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We’ll help you migrate to AWS or a related cloud provider quickly, securely, and keep your hosting costs low


Secure AWS Cloud Professional Services Tailored to Your Needs

For most business being online and being able to ensure that all systems operate smoothly 24/7 is an incremental part of success. Slightest downtime and unaccounted glitches immediately translate to profit and opportunity losses. AWS is a robust, but complex environment. Romexsoft team can help you design and maintain redundant IT systems, based on proven best practices and latest technologies in cloud computing. Maximize your service uptime. Minimize the negative impact of downtime on your business with our round the cloud incidents management services.

Cost optimization



Tech support 24/7

AWS Cloud migration

Cloud computing offers great potential benefits to customer-centric companies to build and grow a successful cloud-based business.

Major enterprises and startups who migrate their computing systems from local data centers to a Cloud environment are taking on Cloud computing to take advantage of the potential benefits it offers.

Romexsoft team of AWS Certified engineers has designed and implemented countless successful migrations, and our experience will help you compress your timeline, avoid pitfalls, and reduce downtime.

  • Strategic migration planning
  • AWS Certified Engineers
  • Optimizing post-migration
  • DevOps automation

AWS Cloud Solutions

As a certified AWS Consulting Partner company Romexsoft has wide professional experience of building, deploying and supporting cloud solutions for customer-centric companies on AWS. To provide great customer experience Romexsoft develops and retains a strong bench of AWS-trained and certified staff. We specialized in:

  • Elasticity
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Cloud Native Applications (Kubernetes, Docker, Spring Boot, Java, Microservices)
  • Technical Support 24×7 (NOC and DevOps technical support 24×7 starting with Tier-1)

AWS Cloud Consulting

Many organizations wish to migrate applications to a Cloud as well as apply some changes to their existing cloud systems.

Such migration and cloud adoption exercises are not easy. And some changes need to be made to deal with differences in software environment, programming model, data storage, APIs, new business logic implementation as well as varying performance qualities.

An indication of how much effort is anticipated for the migration process is important for project management, particularly project scheduling, budget planning which is where our cloud consultancy services can help.

  • Managed Security
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • AWS cloud strategy
  • Cloud enablement

Cloud Native Applications

Amazon Web Services provides services and infrastructure to build reliable, fault-tolerant, and highly available systems in the cloud. Fault-tolerance defines the ability for a system to remain in operation even if some of the components used to build the system fail.

  • Serverless applications
  • AWS cloud microservices
  • Highly secure, resilient apps

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