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The Colorjive application allows painting of digital images online. Using Colorjive website, you can paint your home and see how it will look without picking up a brush.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Media & Entertainment


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5 years


Colorjinn, a design consultancy specialized in colour design for architecture, decided to increase their online presence by migrating a desktop application to web-based tool that should allow users to redesign their own homes on their computers or mobile devices.

Main objectives to gain this aim:

  • Move application from Flash to HTML5 and make an app work on all devices (mobile & tablets) and all browsers.
  • Implement new rich design.
  • Develop Colorjive Widgets – extensions that can be used on partner portals.


Romexsoft developed Colorjive Lite 2.0 – an HTML5 application which allows users to perform full paint job in less than 10 minutes. The technology is based on the idea that color involves three participants: light, surface, and an observer. Integrating this technology gave Colorjive a competitive advantage as most color-matching software only takes the surface into account using an RGB calculation.

For better distinguishing between objects and greater use of color, The Paint Bucket algorithm has been used, which gave an opportunity to process images more quickly and increase user engagement.

New design enhanced user experience, making the application easy to use and highly serviceable.

Developing Colorjive Widgets increased Colorjinn’s income by allowing the transition into B2B model targeting on design studios besides independent designers.

Key features include:

  • intuitive and easy to use UX design;
  • major paint brands with thousands of colors grouped into palettes;
  • integration with Facebook and Twitter, you can easily grab the image from your account;
  • few pricing plans – redo your entire house with the premium account.


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“We have worked very close with Romexsoft for the past 7 years. We enjoyed it and never had any reason to regret it.The folks at Romexsoft proved to be smart, skilled and flexible. Some of them become close personal friends over the years.”

Igor Asselbergs, Founder & CEO at ColorJinn

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