Cloud-Native Application Development

Optimized for cost, security, scalability and performance

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Building Cloud-Native Applications

For the companies who have centered their workloads and operations in the cloud Romexsoft offers cloud-first approach to cloud native application development. Following proven Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD development methodologies, our team of experts provides architectural design, implementation, testing, monitoring and production support of web, mobile, API, low/no code projects. Optimized for cost and designed for automation, cloud-native applications bring required level of security, performance, scalability, fault tolerance for customer-centric cloud based businesses.

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Our Cloud-First Approach to Cloud-Native Application Development

AWS Cloud Infrastructure

  • Reliable, scalable, secure, inexpensive cloud infrastructure
  • AWS manages dozens of compliance programs.
  • AWS data centers built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations


  • better flexibility
  • focus on resilience
  • small hyper focused productive teams

DevOps Automation

  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Configuration management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible) and provisioning (Terraform, AWS CloudFormation)
  • Next Generation Monitoring Services
  • Maintainability

Security and compliance benefits

  • faster distribution of security patches
  • easier logging, application and security monitoring
  • designed to implement DiD (defense in depth) architecture
    • applying authentication between each component
    • minimizing the trust between components

Stateless components

  • friendly to scale up and scale down
  • better for roll-back
  • easier to repair

Container-driven model

  • significant speedup of the development and testing circles
  • improved security by application isolation
  • shorter release circles

How Сloud Native Apps can HELP your business?

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Our approach to cloud-native application development is built on top of microservices architecture, container-driven model, extensive usage of stateless components and proven DevOps practices. Experienced team of certified Architects, Developers, Testers, SysOps and DevOps engineers applies a rich set of integrated DevOps services to the development and operational management lifecycles. It allows our team to deliver features faster, with better quality and improved security. As a result, shorter release circles allows our clients to deliver better customer experience, improve workloads and operations of their cloud based business.

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What Our Clients Say

Romexsoft has built a skilled and proactive team for SavvyMoney, eager to propose new solutions and hire expertise when needed. It’s a pleasure to work with Romexsoft, and I would highly recommend them.

Bhavna Guglani, SavvyMoney

We have worked very close with Romexsoft for the past 7 years. We enjoyed it and never had any reason to regret it. The folks at Romexsoft proved to be smart, skilled and flexible. Some of them become close personal friends over the years.

Igor Asselbergs, ColorJinn

Fantastic work!! I really appreciated the communication with the staff, they were constantly considering our feedback and released wonderful updates.

Joseph Narai, Transmedia Technology

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