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It’s all about people. They drive success – we provide environment enabling them to realize their potential. We experiment, retrospect and learn lessons.

We have flat organizational structure, thus, build on principles of trust, transparency and openness. Decisions are agreed, not forced upon.
At Romexsoft you will have an opportunity to develop yourself, your skills and not only enjoy curious projects but also bring impact on how the final product will be designed and what values will it bring.

Working at our company you will be always appreciated, as mutual assistance and mutual respect are our core principles.

Open Vacancies

dedicated project manager


The company nurtures your talents and provides you with all you need to keep growing and learning while enjoying your work. Romexsoft creates all the necessary conditions to propel your professional development: interesting projects, direct communication with customers, spirit of freedom and creativity, talented and inspiring colleagues you want to work and share experience with.

Flat organizational structure

Communication is the key!


Annual covering of recreational activities costs.

Flexible Schedule

40 hours/week, opportunity to work out of office.


Boost your technical and soft skills attending corporate trainings, courses and conferences.

Bicycle Parking Lot

Available space to park your monster machine.

Relax Room

Inspiring atmosphere, cosy sofas and tasty coffee.

Medical Support

Paid sick leaves.

Paid Vacation

18 working days, additional days off in certain cases.

What Does The Recruitment Process Look Like?

1. Phone Interview

Hop on a quick call with our HR manager. We’ll shoot some general questions about your resume and skills, and answer any queries you may have.

2. First In-Person Interview

Travel to our Lviv office for a nice chat with a recruiter and your future supervisor (team lead). Our interviews are conducted in a no-pressure atmosphere.

3. Technical Test

We’ll further assess your IT skills and expertise by asking to complete a quick assignment (under an hour), customized to the role you are applying for.

4. Offer

Shortly, we’ll call you back to inform you about your results. If everything went well, you will receive the offer detailing your compensation and other formalities. We hope you’ll accept it and become part of our talented family!

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