Medical Data Reporting and Visualization

We implement software solutions for reporting and visualization of medical data for web and mobile platforms.

Our Experience

We develop complex reporting and data visualization software solutions that generate regular reports and measure critical analytics for different stakeholders. Our engineers are experienced in developing reporting software. It helps to track patient satisfaction, treatment outcomes, schedule efficiency, invoicing and payments audits, employee performance reports and much more.

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What We Do

Data Visualization

We develop data presentation layers on top of reporting and analysis frameworks, including analytical dashboards, special-purpose visuals and highly interactive personalized data analysis tools.

We build mobile dashboards that deliver healthcare insights to all stakeholders, including the flow of patients, cancelled and completed appointments, treatment patterns, channel performance, utilization and quality metrics, employee and patient satisfaction, financial metrics and others.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Provide both relevant and accurate information and make key decisions with the proper decision-making reporting software tools. Track user behavior, browse financial history, control tax adherence and forecast revenue with a smart set of business intelligence tools.

UX-Oriented Interface and Customization

The reporting software is straightforward, has an easy-to-navigate interface and offers full report customization in line with your needs and expectations.

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