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AWS Cost Optimization: How Cost Saving Works in Amazon Cloud Computing Services

AWS Cost Optimization – How Cost Saving Works

While one of your long-term business objectives may be cost optimization, it is virtually impossible to set such a complex process in motion without getting into the specifics. We have drafted this article to give you insights into how to save costs on AWS. Upon reading you will learn about:

  • the role of business value in cloud economics;
  • four pillars of the Cloud Value Framework;
  • AWS cost savings analysis and its purpose;
  • AWS cost reduction strategy;
  • AWS cost optimization principles.

16 min read

Constructive Cloud Migration Best Practices You Should Know in Advance

Cloud migration best practices you should know in advance

Cloud migration can be a challenging endeavor that depends on many factors that govern your business processes. In this article we have collected some of the key points that can be addressed during the initial stages of your migration to cloud and that can be tracked throughout the duration of the project to help you overcome most of the common cloud migration challenges.

After reading this article you will become familiar with the People, Technology, and Process perspectives of cloud migration best practices.

Application Modernization on AWS Cloud – a Comprehensive Guide

Application Modernizagtion on AWS Cloud

Free up your time and focus by getting the most essential information on software modernization in a detailed but concise guide to Application Modernization on AWS Cloud. We’ve put together an article which will leave you doubtless on a perplexing and complicated topic of app modernization.

What you’re about to figure out is:

  • reasons for app modernizing;
  • why modernize app with AWS;
  • modernization in its stages and phases;
  • approaches and strategies of modernizing;
  • useful services to speed up the process.

2 min read

Romexsoft Obtains AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Status

AWS Advanced Services Partner Status – Romexsoft

We are proud to announce that Romexsoft, a software development company and managed services provider, has gained the Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Services Partner status.

Romexsoft has become one of the 11 Ukraine-based companies that have ever received this accreditation.

SaaS PoC: Why to Use it and How to Prevent its Collapse From Suddenly Growing Demand

PoC for SaaS

As a piece of disposable code which nonetheless speaks volumes of the solution’s future, a proof-of-concept seems to be a simple and effective way to predict a software product’s further trajectory. Meanwhile, there are numerous gray spots in using PoC. Armed with this article, you will get into the swing of…

  • What proof-of-concept (PoC) is
  • What PoC business benefits and implications are
  • What PoC-associated challenges SaaS faces
  • How to successfully switch from PoC to production
  • How Romexsoft helps in PoC-production transition

Legacy System Assessment for Further Application Modernization

Extracting Value from Legacy System Assessment for further Application Modernization

After reading this article, not only will you get acquainted with the fundamentals of the legacy app assessment, but also gain insights on how to implement the practical suggestions to take full advantage of your system review.

Initial steps matter the most, so if you’re contemplating digital transformation and legacy systems modernization, understanding the meaning and their essence related specifically to your organization is essential.

2 min read

Romexsoft Joins the AWS Public Sector Partner Program

AWS Public Sector Partner

Romexsoft is pleased to announce that it has been honored to become an approved member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. AWS Public Sector organization is a growing community of partners serving healthcare, government, education, space and nonprofit customers.

ISO 27001 Compliance: How to Prepare Your SaaS

How prepare SaaS for ISO 27001 compliance

In an attempt to bypass all new emerging threats, numerous SaaS owners have gone for the leading security standard – ISO 27001. Many companies, though, are still contemplating ISO certification so we have created this article to clarify:

  • Why comply with the ISO 27001 standard
  • What ISO 27001 is and what it covers
  • What benefits of ISO 27001-compliance SaaS gets
  • How to prepare for ISO 27001 audits and certification
  • How Romexsoft can help SaaS become ISO compliant.

29 min read

Application Migration to AWS Cloud: All You Need to Know Initially

Application migration to AWS cloud

As your business develops and acquires new capabilities, you are likely to face migration to AWS as an iterative development process. What you can do to ensure successful app migration to AWS is lay a proper foundation in your wisely carried out initial steps of migrating that provide experience and spur the later completion of AWS cloud migration within optimal business resources.

This article covers the most frequent customer pain points and bridges common knowledge gaps to catch you up on the ABCs of cloud migration.

How to Create an Application Modernization Roadmap

Application Modernization Roadmap Creating

We have written this article to aid professionals who are embarking on their first application modernization journey.

This article explains:

  • How having a smart roadmap can help with app modernization.
  • How you can use the AWS app modernization framework in the process.
  • Where to start if you want to create an app modernization roadmap yourself.
  • How to create an application modernization roadmap using our advices.