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Electronic medical information is crucial for patients and clinicians. We develop mobile app solutions that enable real-time access to health data including diagnoses, symptoms, histories, vitals and more.

Our Experience

Our team has been delivering expert solutions in medical app development for 15 years already. Romexsoft builds apps for smooth interaction between patients and clinicians. Besides, mHealth solutions make the gathering of health data easier, provide long-distance telemedicine services, help make precise health outcomes, and let you and your clients benefit from automated medical services.

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Services We Provide

Appointment Scheduling

A software appointment scheduling solution allows patients to see the available time slots and schedule an appointment when it is convenient for them.

  • Search doctors by speciality, location or availability
  • View doctor profiles, photos, records or credentials
  • Appointment management
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Notifications of scheduled appointments

Medication Tracking

Increase medication adherence and encourage your patients to stick to their regimen by tracking their meals, doses, and remind them to take medicines on time.

  • Medication tracking
  • Medication intake scheme and reminders
  • Automatic reminders & alerts

Messaging & Collaboration

Integrated secure messaging platform in the healthcare software system enables patients to communicate directly with medical experts in real-time, to share and discuss health issues and diagnoses.

  • Encrypted messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Messages history
  • Offline messaging
  • Multi-group messaging

Industry-Based Security Practice & Compliance

Protect health-related information both online and offline. Only authorized users within the scope of their authority have access to patient health-related information.

  • Data encryption/decryption
  • SSL security
  • Sign-in requiring login and password
  • Two-step verification
  • Touch ID or Face ID authentication
  • HIPAA compatibility


Integration of geolocation enables patients to discover healthcare organizations nearby.

  • Maps and navigation
  • Place annotation and recommendations

Offline Accessibility

An app that works offline lets patients have access to health information even when there’s no reliable connection available.

  • View medical data without connection
  • Send messages while offline
  • Synchronize data when connected

How We Create Patients Apps

Task-Oriented Approach

To deliver easy-to-use software, we pay attention to the goals of each part of the app. Keeping in mind the requirements of every particular aspect, we create customized solutions to help patients get more effective treatment.

User-Friendly Interface Creation

Each medical app for patients developed by Romexsoft combines performance, style, and usability. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation, even not tech-savvy patients can get to the information they need without using multiple screens.

Security Assurance

We understand the importance of data protection in healthcare mobile app development. We support HIPAA compatibility to ensure the patient’s sensitive data is protected against data exposure and privacy configuration with end-to-end encryption.

Partnership & Awards

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