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Executive Summary

Our Customer

Pragma-IT therapyBOSS is a one-of-a-kind SaaS solution for Home Health Agencies and Therapy Companies that covers a wide range of services (Early Intervention, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Skilled Nursing). It saves time, cuts costs and streamlines operations in total compliance for treating patients at home.

therapyBOSS is a comprehensive web and mobile SaaS platform for agencies and clinicians that enables users to manage all administrative and clinical aspects of home health therapy.

The Obstacles They Faced

Pragma-IT needed an independent and cost-effective monitoring solution to implement web-check without the overhead from the technology stack.

How We Helped

Romexsoft’s team of dedicated IT experts developed for Pragma-IT the Serverless monitoring solution based on AWS CloudWatch and AWS Lambda.

Romexsoft optimized resource utilization and enabled Pragma-IT to quickly respond to the system-wide performance changes. The Serverless service AWS Lambda helped our team to ensure continuous scaling of the app as well as consistent performance at any scale.

The Challenge

Pragma-IT’s main challenge was to ensure constant, independent and reliable monitoring of the therapyBOSS public web applications and APIs to provide only the best user’s experience.

The Solution

Amazon Web Services

With the help of AWS services Romexsoft enabled Pragma-IT to scale, grow and innovate. By utilizing Amazon Cloudwatch and AWS Lambda into the web-check solution offered by our development team, we ensured that the therapyBOSS app is secure, highly scalable, and resilient.

Solution Delivered by Romexsoft

As a certified AWS consulting partner, Romexsoft did professional expertise of the client’s current environment and suggested using AWS facilities. Our team of dedicated developers used Lambda function written in Python to perform a check by calling a web resource by https, and CloudWatch to launch a scheduled web-check. Moreover, CloudWatch was used for alerting. When AWS Lambda detects a service outage, it generates an alert that is delivered by AWS SNS into the integrated PagerDuty service and our 24×7 support team starts the troubleshooting. Read more about our 24×7 DevOps Support Services.

Infrastructure Monitoring with AWS CloudWatch and Lambda Architecture Diagram

Infrastructure Monitoring with AWS CloudWatch and Lambda Architecture Diagram
AWS Architectural Diagram: Infrastructure Monitoring with AWS CloudWatch and Lambda for Healthcare SaaS Platform.

Amazon Web Services utilized

AWS Lambda icon
Amazon CloudWatch icon
Amazon SNS icon
Simple Notification Service (SNS)

What We Achieved Together

Our DevOps team developed for Pragma-IT a solution that enabled them to get a highly available, independent and efficient web-check for their website.

The solution also leverages the cost saving AWS Free Tier which helps Pragma-IT to decrease their TCO.

Why Romexsoft

Being established in 2004, Romexsoft is an AWS Certified Consulting Partner, Software Development Vendor, and Managed Service Provider.

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  • We are engineering talents to empower our clients’ businesses and help our customers minimize TCO and maximize ROI.
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