Build Own Crowdfunding Platform

How to Build Your Own Crowdfunding Platform

Traditionally, getting a business financed was a matter of asking a few investors for capital. In return, these investors were either given a return on…

by Nataliia
The SaaS Application Development Lifecycle

The SaaS Application Development Lifecycle

The depiction of an enterprise which has not taken advantage of SaaS is humorously portrayed by Basecamp, a SaaS project management provider: What Basecamp is…

by Solomiya
Web Application teams

How to Build a Scalable Web Application?

In 2004, Facebook had about one million users. As of the end of Q2, 2016, that number had increased to 1.7 billion. And when users…

by Serhiy
Startup Funding 101

Startup Funding 101 – The Beginner’s Guide To Winning Investors For Your Startup

Bad news first: no matter how great your idea is, it may never get off the ground without the funds to make it happen. And…

by Elena
Nordic Tech

Nordic Tech: How Sweden Became The European Startup Central

While most eyes are kept on Berlin, London and Paris when it comes to big project launches and the surrounding startup buzz, it is Sweden…

by Elena

Launching a Startup? FinTech is So Hot Right Now

If I were to launch a startup tomorrow, the niche I would name straight off the bat is Fintech. The Internet and mobile technologies have…

by Elena
Collision Las Vegas 2015

6 Ukrainian Startups Exhibiting At Collision Web Summit 2015 In Las Vegas

Driven by local talent, startup scene in Ukraine is rising every year to a number of successful startups which already market their product globally like…

by Valentyna