Privacy & Security in Healthcare

We implement the latest technologies in data encryption, identity and
access management to address challenges related to security and
privacy of patient medical records.

Our Experience

Today’s technologies are increasingly facilitating the circulation and exchanging data between healthcare organizations. Since the healthcare industry deals with sensitive personal information, it’s crucial to develop a secure medical software solution that protects patient data, while also minimizing the risk for patients and healthcare organizations. For medical software solutions we develop, the architecture is well-designed and compliant with security and privacy standards to ensure that our customers don’t face potential financial liability that can amount to thousands of dollars.

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What We Do

Person or Entity Authentication

When developing healthcare software, it’s important to implement such authentication solutions that meet industry standards and ensure security goals. Our engineers are conscientious about software security and implement only leading and proven solutions that allow to access to medical information only to authorized users.

Features we usually implement:

  • Authentication through login and password
  • Multi-factors authentication
  • Touch ID or Face ID authentication

Authorization and Access Control

Modern healthcare solutions are large software systems that manage patient medical data with plenty of users accessing health information for different purposes within different organizations. In healthcare software systems, medical professionals are only allowed access to the information necessary to effectively perform their job duties. Access is usually based on several factors, such as authority, responsibility and job competency.

  • User-based access control
  • Role-based access control
  • Management role and group scope
  • Authorization via token (OAuth)

Secure Storage and Transmission Medical Data

When it comes to sensitive patient data, privacy is one of the key factors between a positive and a negative decision to use a particular software solution. Healthcare software systems that don’t ensure a safe store and transmission of patient’s medical data become useless. In our solutions, we implement different data encryption algorithms as the most effective way to protect sensitive data, whether it’s at rest, in transit, or traversing multiple network connections. This makes sensitive patient data secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Features we usually implement:

  • Database encryption/decryption
  • Secure communication channels
  • Encrypted DB in mobile app (SQLCipher)
  • Secure connection between a server and a client (SSL security)

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Today, it’s not even a question of “why”. In today’s dynamic world, health software solutions must ensure that all data is backed up and can be restored. A server crash or database corruption will cause significant data loss even if you manage to recover data from yesterday’s backup. In software solutions we develop, all data is timely backed up and can be recovered at any time. Each backup has several reserved copies that are stored in a secure environment across different locations. This approach helps to avoid data loss in the case when something unpredictable happens with data in one physical location.

  • Development of  backup and recovery functionality/scripts
  • Automated disaster recovery set-up
  • Files and database replication
  • AWS-based disaster recovery


At Romexsoft, we are dedicated to the integrity and protection of patient medical data. We assist healthcare companies in designing and building HIPAA-compliant on-premises and AWS cloud-based software solutions that comply with regulatory guidelines. These software solutions help healthcare vendors of any sizes avoid fees incurred due to non-adherence of compliance guidelines, and reduce the costs required to maintain compliance.

Why Romexsoft?

Our healthcare domain experience and a team of certified software developers allow us to be a trusted technology partner for healthcare providers. We help healthcare providers adhere to healthcare data privacy standards like HIPAA, implementing cutting-edge technology to keep sensitive data safe.

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