Your Business?

A detailed analysis of the top three cloud platforms with a comparison chart and additional insights for building a strong case for cloud migration. Migrate…

by romexsoft
aws cost optimization model

AWS Migration: 3 Major Cost Optimization Strategies to Use

Minimize the costs of cloud migration to AWS using proven strategies for cost optimization. Take your business to the cloud within your budget! Most businesses…

by romexsoft
aws cloud migration services

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Migration to AWS Cloud

Benefits of cloud technology for business You are experiencing more traffic, and your IT team is complaining that it’s becoming more difficult to allocate the…

by Serhiy