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Financial App Development Services for AWS based FinTech Companies.

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Fintech Web and Mobile App Development Services

Our Fintech app developers for hire have 10+ of experience working in financial software application development. Using the latest tech solutions and industry’s best practices we build lean, smooth-running, appealing and commercially viable financial apps.

Our clients are large enterprise-sized financial institutions and business in need of more powerful financial technologies to manage their accounts and payees. And innovative startups offering a new kind of service for customers to manage credit scores, personal finances and expenses without resorting to traditional banking.

We deliver remarkable results

Our custom FinTech solutions are built with the aim to connect your business to the customers in a more efficient manner. Crisp and clear UX design and intuitive workflow serve to foster customer intimacy and user loyalty.


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Fintech Solutions – Our Approach

To deliver market competitive solutions, we combine sleek User Experience with robust Java back-end development topped up with Agile methodology.

We work out the best solution to solve your business needs, transform them into an action plan of technical requirements and offer the best architecture to power up this particular solution.

When it comes to financial app development, the key priorities for our programmers are security, clean code, performance, and the application’s long-term viability.

Our outsource development team will make sure your product functions exactly the way you have imagined. No bugs, no fails, no clumsy code or weird operations. We choose the technologies carefully and make them run real’ fast by optimizing server responses time, while keeping the focus on the overall sustainability of the architecture.

Whether you need a complex distributed system or a simple backend to power-up a specific feature, we are here to help you!

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What Our Clients Say

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“Romexsoft has built a skilled and proactive team for SavvyMoney, eager to propose new solutions and hire expertise when needed.

It’s a pleasure to work with Romexsoft, and I would highly recommend them.”

Bhavna Guglani, VP of Products at SavvyMoney

Partnership & Awards

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner badge demonstrates that Romexsoft is a trusted AWS Consulting Partner Company with certified AWS experts specializing in AWS Consulting and Managed Services.
Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its AWS Consulting Services for SMBs and Startups as one of the top-performing IT services companies in the cloud consulting segment.
Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its end-to-end 24x7 DevOps Support Services as a top-rated AWS Managed Service Provider in Ukraine.
Clutch named Romexsoft a top-10 leading IT services company in Ukraine that is offering AWS Managed Services due to its proven industry expertise and effective service delivery.
Clutch recognized Romexsoft as a top outsourcing java development company in Ukraine that is able to provide measurable results and offer excellent customer service.

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FinTech Software Development FAQ

What is financial software development?

Financial software development are software development services applied in the financial sector. It is a must-have element that ensures a competitive edge on the market for your business. Financial companies vary a lot depending on their functions which can be insurance, investment, trading, banking, payments & transactions, lending, etc. Regardless of the difference in focus, nowadays, all financial companies require a powerful software development team. Most opt for custom financial software development to resolve complex challenges, drive innovations and offer unique services to their customers.

What is a FinTech application?

FinTech is a combination of “finance” and “technology”, so a FinTech application is a software solution developed for the financial sector. FinTech applications differ a lot, depending on a business niche and on the need they serve. Among them there are loan apps, digital banking apps, payment processing apps, robo-advisors, peer-to-peer lending apps, and the list goes on and on. FinTech apps make transactions fast and convenient, enabling users to manage their finances via their tablets, mobiles, and laptops. FinTech application development also involves data analytics solutions in order to deliver a more personalized customer experience.

What is the role of a software developer in the financial sphere?

The role of software developers directly impacts companies’ business efficiency and their place on the market. But it also carries much responsibility since a single mistake, say, in a transaction function, can cost a fortune. Software development for financial services can have many sector-specific risks, so it’s important to choose a skilled software developer aware of them. In a nutshell, the job of a software developer is to design and deploy efficient fintech solutions according to the company’s business needs. Software developers also ensure scalability and high performance of the software and of financial institutions overall. A big role is devoted to security and compliances to minimize the risks of system breaches, data leakage, and any other security threats.

How to choose the right financial services software development vendor?

Software development in Financial sector carries many peculiarities and potential risks, so you need to make sure that your vendor is knowledgeable and has a proven track record in FinTech apps development. It’s important not only in terms of quality but also from the perspective of understanding the major challenges in the development of finance and knowing the common trends. Because the FinTech industry is vast and diverse, it is important that you understand what services you need to develop your product and what competencies are required to do that. Security is vital in finance, so your future partner should demonstrate awareness of the potential security risks as well as regulations in the financial sector.

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