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EHR systems

EHR systems – Natural Language Processing in Healthcare: Is It Worth Implementing?

The adoption of EHR systems has already proven to beneficial for the patients. Up to 65% of physicians have stated that the new system has…

by Halyna
Micro-Moments in E-Commerce Using Big Data

How to Identify Micro-Moments in E-Commerce Using Big Data

What do delayed and canceled flights mean to you? Chances are your answer ranges somewhere between frustration and quiet rage. But for savvy business owners,…

by Nataliia
Financial Risk Management Software

How Financial Risk Management Software Can Benefit from Big Data Analytics

More data has been created in 2015-2016 than in the whole history of the human race. In fact, by 2020, there will be 1.7 megabytes…

by Michael
Big Data Analytics

How a FinTech Solution Can Succeed With Big Data Analytics

In 2017, FinTech has exploded. In the first quarter of 2016, fintech funding hit $5.3 billion - a 67% increase compared to the same period…

by Michael

How to Improve EMR/EHR Using Predictive Analytics

Making predictions in the healthcare industry is nothing new. Based upon years of compiling data, for example, medical researchers have been able to determine a…

by Serhiy

Top 5 Startup Trends For 2017

A 19-year old student, Boyan Slat, recently invented a device that will clean up ocean garbage, primarily plastic, that threatens all forms of ocean life.…

by Nataliia

Top 4 EHR Trends To Watch For In 2017

Technology has disrupted medical care perhaps as much as any other industry. We need only to go back twenty years and think about surgical procedures,…

by Halyna

The Top 10 Most Popular Romexsoft Blog Posts of 2016

2016 was full of events, inspiring technology breakthroughs, and shocking news, including Brexit and elections in U.S. We at Romexsoft always try to keep eyes…

by Nataliia
Top 10 Fintech Trends and Predictions For 2017

Top 10 Fintech Trends and Predictions For 2017

“Fintech” has just made it into the online Oxford Dictionary in 2016. Suppose that’s a good merit to grade its popularity, especially within the startup…

by Michael

Voting On The Go: Election Day User Experience

With the advancements in technology, it seems like nothing is impossible nowadays, even voting on the go via mobile devices. Wouldn’t it be convenient if…

by TechieBirch