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Migrate to Amazon Web Services professionally, rapidly, securely and without ballooning your hosting bill.

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AWS Professional Services – IT Advisory and Implementation

For most businesses, online presence and smooth operation of all systems 24×7 is the key to success. Even the slightest downtime or unaccounted system glitches can immediately translate to profit and/or opportunity losses. To avert any such failures, you need a trusted team of professionals to guide you through the abundant, yet complex AWS environment.

Romexsoft is part of the official AWS Partner Network. Our team of AWS Certified Professionals helps you design and maintain robust IT systems, backed by proven best practices and latest technologies in cloud computing.

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Cost optimization



Tech support 24/7

AWS Cloud Migration

Aiming for the sky? Choose the cloud. Opt into transitioning to a new dynamic environment to deploy better software products, expand your market reach, transform your business and evolve into a cloud-based customer-centric company.

We offer our unparalleled expertise to make your cloud adoption as smooth as possible. Our team of AWS Certified engineers have orchestrated and realized countless successful cloud migration projects. Entrusting your business to a professional Amazon Web Services provider means a competitive execution timeline, low-to-no business risks or critical system failures and zero downtime.

  • Strategic migration planning
  • AWS certified engineers
  • Post-migration optimization
  • DevOps automation

AWS Cloud Migration

AWS cloud migration Romexsoft

Amazon Web Services Cloud Solutions

As a certified AWS Consulting Partner, Romexsoft can step in at any stage of your project. We can help you build and deploy new cloud applications or support your existing systems and infrastructure. Entrust your business to a team that uses the latest cloud tools, follows DevOps best practices and keeps close tabs on the changing compliance and security standards.

We specialized in:

  • Disaster recovery
  • AWS services cost optimization
  • Cloud-native applications (Kubernetes, Docker, Spring Boot, Java, Microservices)
  • Serverless applications (Node.js, Java, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, SAM, ServerLess Repository, AWS Cognito)
  • Technical support 24×7 (DevOps technical support 24×7 starting with Tier-1)
  • Cloud security & compliance
AWS Cloud Solution Romexsoft

AWS Cloud Consulting

If done wrong, cloud migration may seem rather expensive. There are a lot of factors to account for: increased system heterogeneity, differences in software environments, new APIs and business logic implementations.

A clear understanding of the changes required for the migration process is crucial for realistic project scheduling, budget planning, and overall project management – the main areas our cloud consultancy services cover.

  • Managed security
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • AWS cloud strategy
  • Cloud enablement
AWS professional services Romexsoft

Cloud-Native Applications

Thrive in the new digital economy. Speed up your abilities to innovate and remain competitive. AWS cloud service provider is your gateway to creating a reliable, fault-tolerant, high-availability cloud ecosystem, populated with new apps and services. And Romexsoft is your development partner in building that ecosystem from the ground up.

  • Serverless applications
  • AWS cloud microservices
  • Highly secure, resilient apps

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Native-Application Romexsoft

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