Medical Practice Management Solutions

We develop software solutions for the effective management of medical practice, administrative and financial tasks.

Improve the quality of your healthcare services with a custom practice management solutions

Our Experience

Romexsoft assists healthcare organizations by creating software solutions that help manage and optimize everyday complex tasks, clinical workflows and financial activities. Our engineers are experienced in creating customized practice management software solutions for connecting and coordinating patients and providers remotely. We build web and mobile-based applications with features for treatment coordination, automated agreement managements, patient registering, patient appointment managing and staff workflows, patient health histories recording (including demographics and diagnosis) and medical information. These software solutions can be integrated into existing on-premise systems as well as AWS cloud-based infrastructure.

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Features We Develop

Collaborative Care Management

Better care coordination and improved clinical workflows is an important key to improving patient treatment outcomes.

All-In-One Healthcare Ecosystems

We build software solutions to integrate different healthcare systems, electronic patient records and membership management platforms.


Secure messaging software enables real-time communication between medical practices, as well as between doctors and patients.

Online Dashboard

Get the enhanced user experience with access to all personal and family health information in one place.

Patient Registration

This feature assists for easy sign-up for new patients or already registered ones.

PDF Converter

Convert and create PDF files from various types of files, including electronic documents and reports.

Invoices / Billing / Payroll Management

With management solutions, invoices, insurance compliance, billing and reminders about payments can be automated.

Clinical Documentation Management

Digitization of clinical documentation improves medical data collection and processing to enhance the quality of care.

Advanced Search

Smart search is reached with various parameters (postcodes, medical specialities, ICD-10, CPT codes).

Compliances Tracking

The phrase speaks for itself! Simplify the process of monitoring that standards and regulations are met.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Transfer the medical data at intervals from one system to another in a batch format, by sending flat files to access the real-time information.

Reporting System

Create different reports that increase the overall monitoring capabilities of your organization through the integration of all departments.

Payer Management

Choose software solutions for centralized payer administration, optimized claim management process, and proactively manage compliances to maximize quality and productivity.

Appointment Scheduling

Patient appointment software solutions help optimally utilize resources and minimize wastage. Healthcare scheduling software includes calendar integration, appointment reminders, employee and customer management features.

Why Romexsoft

Healthcare Domain Knowledge

Romexsoft has proven domain experience in creating healthcare software for web, cloud and mobile platforms. Therefore, we deliver custom healthcare software solutions for clients in line with HIPAA regulations.

Analyzed Business Processes

We usually build solutions from scratch. To understand workflows better, we analyze all possible interactions between different stakeholders to make sure we provide the best software solutions.

Adhere Industry Security & Compliance Standards

We understand the importance of data protection in healthcare software development. We follow the HIPAA rules to ensure the patients’ sensitive data is protected against data exposure and privacy configuration with end-to-end encryption.

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We can start by signing the NDA and providing you with an estimation based on the requirements. It takes us only 2-3 weeks to start with a small team that can be expanded at any time. Tell us more about your business, so we could discuss the solution.

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Partnership & Awards

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Ready for a new practice management solution? We can start by signing the NDA and providing you with an estimation based on the requirements. It takes us only 2-3 weeks to start with a small team that can be expanded at any time. Tell us more about your requirements, so that we prepare a better solution.