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For 13 Years We Help Enterprises Organize & Streamline Resource Planning

Client-side service description

Most ERP software companies cater to the “big boys,” but mid-sized businesses have come to realize that resource planning can perform valuable functions for them too. But the value is not through the complex and non-intuitive architecture that exists, either as an on-premise system or as cloud-based ERP through SaaS, or even open source web-based ERP solutions that require an in-house IT staff to utilize them properly.

What you need are certain integrated operations functions (modules) but not others. Perhaps you need ERP software development that integrates in real-time your sales, marketing, customer information, payments, and billing. In the future, as you scale, you may need ERP application development in HR, inventory, and a broader accounting system.

What you really need right now is a custom ERP development company that knows how to develop this kind of software, customizing it just for your current environment, but within a platform that allows for additional modules as they become necessary.

This is exactly what we offer at Romexsoft.

What Our Existing Partners Have to Say

Depending on the needs of a particular project we were changing the approach to its management, but despite of that, Romexsoft team was always able to stay focused and guaranteed a high level of usability. These guys don't just write code, but get deeply involved into the project creating added value for our business.

Oleksandr Denyschuk

Oleksandr Denyschuk

CFO at JSC "Teleradiocompany Lux" (Lviv, Ukraine)

What Enterprise Resource Planning Software Can Do For You

  • Streamlined & Organized Resources Planning
  • Smart Predictions and Analysis
  • Integrated Information Access
  • Data-Empowered Customer Service
  • Robust Security of Your Business Data
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Reduced Manual Labor and Data Processing Times
  • Better Decision Making, Which Results in Higher Revenues


Romexsoft has been established as an outsourcing software development company with a focus on Java technology, and we adhere to our strategy for years.

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What ERP Application Development Looks Like at Romexsoft

For years, Romexsoft has been in the business of enterprise web application development for companies of all sizes and in numerous sectors. We also develop mobile apps and SaaS applications. In all cases, our solutions are customized and scalable for each unique client.

While our most common ERP applications clients are in fintech, healthcare, and media/entertainment, in recent years we have come to develop web apps for enterprises in many more sectors – the food industry, hospitality industry, and educational organizations, to name a few.

We have now come to have a reputation as a premier enterprise web development company that can meet the needs of any business environment. Among ERP software companies, we are known to serve businesses of any size, while other vendors often cater only to large enterprises.

When you come to Romexsoft, the process will be as follows:

  • You will discuss with your project team exactly what it is you want your custom ERP software to do. We will carefully analyze your business, your website, and all of your operations, and provide additional tips about ERP solutions you might consider. We will then design a proposal that will offer the best solution at the most reasonable cost.
  • We have all of the online tools for face-to-face communication between you and Project Manager or among all team members in full meeting style.
  • Our ERP developers work in teams on each project. They will first develop a model that includes the modules we have agreed upon, and we will have further discussions to ensure that you are satisfied. You are an integral part of the team that is working for you.
  • As each module is constructed, you will be kept apprised. We test, test, and test some more until we are certain it operates perfectly.
  • You determine the roll out/deployment cycle – by module, entire web application, or anything in between. We provide the training and support and make any adjustments as needed.

Can We Be of Service?

We construct all of our enterprise application development with Java. Why? Because it is clearly the best at this time. Java is designed specifically for web application development and operates regardless of computer architecture.

And as your business continues in its life cycle, our expert developers provide additional modules without a hitch.


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