Romexsoft is AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

Benefit from our team’s precise experience with AWS and deep expertise of building cloud-based solutions.

AWS Advanced Tier-Services Partner Multiple Destinations – Romexsoft

Strategic AWS Partnership

Romexsoft is an official member of the AWS Partner Network and a trusted AWS implementation partner.
Trusted software development & consulting vendor since 2004.
Certified AWS Consulting Partner.

Our AWS Expertise & Credentials

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge showcases that being a reputable AWS Consulting Company Romexsoft is has experienced consultants offering its professional services.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional badge demonstrates that being a reputable DevOps Services Provider Romexsoft has skilled consultants offering its DevOps Consulting Services.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft has seasoned consultants providing its AWS Consulting Services.
AWS Certified Developer - Associate badge proves that Romexsoft maintains a team of experienced and certified developers offering its Cloud App Development Services for SMBs and Startups.
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft maintains skilled staff offering its DevOps Managed Services.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge demonstrates that being a reputable AWS Managed Services Provider Romexsoft maintains a skilled staff.

Benefits of Working with Certified Advanced AWS Partner

Partnership with AWS gives Romexsoft access to the valuable resources inside the AWS Partners Network and allows our teams to provide high-quality, resilient and secure software solutions.

Expertise in AWS Technologies

AWS Managed Services we provide refers to a set of ongoing operational support to customers who want to outsource the management of their AWS infrastructure. By partnering with an AWS-certified vendor, you can benefit from their experience and insights into AWS best practices, helping you to achieve better results faster.

Access to AWS Resources

An AWS-certified vendor has access to a range of AWS resources that can help you optimize your AWS infrastructure and reduce costs. These resources include technical support, training programs, and beta testing opportunities, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Cost-Conscious Solutions

By partnering with an AWS-certified vendor, you can benefit from their expertise in optimizing AWS infrastructure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. They can help you identify opportunities to reduce your infrastructure costs and maximize your return on investment, helping you to achieve your business goals faster.

Improved Security & Compliance

An AWS-certified vendor can help you to stay compliant with data protection regulations and ensure that your AWS infrastructure is secure from potential threats. They have the expertise and tools to identify and mitigate risks, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

Our Core AWS Services Offering

AWS Consulting Services

Consulting Services refer to a set of advisory and strategic operations offered to customers who want to plan, design, and deploy their AWS infrastructure. The ultimate goal of AWS Consulting Services is to help customers maximize the value they get from AWS and achieve their business objectives.

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AWS Professional Services

As an AWS implementation partner, the AWS Professional Services provided by Romexsoft are focused on accelerating customers’ adoption of AWS and maximizing the benefits of the Amazon platform usage. The services covers cloud strategy implementation, architecture design, application development, modernization and migration, IT infrastructure optimization, and DevOps automation.

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AWS Managed Services

As an AWS implementation partner, the AWS Managed Services we provide refers to a set of ongoing operational support to customers who want to outsource the management of their AWS infrastructure. Romexsoft (as a Managed Service Provider) takes care of monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing the customer’s AWS environment according to pre-defined service level agreements (SLAs).

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Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say

Educational Stock Trading Mobile App Development

  • “Romexsoft developed both the front- and backend of the app. They also built the server-side along with all the functionality that we needed. Our product requires heavy front- and backend work in AWS, but we didn’t have the budget to onboard and support a full development team, seeing as we’re a small startup company. Romexsoft offered an effective solution to turn our idea into a scalable, workable product that we can present to prospective investors.”

Jim Stemper, CEO @ Uptick Stocks

AWS Infrastructure Optimization for Healthcare Company

  • “I cannot fault Romexsoft’s service. They are experts on AWS and offer advice and support 24/7. They are always available to answer any queries and if we have a problem they will resolve in swiftly. They are also a great team of people and I enjoy our weekly meetings. Since Romexsoft have managed and maintained our infrastructure, problems with our system are very rare.”

Kevin Lanzon, Engineering Manager @ Healthera

Java Apps Migration from PWS to AWS for the TIC industry SaaS

  • “We’ve been working with Romexsoft for nearly a year now; we engaged them to assist in the migration of multiple PWS microservices to AWS and continue to leverage their skills to operate and extend those environments. Their code skills are fantastic and their communications, best represented by the weekly standups, are exemplary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Jon Labrie, CTO @ Greenfence

Case Studies

AWS DevOps Services for Healthcare Marketplace | Customer Case Study | Healthcare

Verified by AWS

Romexsoft AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Badge

AWS DevOps Services for Healthcare Marketplace | Customer Case Study | Healthcare

Verified by AWS

Romexsoft AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Badge

DevOps Professional Services | Customer Case Study | Healthcare

AWS Partnership FAQ

How to find an AWS consulting partner for my company or project?

To find an AWS consulting partner, you can visit the AWS Partner Network (APN) website and search for consulting partners by region, industry, and technology focus. You can also filter the search results by partner tier, which is based on their level of expertise and experience with AWS. Additionally, you can read partner profiles, customer reviews, and case studies to evaluate their capabilities and suitability for your specific needs. Once you have identified potential partners, you can reach out to them directly or through the AWS Marketplace to discuss your requirements and explore how they can assist you.

How can an AWS Cloud partner help me optimize my workload on AWS?

An AWS Partner can help you seamlessly migrate and optimize your workload on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Leveraging AWS expertise, best practices, and implementation strategies, they can design, deploy, and manage your AWS infrastructure while optimizing performance and ensuring cost-efficiency. With ongoing support and monitoring, an AWS Partner allows you to focus on your core business while they take care of your AWS environment. 

What companies are eligible for AWS partnership?

To be eligible for an AWS partnership, companies typically need to demonstrate a track record of success in delivering AWS-based solutions to customers, as well as a commitment to ongoing training and certification of their employees. In general, AWS partners are expected to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, technical proficiency, and compliance with AWS best practices and security standards. By meeting these requirements, companies can qualify for various benefits and opportunities offered by Amazon, such as access to training and certification resources, co-marketing opportunities, and technical support.

How to choose the right AWS development services provider for my project?

When choosing an AWS development services provider, it's important to consider several factors.

First, evaluate their level of expertise and development experience with AWS, as well as their familiarity with your specific industry and use case. Second, make sure that the provider is an AWS partner and has the necessary certifications and accreditations.

Third, consider their portfolio of previous projects (via case studies) and client testimonials to assess the provider's proven ability to deliver. Fourth, evaluate the company's communication and collaboration skills, as well as their ability to understand your business requirements. Finally, consider the pricing and billing model, as well as their availability and responsiveness for further support and maintenance. 

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