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We have been delivering software solutions and services for the healthcare industry since 2009. Years of expertise in the healthcare domain allow us to provide a full cycle of healthcare software development from architecture design to implementation and support. Our engineers have experience in creating various types of web-based, mobile, and cloud-based healthcare solutions including patient portals, consumer health apps, facility and patient management tools.

We focus on a long-term partnership with healthcare organizations that orient towards digital transformation and innovative software solutions in the industry. We have been working with clients from the United States, the UK, Europe and Israel for over 10 years.

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Our Healthcare Software Development Services

Custom Healthcare Software Development

The healthcare industry has growing technical needs, including digitization and patient management. With software solutions, such as HIPAA compliant custom web, mobile and AWS cloud, healthcare systems might work more efficiently. Romexsoft offers Custom Healthcare Software Development Services including development from scratch, prototyping, and add-on development.

Healthcare Web Application Development

Development of healthcare web applications is here to reduce the paper hassle in healthcare organizations and streamline repetitive processes. We develop custom healthcare web applications that enable a seamless workflow within healthcare organizations and ensure secure patient data processing.

Web solutions allow patients to access and organize their personal health data in a few clicks, make treatment tracking simpler and more accessible on the go, allow to schedule appointments, automatically send reminders and much more.

Healthcare Mobile Development

Healthcare mobile applications are widely used in the healthcare sector, they have brought a rapid transformation and simplified processes in the health industry.

We design and implement Healthcare mobile mobile apps for professionals and patients that allow real-time and offline access and editing of electronic health records, appointments scheduling, managing patient demographics, tracking diagnosis, histories, vitals and more.

Cloud-based Development

Cloud computing technologies reduce costs, improve performance and enhance security. These benefits are achieved due to the operational efficiency of medical services running at the cloud.
With AWS cloud-based solutions, your company can enjoy the flexible infrastructure, secure storage and easy information sharing.

Health Information Exchange

Integrated healthcare system parts exchange information about patients faster. When coordinated, they interact with each other in real-time.

Our software development team has experience in integrating third-party solutions for billing software, insurance software, claim management systems and others.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare data analysis involves extrapolating current data from patient datasets, typically collected from electronic medical records (EHRs). We help healthcare vendors to provide better patient care, improve business processes, and financial outcomes of the healthcare organizations by providing Big Data Analytics Services.

Healthcare Solution Development Service Scope

From the very first screen sketch to launch and beyond, we organize our workflows in line with best practices, as well as ensure application’s compliance with the industry standards. Romexsoft meets clients’ requirements with the full stack of medical solutions development services, covering:

  1. UI/UX design
  2. Back-end development
  3. Frontend development
  4. Mobile development
  5. Manual and automation testing services
  6. Support and maintenance
Healthcare software development solutions

Healthcare App Development Use Cases

Mobile Medical Solutions for Professionals

  • Patients management
  • Management of patients’ diagnosis, medication plans, demographics, and more
  • Encrypted local DB (SQLCipher)
  • Integrated personal calendar for scheduling appointments
  • Automatic appointment reminders and alerts
  • Push notifications
  • Complete functionality even when offline
  • Synchronization data with the server
  • Automatic check-in/check-out (GPS location tracking)
  • Smart compliance alerts
  • In-app messenger for doctors and patients

Medical Practice Management Solutions

  • App-in messaging
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patients and Referrals management
  • Smart search by different parameters (zip codes, medical specialties, ICD-10, CPT codes)
  • Care team coordination & clinical workflows
  • Clinical staff management
  • Electronic documentation management
  • PDF Generator
  • Compliances tracking
  • Payers administration
  • Invoices/Billing/Payroll management
  • Reporting system

Mobile Apps for Patients

  • Appointment management and automatic reminders and alerts
  • Local data encryption
  • Auto logout when no activity
  • Access to electronic medical records
  • Electronic signature capturing (patient and clinician)
  • In-app messaging
  • Medication tracking, intake scheme and reminders
  • Simple sign-in (requiring login and password).
  • Touch ID (fingerprint scanning on iOS devices).
  • Face ID (requiring facial recognition on iOS devices).
  • Offline accessibility
  • GPS navigation and maps.

Patient Portals and Engagement Solutions

  • Online registration and family access
  • Search by different parameters (zip codes, medical specialties, and other)
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Accessible treatment plans
  • Secure access to EMR data
  • Editable personal health records
  • Feedback and assessment forms
  • Maps & GPS navigation

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions

  • Centralized invoicing and billing management
  • Medical claims management
  • Automated generation of insurance claim form (UB-04 and CMS1500)
  • Healthcare EDI automation (processing Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic data interchange (EDI-X12) transactions)
  • Automatic Bill Reminders
  • Prospective payment system (PPS)
  • Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) Integration

Privacy & Security

  • Authentication through login and password
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Touch ID or Face ID authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Authorization via token (OAuth)
  • Database encryption/decryption
  • Secure communication channels (SSL security)
  • Encrypted DB in mobile app (SQLCipher)
  • Backup and recovery functionality/scripts
  • Files and database replication
  • AWS-based disaster recovery

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software Development

  • Secure storage and access ePHI.
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Mobile EMR solutions
  • Medical code integration: ICD-10 and CPT
  • Electronic clinical documentation
  • eSignatures

Charting and Visualizations

  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Chart searches
  • Customizable reporting templates

What Our Clients Say

therapyBOSS by Pragma-IT
“Romexsoft successfully delivered the therapy system. Its overall functionalities provided the company an advantage over its competitors. The team exercised competence, meticulous approach to Agile development and responsiveness throughout the development phase.

The success of the product speaks for itself. We are far ahead of our competition in terms of features, usability, and overall strategic direction. The team at Romexsoft has added to our internal strength. Together, we have been an unmatched combination.

Gennady Gandelman, Founder & CEO at Pragma-IT

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Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its end-to-end 24x7 DevOps Support Services as a top-rated AWS Managed Service Provider in Ukraine.
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Healthcare Software Development FAQ

What software is used in healthcare?

There are many different types of healthcare software solutions on the market. On the one hand, there is medical software designed for medical institutions and their patients. On the other hand, there are applications that address individual needs of the people who care about their health. For hospitals, the most popular software products in use are Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Patient Record (EPR). And since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for telemedicine applications has drastically increased. Many healthcare software solutions are created to automate practitioners’ manual work and streamline hospital operational processes. These are hospital management software (HMS), medical billing software, and practice management systems (PMS). And health tracking apps are perhaps the most popular example of healthcare apps developed for ordinary users.

What is healthcare software development?

Software development for healthcare exists to create IT solutions in response to the needs of healthcare organizations. Digitalization in healthcare is booming due to the increased need to adapt to the digital world and to high patients’ expectations on the one hand, and to meet the requirements set by the government on the other hand.

The transition from paper-based workflows to digitized systems allows to increase the quality of patient care and boost the efficiency and profitability of the institution itself. If a medical institution does not have an IT department in-house, it can contact a healthcare software development agency obtaining both industry-specific and software development expertise.

How can a software developer work in healthcare?

To work in healthcare, software engineers, apart from their expertise in IT, need to be familiar with healthcare industry standards and compliance policies. In healthcare, software developers analyze business needs and customers’ expectations and design IT systems to address these needs. Once the solution is already in use, software developers work on optimization, support, and needed upgrades. Medical software engineers develop software that streamlines and supports treatment services, improving accuracy, accessibility and business operational efficiency. Developers that work in healthcare domain focus on software development for healthcare apps, such as fitness & nutrition apps or applications that connect patients and their doctors.

What are the benefits of software development for the healthcare industry?

Integration of software development into the healthcare domain helps streamline many manual processes, like scheduling or filling in the papers, and makes many functions more sophisticated and accurate. Healthcare software solutions help automate routine work and eliminate human errors, which enhances quality and saves time. Data is stored in one place and accessing it becomes more convenient and simple. Practitioners can focus on treating patients instead of doing paperwork. Patients are satisfied, because they can use healthcare services in a convenient and modern digital way. IoT-powered tools take medical care to the next level, and applications addressing some specific patients’ problems and inquiries help people monitor and care about their health better.

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