Mobile Medical Solutions for Professionals

Enable your nurses, doctors, and non-medical staff to access and edit EMR records during rounds, look up multi-drug interactions, and keep up with the schedule on the go.

Our Experience

Mobile health solutions are already widely used in the healthcare sector, they have brought a rapid transformation to the treatment and medical care of the patients, simplified processes in the health industry, improved internet-delivered treatment and changed the way how healthcare professionals work. The mobile health solutions of our development assist healthcare professionals in their daily routines, provide secure access to patient-sensitive data, that is protected at all stages, simplify and facilitate handling of medical information and ensure effective collaboration between experts and patients.

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What We Do

Patients Management

Mobile solutions for healthcare professionals greatly simplify patient management from the first appointment to the discharge. They allow healthcare professionals always to have access to patient’s medical records, make notes during care visits, track patient’s progress, etc.

Features we implement:

  • Access to patient lists
  • Search patients by category and filter
  • Access to patient’s electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Access to patient’s diagnosis, medication plans, demographics, etc

Messaging & Collaboration

The integration of a secure messaging platform in the healthcare software system enables medical professionals to communicate directly with their patients in real-time, discuss and answer patients’ health-related questions.

Features we implement:

  • Encrypted messaging integrated into the app for doctors and patients
  • Offline messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Access to the message history
  • Messaging for multiple groups

Appointments Scheduling

The software solution allows healthcare organizations to automate the entire appointment scheduling process. With the software solution, healthcare professionals are always informed of new appointments and updates of previously created appointments.

Features we implement:

  • Integrated medica; calendar for scheduling appointments
  • View of the appointment slots
  • Editing and viewing the appointments (including previous and canceled appointments)
  • Automatic appointment reminders and alerts
  • Push notifications

Error-free Clinical Documentation

Clinical documentation software solutions help physicians and other healthcare professionals track patient medical information, take notes during care visits, improve patient care outcomes, and reduce visit time.

Features we implement:

  • Smart compliance alerts
  • Capture the electronic signature (patient and clinician)
  • Automatic tracking of documentation changes
  • Various types of electronic medical forms and notes
  • Automatic tracking of reassessments and other compliance
  • Automatic check-in/check-out (GPS location tracking)

Industry-Based Privacy & Security

In our solutions we follow the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules to ensure the protection of every piece of patient health-related information while transmitting and on rest. Only authorized persons within the scope of their authority have access to patient health-related information.

Features we implement:

  • Data encryption / decryption
  • Sign-in requiring login and password
  • Touch ID or Face ID authentication
  • Automatic logout (when there is no activity)
  • Automatic disposal of sensitive data (when it’s no longer needed)
  • HIPAA compatible

Offline Accessibility

By building an app that works offline allows healthcare professionals to have access to patient’s medical records and other information even when a reliable connection isn’t available.

Features we implement:

  • Complete functionality, even when offline
  • Send messages offline
  • Sync data when connected

Medical Reference Apps

With mobile solutions, doctors can hold all medical information about diseases and drugs at their fingertips.

Features we implement:

  • Access to drug information
  • Search by categories and filters

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