Adobe Commerce Development on AWS for a Retailer

Explore how we enhanced our client's marketplace stability and scalability by transitioning from a monolithic architecture to microservices.

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  • E-Commerce
  • Ukraine

Executive Summary

Rebuilding E-commerce Solution with Adobe Commerce

Our Customer

Gorgany is a huge retail, wholesale & distribution company of outdoor equipment in Ukraine. The company specializes in wholesale trade of goods for tourism, mountaineering, skiing, and active recreation.

The Obstacles They Faced

After the successful lift-and-shift migration conducted by Romexsoft, Gorgany requested to build a new system that would match their business demands at that moment: the increased amount of goods they offer for selling as well as the substantially increased traffic on their online store.

How We Helped

Romexsoft rebuilt the e-commerce solution for the client to meet the new essential business requirements and up-to-date market demands.

The Challenges

Gorgany cooperates with a great number of world brands and serves thousands of businesses and customers every day. The smooth operation of their system as well as the ability to scale are cornerstones of the client’s business continuity and operations.

The new e-commerce platform which the client needed to have had developed had to include the majority of crucial e-commerce features such as:

  • shopping carts
  • order processing
  • fast and relevant items search
  • promo campaigns management
  • integration with third-party payment systems (Platon, Monobank)
  • integration with third-party delivery services

Romexsoft’s main aim for this project was to ensure stable operation of the whole client’s platform at any possible load level as well as keep the best possible cost-effectiveness for the IT infrastructure of the provided solution. And furthermore, rebuilded software had to be highly adaptable, scalable, secure and reliable.

The Solution

Having a big expertise in building and delivering AWS infrastructures for marketplaces for another client Omnyfy (about 20 Customer Launches) Romexsoft suggested Gorgany to utilize Adobe Commerce (earlier Magento E-commerce) on the AWS-based cloud infrastructure. It ensures stable performance of the solution at any load and a wide range of e-commerce features out of the box.

How the application was rebuilt

After successful migration of the solution to the AWS cloud, the next phase was to split the monolith web application into microservices which are running on AWS ECS containers.

Here is the description of the microservices architecture in detail:

  • Adobe (Magento) frontend for optimization of the storefront customization and for the display of platform UI for end users
  • Adobe (Magento) admin service for simple and easy configuration and administration of the online store
  • Adobe (Magento) search service with OpenSearch implementation for convenient and fast catalog and global search on the platform
  • Akeneo – product information management (PIM) platform – for efficient content management and harmonization of product information
  • Caching service with ElastiCache and Varnish for caching queries to DB, HTML caching and overall sessions handling
  • AWS RDS MySQL as a main data layer
  • S3/CloudFront (CDN) for static assets to ensure fast loading of store web pages.

The following infrastructure improvements were implemented on the platform: from now on it has two additional separate environments – staging and production. The staging environment replicates production, which helps in two vital ways. First of all, it helps to emulate and observe how the application functions in real conditions. Secondly, it creates a secure place for the development team to experiment with the application features as well as its PoC without any risk to affect the production.

Moreover, according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, the developers get access only to the staging environment, and the access to the production environment is allowed for the authorized personnel only.

E-Commerce Platform on AWS Containers for a Retailer – Architecture Diagram

E-Commerce Platform with Microservices – AWS Architecture Diagram

Amazon Web Services utilized

Amazon EC2
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Elastic Container Service icon
Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Amazon Simple Storage Service icon
Simple Storage Service (S3)
Amazon EFS icon
Elastic File System (EFS)
Amazon RDS icon
Relational Database Service (RDS)
Amazon ElastiCache icon
Elastic Load Balancing
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Amazon OpenSearch Service icon
OpenSearch Service
Amazon CloudFront icon

Verified by AWS

This case study is validated by AWS. Experts and professional auditors from AWS reviewed this case study and verified that we, Romexsoft, have built a functional infrastructure and efficient cloud solution.

It showcases the value that Romexsoft, being a certified AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, delivers cloud solutions according to AWS standards and best practices.

Check out Romexsoft’s profile at AWS Partner Network.

The results

What We Achieved Together

Now is a usable, well-functioning, and reliable e-commerce website delivering the best customer experience in their niche on the local market.

Key deliverables:

  • Sales boost due to shortening customer’s path from initial search to the check-out
  • Stable and secure e-commerce solution designed to withstand any load level
  • Scalable and flexible microservices architecture based on client’s business needs

Why Romexsoft

Why We Should Be Your #1 Choice as a Software Development Partner

Romexsoft is an AWS-certified Consulting Partner, trusted Software Development Company and Managed Service Provider, founded in 2004. We help customer-centric companies build, run, and optimize their cloud systems on AWS with creative, elegant, and cost-efficient solutions.

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We have successfully delivered 100+ projects and have a proven track record in FinTech, HealthCare, AdTech, and Media industries.

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