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Executive Summary

Our Customer

Gorgany is the most dynamic outdoor company in Ukraine, which promotes modern tourist equipment, the highest level of service, professional advice and inspires people to travel.

The company also specializes in wholesale trade of goods for tourism, mountaineering, skiing, and active recreation. Gorgany is the official representative of such world manufacturers as Salewa, Osprey, Turbat, Zamberlan, Esbit, Alpine Pro, Lasting, Trimm, Wind X-treme, Rock Technologies, AustriAlpin, Dynafit, Exped, Skinners, and Trekmates in Ukraine.

The Obstacles They Faced

Gorgany was not satisfied with the quality of their website hosted on OVHcloud, experiencing a number of obstacles like security breaches, lack of speed, and scalability.

How We Helped

Romexsoft helped Gorgany to overcome all these obstacles organizing the secure and reliable lift-and-shift migration to AWS.

The Challenge

Gorgany cooperates with a great number of world brands and serves thousands of businesses and customers every day. The smooth operation of their system as well as the ability to scale were top priorities for ensuring business continuity and operations.

The IT infrastructure was located in two places: OVH Cloud for the main e-commerce web site and an on-premises server for accounting operations. IT infrastructure in OVH which was located on one server (application servers and database), was not scalable, had security breaches and monolithic architecture.

To meet the increasing market demands, and to deliver only the best customer experience Romexsoft suggested Goragany migrate their existing solution into a scalable, highly available, and secure AWS environment.

The Solution

Amazon Web Services

AWS provides a variety of infrastructure services like computing power, hosting options, networks, and databases which are available in just a few seconds with the pay-as-you-go model. AWS has a great technical support team that answers quickly and clarifies every doubt about the services with well-structured documentation.

AWS cloud is a perfect place to move your workloads and be sure the infrastructure is scalable, reliable, and secure. Based on its AWS expertise and migration competency, Romexsoft managed to securely migrate customers’ infrastructures to AWS.

AWS services utilized:

  • Amazon EC2 in ASG for web applications
  • Application Load Balancer
  • Amazon Aurora RDS as a DB layer
  • Amazon ElastiCache for query data and HTML caching
  • Amazon VPC with private and public subnets
  • AWS AZ’s to meet security and high availability requirements

Solution Delivered by Romexsoft

Romexsoft, as an AWS Consulting Partner, provided Gorgany with the detailed professional expertise and analysis of their current infrastructure and developed a plan of migration to AWS according to the best cloud practices.

To meet the client’s initial requirements Romexsoft successfully performed a lift-and-shift migration to AWS public cloud.

Gorgany lift-and-shift Migration to AWS Architectural Diagram

Gorgany 2.0 AWS Infrastructure
Gorgany AWS Architectural Diagram after applying lift-and-shift migration strategy.

What We Achieved Together

Romexsoft successfully, securely, and without any downtime migrated customer’s infrastructure to AWS, which allowed Gorgany to become more performant, innovative, and scalable. Moreover, Gorgany had no need in DevOps resources to support old infrastructure anymore, so they have managed to minimize their expenses as well.

Now Gorgany.com is a fast, well-functioning, reliable, and convenient e-commerce website delivering only the best customer experience.

The website pages load in less than 1 second at a peak load of 1000 simultaneous users and an average load of 50,000 users per day.

Next Steps

Romexsoft has configured a 3-layer monitoring system for customer’s infrastructure and provides Gorgany with Incident Management and DevOps Support services on-demand.

After successful migration, the next phase to be performed is splitting the monolith web application into microservices running in AWS ECS containers.

Verified by AWS

This case study is validated by AWS. Experts and professional auditors from AWS reviewed this case study and verified that we, Romexsoft, have built a functional infrastructure and efficient cloud solution.

It showcases the value that Romexsoft, being a certified AWS Consulting Partner, delivers cloud solutions according to AWS standards and best practices.

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Why Romexsoft

Romexsoft has been a Trusted Software Vendor and Managed Service Provider since 2004.

  • 90% of customers are willing to refer Romexsoft as a reliable vendor with extensive experience in software development, and strong expertise in professional and managed services for AWS cloud.
  • Romexsoft is a Certified AWS Consulting company with certified and well-trained staff, available to jump into the project and start the assessment phase within two weeks’ time.
  • Romexsoft tends to cultivate long-term partnerships with their clients: 60 % of Romexsoft customers stay with the company for a period of at least 4 years.

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