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Home HealthCare Therapy provides software solutions for home therapy staffing companies and therapists who have contracts with home health agencies. It handles all business and clinical aspects of home health therapy allowing contracting providers to receive patient referrals for medical social work, physical, occupational and speech therapy.



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The goal of the project was to create an application that will ease the communication between people involved in Home Health Care. Clinicians often have to drive long distances to reach their clients and spend time filling in all notes, faxing and sending the documents to their providers. After that documents are usually scanned or photographed to be placed in the archive but in this case, no data is available for sorting, searching and managing.
The app should help clinicians to get rid of all the extra paperwork and have everything in one place so the data is easily shared and sorted. It could speed up decision-making.

Healthcare Software Solutions

healthcare Healthcare Software Solutions
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Our team implemented custom CRM & DMS web-based solution to cover different sets of business processes and flows in home health and medical insurance areas of business having both web- and mobile-based access.

To circumvent the routine of a manual paper form filling and scanning, Romexsoft developed iOS and Android applications which run offline when needed. It means that clinicians can access and manage everything they need without having always to be connected to the Internet. When Service Provider reaches Wi-Fi spot all data is transferred to the database automatically.

As a result – less time is spent on ministering one patient and more patients can be served by Service Providers which increases the overall application’s income.

By developing unified HealthCare database one more problem was solved: Controlling Agents can easily check (online and offline) how the treatment process runs at the moment not losing time waiting for a fresh report to come in.

At the moment, the Home HealthCare Therapy Application is used by 600 Service Providers who manage 5000 Contractors and is a market leader running ahead of its competitors.

Key features include:

  • complete functionality even when offline;
  • automatic tracking of reassessments;
  • smart compliance alerts;
  • 100% compliant documentation;
  • clinical notes for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and medical social work;
  • OASIS documents including Start of Care, Resumption, Recertification, Discharge, and Transfer;
  • built-in functional assessment tests with most commonly used tests for PT, OT, and ST;
  • powerful and easy-to-use scheduling;
  • messaging within the app to anyone on the care team.


Adobe Air
Adobe Flex
Apache tomcat

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ZAXID.NET News Portal Development Case Study

ZAXID.NET Online News Portal – high load web application architecture design and development by Romexsoft.

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