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Romexsoft excels in leveraging the power of Java to craft bespoke applications that drive business transformation. Elevate your organization with solutions that are robust, scalable, secure, and high-performing.

java development services

Our Java Development Services Offering

At Romexsoft, as a Java development company with almost two decades of practical expertise, we stand at the forefront of Java development, offering a comprehensive array of services designed to propel your business into the future.

Bespoke Java Software Development
We craft custom applications from the ground up, ensuring they are robust, scalable, and perfectly aligned with your business goals. These tailored aspects of customization in the development not only ensure that the software perfectly fits the certain business model but also enhance its ability to innovate, compete, and thrive in its respective industry.
Modernization of Java Applications
Java application modernization focused on breathing new life into outdated systems, making their performance, security, and user experience to meet today’s standards.
Java Software Architecture
We design scalable, maintainable, and efficient architectures that support your business objectives and technological needs.
Cloud Java Development
Leverage our expertise in cloud-based development to create dynamic, scalable applications that harness the power of cloud technologies.
Enterprise Java Solutions
We have proven expertise in designing and developing software that serves complex business processes and provides a solid IT foundation for huge organizations. With Java, clients gain an ecosystem that facilitates the development of enterprise-grade applications capable of supporting extensive user bases, processing large volumes of data, and integrating seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure.
Java Talent Augmentation
Whether you need additional manpower for a specific project or specialized expertise, our experts can seamlessly integrate with your existing team.

Our Case Studies in Focus

We rapidly formed a skilled, dedicated development team to meet the client's urgent need for building a software solution from scratch.

Discover how we helped the client to accelerate its development while enhancing flexibility and scalability in building their SaaS.

Learn how our managed team helped develop an app for home patient treatment that sets new industry standards and significantly increases the application's overall income.

What Our Clients Say

Romexsoft has built a skilled and proactive team for SavvyMoney, eager to propose new solutions and hire expertise when needed. They have very good developers. The Romexsoft team is fairly well versed in English, both written and spoken. We haven't had the same problem with them as with other vendors. It’s a pleasure to work with Romexsoft, and I would highly recommend them.

Bhavna Guglani
VP of Product @ SavvyMoney

Romexsoft successfully delivered the therapy system. Its overall functionalities provided the company an advantage over its competitors. The team exercised competence, meticulous approach to Agile development and responsiveness throughout the development phase. The success of the product speaks for itself. We are far ahead of our competition in terms of features, usability, and overall strategic direction.

Gennady Gandelman
CEO of @ Pragma IT

Why is Romexsoft the Right Choice for Outsourcing Java Development for AWS Customers?

At Romexsoft, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by AWS customers when it comes to Java development. Our extensive experience in building, modernizing, and maintaining Java applications on AWS makes us the ideal partner for your outsourcing needs. We combine deep expertise in Java with comprehensive knowledge of AWS environments to deliver scalable, secure, and cost-efficient solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Customer-first culture

60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years maximizing their ROI by leveraging long-term partner relationships.

5-star review rating

90% of our clients are willing to recommend us due to our transparency, responsiveness, and high professionalism.

Certified Java and AWS experts

Our team of certified Java developers and AWS experts ensures that your applications are optimized for performance, leverage the latest AWS features, and follow best practices in cloud architecture.

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Our Java Software Development Approach

The approach is rooted in a deep understanding of clients' objectives, ensuring that the software not only propels their business forward but also remains adaptable, scalable, and ahead of the curve. We don’t just build software; we craft solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and transformative progress.

Research and analysis

Our custom software development services kick off with the research and analysis stage. This process is critical, as the main goal here is to ensure that expectations from both sides are discussed and documented.
Our requirement collection process includes:

  • Requirements documentation
  • Requirements management plan
  • Requirements traceability matrix
Design and architecture

Our programmers analyze your specs and propose the most efficient solution for each particular feature. The senior project architect will outline the optimal product design to fit your business needs.
At this stage, we’d prefer to receive the following project specifications from you:

  • System architecture diagrams
  • Preliminary/prototype database scheme
  • Wire-frame drawings of user interfaces
  • Description of deliverables at each development phase
Implementation and development

After all of the above is successfully settled on, it’s time to turn all the concepts, designs and blueprints into reality. Using the technologies, tools and platforms outlined in the documents, our team begins their work. We’ll keep you updated on each milestone reached and provide additional reporting when needed. The first benchmark is marked as complete once the Alpha version of your product is given to you for review.

  • Product testing
  • Making required modifications
  • Beta version rolling out
  • Maintain smooth operations during peak loads

After the grand finale tests are done and the custom software solutions are vetted as 100% stable, we start the roll-out process. Depending on the system’s complexity, we can opt in for a multi-stage release with one branch launched first, and additional locations added slowly; or a full-blown all-at-once implementation. It’s up to you to decide. If any training is required for the users, operations managers, or your in-house IT support, we can schedule the training sessions and go through the extensive supporting documentation together.

Select Java Software Development Services Option

Explore the flexibility our development services bring to your project, regardless of the engagement model you choose. Whether it's dedicated teams or staff augmentation, we tailor our approach to fit your unique needs and goals. Partner with us to harness our exceptional blend of building cloud solutions and expert guidance, driving growth and competitive advantage in your industry.

The Advantages of Java Application Development

Java is a powerful programming language widely used in software development projects for several compelling reasons. These benefits make Java an attractive option for developers and companies looking to build robust, secure, and scalable software solutions.

Platform independence

Java’s “write once, run anywhere” capability ensures applications can run on any device equipped with a Java Virtual Machine. This feature simplifies deployment across different platforms without the need for platform-specific modifications.

Distributed computing

The language designed as a distributed and allows to have several computers working simultaneously on one network. It has the whole ecosystem of Big Data processing frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, Sockets, Remote Method Invocation etc.


Java is versatile, supporting various types of applications, including web, mobile, desktop, and enterprise applications. Its adaptability makes it a preferred choice for a wide range of software development projects.

High performance

Developing high-load applications using Java is easier and more efficient as the technology allows programs to perform several tasks simultaneously within a single program. Just-In-Time compilation and advanced garbage collection mechanisms also contribute to the improved performance.

Robust security

Java offers a secure execution environment through its JVM, which includes features like bytecode verification and sandboxing to protect against malicious code. Its security model is designed to prevent various cyber threats, making it ideal for developing secure applications.

API efficiency

This programming language provides a comprehensive suite of APIs that cover a wide range of functionalities, including networking, database connectivity, XML parsing, and more. These ready-to-use APIs significantly reduce development time and effort.

Our Java Technology Stack

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Java Application Development FAQ

How does Romexsoft ensure the quality of its Java development services?

We ensure the quality of our Java development services through a multifaceted approach that emphasizes best practices, rigorous testing, and continuous improvement. Here's how we typically manage to maintain high standards of quality:

Best Practices and Tools
Adopts industry-standard coding guidelines, design patterns, architectural principles, and leverages the latest development and deployment tools.

Code Reviews
Implements regular code review sessions to ensure high code quality and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among developers.

Comprehensive Testing
Engages in extensive testing, including unit, integration, performance, and security testing, to meet all quality benchmarks.

Continuous Integration/Deployment
Utilizes CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and seamless deployment, ensuring consistent application performance and facilitating regular updates.

Client Involvement
Prioritizes client feedback and involvement through demos and feedback sessions, ensuring the final product fully aligns with their expectations and requirements.

Maintains thorough documentation across the software development lifecycle to aid in future maintenance and development efforts.

How to determine if Java is the right fit for your software development project?

Determining whether Java is the right fit for your software development project involves evaluating several factors related to your project's requirements, the ecosystem within which it will operate, and the long-term goals of your application. Here are key considerations to help you decide if Java suits your development needs:

Evaluate scalability requirements
Consider if your project is expected to scale significantly. Java's robust scaling capabilities make it ideal for handling growth in user base and data volume.

Examine project complexity
Look at the complexity of your project. Java's strength in managing complex, enterprise-level applications, especially with demanding back-end services, could provide a solid foundation.

Assess performance demands
While considering the performance efficiency of your project, note that Java, with its Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, offers commendable performance that may suit most application demands, despite not being the fastest language available.

Examine security needs
For projects where security is critical, Java's comprehensive security features and the proactive community in identifying and fixing vulnerabilities could be a decisive advantage.

Explore Java's ecosystem
Investigate if Java's extensive library and framework ecosystem can accelerate development time for your application type, from web services to complex cloud solutions.

Evaluate team's expertise
Factor in your development team's familiarity with Java. Proficiency in Java can significantly streamline your project's development process, while a lack of experience might introduce a learning curve.

Weigh cost implications
Java's open-source nature may offer cost benefits in terms of licensing. However, it's important to consider all potential costs, including deployment and ongoing maintenance, particularly in cloud-based environments.

Can Romexsoft select the best-fit programming language for my project as a client?

Yes, we can expertly select the best-fit programming language for your project. By becoming a client of Romexsoft, you entrust us with not only the development of your software but also with preliminary decisions such as selecting the most appropriate programming language. This selection process is an integral part of our job, aimed at ensuring your project's success from the outset.

Our approach involves a detailed analysis of your project's specific requirements, including functionality, scalability, performance, and security needs. We assess the scope and complexity of your project, evaluate compatibility with your existing technology stack, and leverage our development team's expertise.

The selection of the programming language is conducted by our seasoned senior lead engineers and architects, who have a deep understanding of various programming languages' strengths, weaknesses, and applicability to different project types. They consider the ecosystem and tools available, as well as cost and time considerations, to ensure the chosen programming language aligns with your project goals and budget.

Is Java still good for application development in 2024?

Thanks to its reliability, flexibility, simplicity, and access to versatile development options Java apps development is not losing its popularity. The tendency for the future is that Java will remain an excellent choice for many new businesses. Java is flexible, cross-platform, and allows seamless scaling. 

It is adapted for the cloud and offers a wide range of capabilities for microservices development. Most promising advanced tech solutions such as Big Data, ML, analytics, and chatbots widely use Java. Many companies that do not have in-house Java expertise opt for Java software development outsourcing and turn to Java app development companies for assistance.

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