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Executive Summary

Our Customer

TIM Media are Adtech veterans that tailor the right solutions for publishers and amplify publishers’ content with audio.
The company created Trinity Audio Player that with the help of Amazon Polly instantly converts content from text to audio with the most natural sounding voices, continuously learns listeners’ behavior, and seamlessly integrates ads into their experience.

TIM Media collaborates with such leading publishers as Forbes, McClatchy, Chicago Tribune and is a trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies including Nissan, McDonalds, AT&T, Danone and other well-known tech and product brands.

The Obstacles They Faced

As an industry leader and a trusted ad partner for a growing cohort of clients, TIM Media needed to maintain a high SLA and proactively prevent downtimes of the production environment. The company wanted to set up 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, but could not allocate the in-house resources towards this project.

How We Helped

To help TIM Media reach their goals, Romexsoft first conducted a detailed assessment of their systems, and then stepped in as a Managed IT Services partner.

Romexsoft ensured end-to-end 24x7x365 AWS cloud support and day-to-day infrastructure management by implementing the best practices to automate common activities and provide full-lifecycle services to run, provision, deploy, and support customer`s infrastructure.

The custom-tailored solution included three main phases:

  • discovery and planning
  • set up and transition
  • ongoing Tier-2 24/7 DevOps support

With the help of the 24/7 DevOps Support Service we helped TIM Media to set up an optimal infrastructure monitoring environment and ensured its round-the-clock support.

The Challenge

TIM Media needed a reliable and cost-effective 24/7 incident management and DevOps support solution for the servers running in the cloud.

Moreover, their IT environment was not compatible with the standard monitoring solutions. That is why, they were searching for an alternative custom-tailored configurable monitoring solution to match their unique business needs.

The Solution

Amazon Web Services

By using a wide range of AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CodePipeline, S3, VPC, IAM and many others, Romexsoft ensures that TIM Media’s products are always online and operate seamlessly 24/7.

AWS tools help to secure monitoring and observability that allow us to respond to system-wide performance changes, optimize resource utilization, and get a unified view of operational health of the customer’s infrastructure. These aspects are crucial for 24/7 DevOps Support Services that we provide according to the best AWS practices.

Solution Delivered by Romexsoft

Our team set up a custom OS performance monitoring solution to enable deeper insights into CPU, RAM, Networking and Relational Databases performance. Our cost-effective monitoring solution included Zabbix and CloudWatch for infrastructure and services monitoring, EFK stack + Prometeus for application monitoring, and Grafana for consolidated data visualization.

Monitoring Metrics Enabled:

  • OS performance monitoring
  • Logs monitoring
  • Web monitoring
  • JVM monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Cluster performance analysis
  • PHP application monitoring
  • Overall infrastructure health status
  • Redis Monitoring (no SQL in-memory database)
  • Relational database systems and MemSQL monitoring

As our DevOps support team demonstrated great skills and expertise, the client further extended their trust and delegated us the global system configuration rights. Our specialists now seamlessly fine-tune the systems 24/7.

For TIM Media’s team to stay always in the loop, we have integrated a custom multi-level alert system that dispatches updates through different services depending on the incidents priority levels. The setup includes communication through Slack, PagerDuty, E-mail and Jira Service desk. On a regular basis, the client also receives detailed findings reports with hands-on advice on how to increase their infrastructure efficiency even further. Beyond that, our team regularly conducts an infrastructure configuration analysis to ensure that all cogs run as intended.

To further bulletproof TIM Media’s systems and prevent downtime, Romexsoft’s team introduced an automated disaster recovery process. TIM Media now has a greater piece of mind when it comes to SLA levels and can focus on developing their core business further, while our support team handles the daily housekeeping tasks.

What We Achieved Together

The functionality and stability of the systems were significantly improved. The number of all incidents during business hours was reduced by 40%. The incident series in non-business hours decreased by 15%.

Romexsoft makes sure TIM Media’s systems work smoothly 24/7 and are under the close eye of our DevOps support engineers. We help the client to obtain visions and roadmaps for further improvements and to align cloud strategy with their business objectives.


TIM Media logo

“We decided to go outsource with NOC, DevOps and IT services. I contracted Romexsoft with a request for those services as well as we needed a partner who would be able to manage their engineers on a daily basis.Our company is a 24/7/365 online service with high-load activity. Due to the business model, everything needs to be optimized and always available.”

“Romexsoft is a great partner to the AdTech company. They made all possible lines of communication open, providing an overall smooth workflow.”

DevOps Manager at Tim Media

Technologies Used

Python icon


Zabbix is an open-source monitoring solution for diverse cloud infrastructures and different environments.


Amazon Web Services




PagerDuty is an Incident Management Real-Time Operations Platform


jira icon

Jira Service Desk

Prometheus.io is an open-source event monitoring and alerting system.




Why Romexsoft

Romexsoft has been a trusted Software Vendor and Managed Service Provider for AWS based companies since 2004.

Our main goals are customer satisfaction and long-term partnership. 60% of our customers have been working with us for more than 4 years.

We offer ready-made monitoring solutions and ready to use 24/7 alerting & incident management tools (PagerDuty & Jira Service Desk) that can be easily, rapidly and customly adapted to the exact needs and requirements of our clients.

Our AWS certified SysOps and DevOps engineers work in rotation to provide true 24x7x365 devops support within the SLA response time of 5 minutes for P1 issues including out of office hours and holidays and to ensure online and smooth operation of our clients’ businesses.

90% of our customers are willing to recommend our services due to the rapid onboarding, transparent pricing packages and strong expertise in AWS.

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