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  • Next-Gen Cloud-Native Apps Development
  • High-performing AWS Infrastructures Implementation
  • Legacy Apps Modernization and Optimization
  • AWS Certified Solution Architects & DevOps
  • Reliable Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • End-to-end 24×7 DevOps Support
  • Ukraine Based Team

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    AWS Consulting Services We Provide

    For most businesses, online presence and smooth operation of all systems 24x7x365 is the key to success.

    We Build and Support SaaS Products Optimized for Cost, Security and Top Performance.

    We leverage AWS Well-Architected Framework Best Practices including industry-specific knowledge of our AWS certified Solution Architects Team.

    Romexsoft is part of the official AWS Partner Network. Trusted Software Vendor since 2004. Certified AWS Consulting Partner Company.

    Our Clients

    TIM Media
    Omnyfy Marketplace Platform
    Trinity Audio

    What Our Clients Say

    Java Apps Migration from PWS to AWS for the TIC industry SaaS

    • “We’ve been working with Romexsoft for nearly a year now; we engaged them to assist in the migration of multiple PWS microservices to AWS and continue to leverage their skills to operate and extend those environments. Their code skills are fantastic and their communications, best represented by the weekly standups, are exemplary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

    Jon Labrie, CTO @ Greenfence

    Website Migration from OVH to AWS for E-Commerce Retailer

    • “Gorgany is an outdoor company. Our customers were struggling with low speed of our website, Romexsoft successfully delivered smooth apps and data migration form OVH to AWS under a tight timeframe and within budget. We received positive feedback from our customers. Working with Romexsoft has been a great experience. It was big pleasure to work with professionals.”

    Oleksandr Hlavatskyy, CIO @ Gorgany

    AWS Infrastructure Optimization for Healthcare Tech Company

    • “The service they provided during my time at Healthera is great. They not only provided 24/7 support over our AWS infrastructure but also actively plan and schedule new improvement work into the sprint with us. They are very knowledgeable of every aspect of the AWS domains and provided invaluable assistance in helping us setting up Infrastructure as code.”

    Jun Seki, CTO @ Healthera

    AWS Consulting Services Use Cases

    Reliable & Efficient Cloud Solutions on AWS

    As a certified AWS Consulting Partner, Romexsoft can step in at any stage of your project.

    We can help you build and deploy new cloud applications or support your existing systems and infrastructures.

    Entrust your business to a team that uses the latest cloud tools, follows DevOps best practices and keeps close tabs on the changing compliance and security standards.

    We specialized in:

    • Cloud-Native Apps Development utilizing Kubernetes, Docker, Spring Boot, Java, Microservices
    • Next-Gen Serverless Apps Development utilizing Node.js, Java, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, SAM, ServerLess Repository, AWS Cognito
    • High-performing & Resilient AWS Infrastructures Implementation
    • Cloud Security & Compliance
    • Efficient Disaster Recovery Solutions
    AWS Cloud Solution Romexsoft

    AWS Cloud Migration

    We offer our unparalleled expertise to make your cloud adoption as smooth as possible.

    Our team of AWS Certified engineers have orchestrated and realized countless successful cloud migration projects.

    A clear understanding of the changes required for the migration process is crucial for realistic project scheduling, budget planning, and overall project management – the main areas our cloud consultancy services cover.

    Our AWS Experts will help you with:

    • Strategic Migration Planning
    • AWS Well-Architected Framework Review
    • Post-migration Optimization
    • DevOps Automation

    AWS Cloud Migration Services

    AWS cloud migration Romexsoft

    Cloud Modernization & Legacy Apps Optimization

    Deploy a better software products, expand your market reach, transform your business and evolve into a cloud-based customer-centric company.

    If done wrong, cloud migration may seem rather expensive. There are a lot of factors to account for: increased system heterogeneity, differences in software environments, new APIs and business logic implementations.

    Entrusting your business to a professional AWS provider means a competitive execution timeline, low-to-no business risks or critical system failures and zero downtime.

    Our AWS-certified Solution Architects are ready to help with:

    • Best Practice Checks
    • Infrastructure Optimization
    • Legacy Apps Modernization
    • Cloud Security & Compliance Implementation
    • Cloud Strategy & Roadmap
    AWS professional services Romexsoft

    Cloud-Native Applications

    Speed up your abilities to innovate and remain competitive with a Trusted Advisor.

    AWS Consulting Partner Romexsoft, is your gateway to creating a reliable, fault-tolerant, high-availability cloud ecosystems, populated with new apps and services.

    Our AWS-certified Professionals & DevOps will help you build:

    • Modern Web & Mobile Apps utilizing Serverless, Containers, and AWS Amplify
    • Elastic, secure, and cost-effective API apps powered by Serverless technologies
    • Refactor monolithic apps to microservices architecture
    • Resolve legacy apps performance issues, and obtain additional scalability

    Cloud-Native Apps Development

    Cloud Native-Application Romexsoft

    Our AWS Expertise & Credentials

    AWS Certified Developer Associate 2020 Badge
    AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Badge

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