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6 Critical CRM Features to Increase Customer Loyalty

“The customer is always right.” That used to be the slogan of B2C and B2B businesses for three-quarters of the last century, when shopping still…

by Nataliia
Outsourcing Software Development for Startups

Outsourcing Software Development for Startups: Should or Shouldn’t?

Every startup hits the wall at some point. They are two-three years into their business, are scaling nicely, and have enough seed funding to move…

by Serhiy Kozlov
How to Build a Useful Chatbot

How to Build a Useful Chatbot

Anyone who wonders what’s all the “hype” about chat robots only needs to experience Siri once. This is the Apple iPhone personal assistant who will…

by Nataliia
Build Own Crowdfunding Platform

How to Build Your Own Crowdfunding Platform

Traditionally, getting a business financed was a matter of asking a few investors for capital. In return, these investors were either given a return on…

by Nataliia
ERP system development

7 Tips To Develop a Web Based ERP System

One of your sales staff is excited. He has just made a huge sale. Unfortunately, when he submitted the order for processing, he was informed…

by Serhiy Kozlov
Web Application teams

How to Build a Scalable Web Application?

In 2004, Facebook had about one million users. As of the end of Q2, 2016, that number had increased to 1.7 billion. And when users…

by Serhiy Kozlov
Social Networking Website

How To Make Social Networking Website Like Facebook

Facemash was launched in October, 2003 by a Harvard college student Mark Zuckerberg, along with a few friends. While it did not last long, Zuckerberg…

by Nataliia
Develop a Web App

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web App?

So, how to develop a web app? If you are a no-coder yourself, the logical assumption is that you need to hire a web development…

by Nataliya Saturska
EMR/EHR Development

EMR/EHR Development. What You Need to Know

The medical industry is becoming more digitized with each passing day. Considering the recent federal government initiative offering over $4.4 billion in EHR Incentive Program…

by Yura Bondarenko
CRM System

How to Develop a CRM System?

Whether you are just launching or been in operations for quite awhile, you won’t succeed without loyal customers onboard. Great customer service is built upon…

by Serhiy Kozlov