24TV.ua News Portal and Mobile Applications Development Case Study

Web Portal and Mobile applications development for national TV and radio broadcasting company to support our client on his way to success.



Lviv, Ukraine


Broadcast media & Entertainment


7 people


5 years


National TV broadcasting company with low digital market performance decided to improve their presence on media market by developing reliable and stable digital news and video broadcasting portal to engage with online audience additionally to offline in order to boost the total income.

When 24TV.UA turned to Romexsoft for help, the company had a website with lots of back-end issues resulting in poor performance: it couldn’t handle more than 1000 unique users at once.

The target for Romexsoft was to develop a highly-competitive and scalable website that will attract 200k users per day and help 24TV.UA become a leader on the digital media market.

24TV iphone Cases
24TV Cases
24TV Cases


To reach the goal and attract a big online audience Romexsoft conducted a Rescue Mission and developed web (24TV) and mobile (“News 24” on AppStore for iPhone and on Google Play for Android) applications, and SmartTV (Samsung and LG).

Currently, 24TV is in TOP 4 of online news contributors in Ukraine reaching up to 1 million unique online users per day during the resonance events, and covering 14,4% of the Ukrainian internet audience.

News 24 mobile app was the first one of its kind in Ukraine which gave an opportunity to build reliable relationship with users and reach the TOP 3 of News category on App Store. At the moment, News 24 app is in TOP 10 in both AppStore and Google Play charts.

The target was reached by raising user engagement and time spent on 24tv.ua using essentials of Data Science to create algorithms that show users only relevant and interesting information based on their previous searches and posts that they have opened.

By developing full text search, hit highlighting and faceted search, we improved website usability and increased the amount of user views.

Additionally to making news available as online broadcast and “on demand” – we created and implemented applications for Smart TV Samsung, LG and Dune HD.

Key features include:

  • latest news/videos managing and releasing;
  • content search based on Solr API;
  • Google search integration;
  • live podcasts;
  • news and TV programs archives;
  • authors blogs and users comments;
  • polls creation;
  • integration with Newsmaker project (web live streaming)
  • production support and distribution of video content (video streaming & live streaming) via applications for Smart TV and other players;
  • one user database for all related portals.

Media Company “TRK LUX” was founded in 2004 starting with a small radio station, and up till now has turned into a leading market player with one national TV channel – 24TV, 2 radio stations, 7 internet news portals, and other online projects.


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