Healthcare Mobile App Development

In the healthcare industry, small screens can help achieve big things.

Create impactful mobile solutions that aim to improve health outcomes through the delivery of innovative medical services.

Introducing Mobility into Medical Field

Today, we are used to managing many aspects of our lives through mobile applications. It’s fast, convenient and easy for anyone who understands how a smartphone works. Mobile medical application development means creating new or enhancing existing applications in line with industry trends and based on the requirements of patients, healthcare providers and regulators. We offer HIPAA-compliant mobile apps development that meets the needs of healthcare professionals and patients from access to EMRs, appointment scheduling to medication tracking. Our engineers deliver reliable mobile solutions that allow to communicate remotely with the internal infrastructure, access and manage health-related data anytime, anywhere.

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What We Do

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals

With mobile apps, you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Mobile apps allow digital access to electronic medical records (EHRs), check diagnoses, collect, process and evaluate medical data on the go. Mobile apps for doctors and nurses help improve care coordination, automate daily routine and deliver personalized care to patients wherever they are. Romexsoft team is experienced in creating native iOS and Android medical mobile apps, as well as creating cross-platform solutions.

Mobile Apps for Patients

Equipping patients with a medical mobile app is a great way to foster their engagement and deliver medical services with a personal touch. Mobile apps for patients open up countless opportunities to automate daily routines such as patient health monitoring, access medical records, schedule appointments, consultation with doctors, and stick to medication regimen by tracking meals, doses and reminding to take medicines timely.

Technical Advantages of Our Apps

Compliance with Data Integrity and Data Protection Requirements

Our mobile apps comply with the data protection regulations. Protected health information is securely stored on mobile devices and encrypted at every point of interaction.

Integration with Back-End Software

To make the best experience of mobile apps, we guarantee seamless integration of apps with back-end software.

Individual UI/UX

Ease of use is essential in developing a mobile medical app. We make UX our priority to deliver intuitive and easy to master, regardless of the user’s background.

Online and Offline Access

Ability to work offline is the most fundamental quality of a good mobile app. A mobile app may need an active internet connection to perform some critical tasks, but at the same time, it ensures most of the features even offline.

Technologies: iOS vs Android, Native or Cross-Platform

We will help you choose the technology that’s perfect for your project, be it native iOS and Android or cross-platform development to support multiple devices.
Choosing platforms and devices can be exhausting, but it is practically  reduced to a few points:

  • iOS / Android or both
  • Phones/tablets or even smartwatches
  • Native or cross-platform

Partnership & Awards

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