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Supercharge search capabilities of your application and streamline observability and analytics of your IT infrastructure with Amazon OpenSearch Service. Romexsoft’s certified AWS experts provide full-scale assistance in implementing OpenSearch Service.

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What Romexsoft can do involving Amazon OpenSearch Service

Mainly, we operate in two streams:

1) Assisting clients in implementing new functionality when building new or enhancing existing solutions.

2) Helping clients reduce IT infrastructure costs by optimizing application architecture and utilized assets.

Expert consulting from certified AWS professionals

Develop custom software from the ground up

Migrate existing applications and solutions

Optimize your current applications and IT infrastructures

24/7 support, management, and maintenance

Benefits of Amazon OpenSearch Service

High performance & availability

OpenSearch engine leverages advanced algorithms to provide lightning-fast search results and robust real-time analytics. Experience unrivaled speed and results accuracy which significantly improves your application search capabilities.

Easy deployment & integration

Experience the simplicity of the intuitive interface, designed for effortless setup and management of search clusters. A seamless integration with a wide range of AWS services, enabling you to build and deploy search-driven applications effortlessly.

Scalability & cost-consciousness

It is designed to scale and to handle large volumes of data and queries. With AWS pay-as-you-go pricing model, which means users only pay for the resources they consume, it makes it a cost-effective option for any organization.

Built-In security & data protection

OpenSearch provides several security features, including encryption at rest and in transit, access control, and monitoring. These features help ensure that user data is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

OpenSearch Service use cases

Gets a secure and efficient way to access real-time search,
monitoring, and analysis of business and operational data.

General & enterprise search

Fast search experience for your applications, websites, and data lake catalogs, allowing its users to find relevant data quickly.

App observability & monitoring

The services can be used to track system metrics and performance, as well as to gain insights into user behavior and predict performance issues.

Log analytics trace

OpenSearch Service can help analyze log data from various sources to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Business intelligence

OpenSearch can be used to analyze data from various sources to gain valuable insights and support data-driven decision making.

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What is Amazon OpenSearch Service?

It is a fully managed search and analytics service that makes it easy to deploy, run, and secure an OpenSearch or Elasticsearch cluster in the AWS Cloud. Designed to handle vast volumes of data, this Amazon service offers
unparalleled versatility across two core use cases:

Real-time search at scale

Find the relevant product, service, or document in vast data navigating across diverse facets and attributes easily.

Log analytics and observability

Detect, identify and remediate issues with your infrastructure and AWS services to improve your software’s resilience.

How Amazon OpenSearch Service works

How Amazon OpenSearch Service Works

The pricing

You are charged hourly for using OpenSearch Service EC2 instances and EBS storage volumes. AWS data transfer charges also apply.

There are no charges for traffic between Availability Zones, shared allocation, or rebalancing. Additionally, there are no charges for data transfer between UltraWarm/cold nodes and Amazon S3.

For more details on pricing, refer to the Amazon OpenSearch Service pricing page.

Why Romexsoft is the right choice as a consulting and development partner

Validated practical experience

Proven track record of the successful previous implementations of Amazon OpenSearch for HealthCare, FinTech, and E-Commerce cloud based applications.

Full-fledged AWS expertise

Our engineers permanently enhance their hard skills by obtaining AWS certification programs to validate their proficiency across a broad range of Amazon tools and services.

Holistic approach to the challenges

We always search and offer comprehensive solutions, which cover all possible stages of the project – from initial assessment to post-production maintenance.

Our AWS Expertise & Credentials

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge showcases that being a reputable AWS Consulting Company Romexsoft is has experienced consultants offering its professional services.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional badge demonstrates that being a reputable DevOps Services Provider Romexsoft has skilled consultants offering its DevOps Consulting Services.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft has seasoned consultants providing its AWS Consulting Services.
AWS Certified Developer - Associate badge proves that Romexsoft maintains a team of experienced and certified developers offering its Cloud App Development Services for SMBs and Startups.
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft maintains skilled staff offering its DevOps Managed Services.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge demonstrates that being a reputable AWS Managed Services Provider Romexsoft maintains a skilled staff.

What our clients say

Java Apps Migration from PWS to AWS for the TIC industry SaaS

  • “We’ve been working with Romexsoft for nearly a year now; we engaged them to assist in the migration of multiple PWS microservices to AWS and continue to leverage their skills to operate and extend those environments. Their code skills are fantastic and their communications, best represented by the weekly standups, are exemplary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Jon Labrie, CTO @ Greenfence

Educational Stock Trading Mobile App Development

  • “Romexsoft developed both the front- and backend of the app. They also built the server-side along with all the functionality that we needed. Our product requires heavy front- and backend work in AWS, but we didn’t have the budget to onboard and support a full development team, seeing as we’re a small startup company. Romexsoft offered an effective solution to turn our idea into a scalable, workable product that we can present to prospective investors.”

Jim Stemper, CEO @ Uptick Stocks

AWS Infrastructure Optimization for Healthcare Company

  • “I cannot fault Romexsoft’s service. They are experts on AWS and offer advice and support 24/7. They are always available to answer any queries and if we have a problem they will resolve in swiftly. They are also a great team of people and I enjoy our weekly meetings. Since Romexsoft have managed and maintained our infrastructure, problems with our system are very rare.”

Kevin Lanzon, Engineering Manager @ Healthera

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Amazon OpenSearch Service FAQ

What is Amazon OpenSearch?

Amazon OpenSearch is a search and analytics engine based on the open-source Elasticsearch technology. It allows users to search, analyze, and visualize data in real-time and at scale. OpenSearch provides a distributed and scalable solution that can be used for a wide range of use cases, including log analytics, security analysis, and application monitoring. 

OpenSearch is a community-driven, open source search and analytics suite derived from Apache 2.0 licensed Elasticsearch 7.10.2 . The OpenSearch project consists of a distributed search engine powered by Apache Lucene, OpenSearch, and a data visualization and user interface, OpenSearch Dashboards. OpenSearch also includes all of the advanced functionality ported over from Open Distro for Elasticsearch.

How does OpenSearch relate to Amazon OpenSearch Service?

Amazon OpenSearch Service is based on the OpenSearch project and provides users with all the benefits of using OpenSearch, along with additional features such as automatic scaling, automated backups, and security features like encryption and access control.  Amazon OpenSearch Service is a managed service that allows users to set up and operate OpenSearch clusters at scale. It provides users with a fully managed environment for running and scaling their search and analytics workloads in the cloud. 

OpenSearch vs. Elasticsearch: what’s the difference?

In terms of functionality and features, both OpenSearch and Elasticsearch offer similar capabilities for search and analytics. OpenSearch is based on the same core technology as Elasticsearch, but it is developed and maintained separately by the OpenSearch community.

However, as OpenSearch is a newer project, it may have some differences in terms of features and performance compared to Elasticsearch. The main differences between OpenSearch and Elasticsearch is the development and governance model. OpenSearch is developed and governed by a community of developers who follow a more open and transparent process. Elasticsearch, on the other hand, is developed and maintained by Elastic, a company that also provides commercial products and services based on Elasticsearch.

In terms of licensing OpenSearch is under the Apache License 2.0, which is a permissive open-source license that allows for both commercial and non-commercial use. Elasticsearch, on the other hand, is dual-licensed under the Elastic License and the Server Side Public License (SSPL).

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