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We bring unique business value using well proven technological solutions for more than 15 years.

About us

Romexsoft is a Ukrainian provider of cloud and software engineering services with 15 years of experience in the rapidly growing tech industry. We’ve developed and successfully delivered more than 100 projects to our clients in Fintech, HealthCare, and Broadcast Media industries. We strive to cultivate strategic long-term partnerships with our clients by providing exceptional quality services at all stages of development and delivery. We pride an average partnership period of 4-5 years and work towards extending it. While relying on the industry best practices, we also keep a close eye on the innovations and ready to offer creative solutions, backed by the latest tech, to the industry leaders and startups. We are offshore software development company in Ukraine.

Romexsoft team

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delivered projects

4 years

partnership period

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Our values

Customer focus

We respect and understand clients’ needs by focusing on building partnership with our clients. Our goal is to bring value.

Agile Approach

First of all, we are a TEAM. Mutual assistance and mutual respect are our core principles. Through teamwork we achieve effectiveness, high quality and timely delivery.

Innovate and make a Change

We are the change agents! We strive to make today better than yesterday. We value self development, continuous improvement and proactivity. We are offshore development company in Ukraine.

Why Romexsoft

Strong Technical Expertise

Our teams have successfully developed and delivered high-load web and mobile products with complex functionality. During the past 15 years, we have successfully shipped over 100 IT projects – all delivered on time and within the budget – resulting in long-term customer relationships. Our key specialities are AWS Cloud Solutions, Java, Front-end, DevOps and UI/UX.

Romexsoft Technical expertise

15+ years of experience

We have earned a reputation of a reliable and strategic business partner for industry leaders by consistently delivering value to our clients. We work hard, yet smart, every day to live up to the expectations and the trust extended to us by our partners.


Strategic partnership

We are very proud of the fact that our clients aim to build long-lasting strategic relationships with us. We strive to fulfil the clients’ needs today and are ready to support and promote the growth of our partners tomorrow!

Strategic partnership

S.M.A.R.T. Communication

Doing business with us is simple. With representative offices in the U.S. and the UK and a development center located in Eastern Europe, Romexsoft has an opportunity to share different time zones and provide maintenance of released projects 24/7.


Ability to scale

Being based in Ukraine gives us unique access to a huge IT talent pool. With nearly 180,000 of developers in the workforce, we can always scout and hire niche talent even on short notice. We are offshore software development company in Ukraine.


Strong corporate culture

We had enough time to experiment and work out a set of efficient corporate best practices and values every team member shares. We are agile, we are innovative, we are result-driven and we are the right partner for you!

Romexsoft Corporate culture

Leadership Team

Serhiy Kozlov
Michael Salo
Nataliya Saturska
Engagement Manager

Partnership and Membership

Amazon Web Services
Scrum Alliance
Lviv IT Cluster
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