Educational Stock Trading Mobile App Development

Discover how we improved the client's development capabilities and minimized Total Cost of Ownership during the creation of a stock trading app that achieved quick market entry.

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Executive Summary

Educational Stock Trading Mobile App Development

Our Customer

Uptick Stocks is a US-based FinTech company that helps its users to get a streamlined stock market experience.

The Uptick Stocks mobile application uses real-time stock market data and in a form of a game educates its users on how to trade stocks and gain the highest profit in a set period of time with no risk for their real budget.

The Obstacles They Faced

Uptick Stocks was seeking a trusted vendor to help them build an Educational Stock Trading Mobile App they envisioned and make it reliable, scalable, and top-performing.

How We Helped

Our dedicated development team analyzed client’s functional requirements, clarified the envisioned idea of the app, and prepared the well-structured architecture for the implementation of the app’s front- and back-end. The front-end is based on Flutter and the back-end is based on Serverless solutions.

The Challenge

Educational Stock Trading Mobile App Development

Uptick Stocks’s primary challenges were:

  • build a modern mobile application on AWS that would have an efficient, reliable, and secure architecture;
  • integrate real-time stock markets prices stream.

The Solution

Educational Stock Trading Mobile App Development

The team consists of 7 developers of Lead, Senior, and Middle levels who help the client expand their development capabilities and decrease TCO. We ensure the team’s commitment and stable performance with a fine-tuned delivery framework.

Amazon Web Services Utilized

  • AWS AppSync, which offers real-time data updates and off-line client data store, enabled our team to easily develop GraphQL APIs by handling the heavy lifting and securely accessing data sources.
  • AWS Lambda allowed us to maintain events integration and manage runtimes, without provisioning or managing servers, and helped to cut costs and save time.
  • Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, which is a highly available and reliable fast in-memory data store, helped our team to ensure real-time delivery of leaderboard data.
  • Amazon Cognito, which lets to add sign-up and sign-in with social identity providers, enabled our team to implement the OAuth authentication.
  • Amazon DynamoDB, being a fully managed serverless database that was successfully integrated by our team, allows to store a big volume of data and easily add new information or retrieve the existing information at any scale.
  • AWS CDK enabled us to make the development process faster, more customizable, and shareable.

Solution Delivered by Romexsoft

In order to start application development, we built architecture diagrams, defined technologies, frameworks & libraries that had to be used, and determined the team composition as well as the requirements to the engineers that had to be involved. We set up the SDLC according to the defined phases and made sure the development team meets quality constraints.

The dedicated development team builds the back-end of the application on Serverless solutions, that are easy to provision and optimize, and the front-end on Flutter. The Flutter toolkit gives a possibility to build beautiful and natively compiled applications with expressive and flexible UI. Our managed team is working on both: integrating the API from Uptick Stocks’s cloud-based service and building the UI based on wireframes presented in Figma.

The project development is run in an agile manner with SCRUM methodology. The development is broken into 2-weeks iterations, each with well-defined goals and deliverable results. Frequent communication between developers and the client helps track progress, assures smooth flow, and enables to iron out all details. Romexsoft performs day-to-day team management as well as ensures that all SDLC phases defined during the discovery are carried out properly.

Uptick Stocks AWS Serverless Architecture Diagram

Serverless Multi Layer App Architecture
Cost-effective AWS Serverless Application Architecture Optimized Security and Top Performance.

Amazon Web Services Utilized

Elastic Container Service icon
Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Amazon EFS icon
Elastic File System (EFS)
Amazon RDS icon
Relational Database Service (RDS)
CodeBuild icon
Elastic Load Balancing
Application Load Balancer (ALB)
Amazon Route 53 icon

The Results

What We Achieved Together

  • We helped Uptick Stocks scale up faster and be more cost-effective, as well as decreased application’s time-to-market and increased time-to-profit.
  • Our team built architecture for real-time data ingestion and performed users’ portfolio statistics calculation which allowed us to develop such important features as trading scenarios, detailed analytics, stocks trends review, etc.
  • With the help of AWS services, we ensured the app’s responsiveness, resilience, high scalability, and security.
  • Our Managed Team is highly flexible to changes in the road map in case there is such a business need which allows Uptick Stocks to swiftly react to the new market trends.


Uptick Stocks is a US-based FinTech Company

“Romexsoft developed both the front- and backend of the app. They also built the server-side along with all the functionality that we needed. Our product requires heavy front- and backend work in AWS, but we didn’t have the budget to onboard and support a full development team, seeing as we’re a small startup company.Romexsoft offered an effective solution to turn our idea into a scalable, workable product that we can present to prospective investors.”

Jim Stemper, Head of Product at Uptick Stocks

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It showcases the value that Romexsoft, being a certified AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, delivers cloud solutions according to AWS standards and best practices.

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Why Romexsoft

Why We Should Be Your Choice as a Software Development Partner

Romexsoft is an AWS-certified Consulting Partner, trusted Software Development Company and Managed Service Provider, founded in 2004. We help customer-centric companies build, run, and optimize their cloud systems on AWS with creative, elegant, and cost-efficient solutions.

Our key values

  • Delivery of high-quality software solutions
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We have successfully delivered 100+ projects and have a proven track record in FinTech, HealthCare, AdTech, and Media industries.

Romexsoft possesses a 5-star rating on Clutch due to its strong expertise, responsiveness, and commitment. 60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years.

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Stock Trading App Development FAQ

How does AWS enhance the user experience in stock trading app development?

AWS plays a pivotal role in stock trading app development by providing a suite of services that can significantly improve the user experience. For instance, real-time data updates powered by AWS AppSync can provide users with up-to-the-minute stock market information, which is crucial for making informed trading decisions in a stock market app. AWS's scalability, a key factor in trading app development, allows the app to handle large volumes of data and high traffic loads during peak trading hours without compromising performance. This ensures that the stock trading app remains reliable and efficient, enhancing the overall user experience.

What are the key considerations in trading app development to ensure it's educational and user-friendly?

When embarking on the journey of trading app development, it's essential to focus on creating an intuitive user interface and incorporating real-time data. The stock trading app should simplify complex stock trading concepts and provide a risk-free environment for users to learn and practice. Leveraging technologies like Flutter for front-end development can help in building a visually appealing and responsive app. Furthermore, the integration of AWS services can enhance and ensure the incorporation of real-time data from the stock market app, making it an effective educational tool for stock trading.

What are the common challenges in stock market app development and how can they be addressed?

Challenges in stock market app development often include handling real-time data, ensuring security, and creating a scalable architecture. These challenges can be effectively addressed by leveraging AWS services in the trading application development process. For example, AWS Lambda can manage real-time events, ensuring that the stock trading app is always updated with the latest market data. Amazon Cognito can handle secure sign-up and sign-in, providing a secure environment for users. Lastly, the scalability provided by AWS's serverless architecture ensures that the trading app can handle high volumes of data and traffic, making it a reliable tool for stock trading.

Why is AWS a preferred choice for application development in the fintech sector?

AWS is a preferred choice for application development in the fintech sector, including stock trading app development, due to its robust, secure, and scalable infrastructure. Its wide range of services can support real-time data processing, secure transactions, and high-volume data storage, all of which are crucial for a stock market app. Moreover, AWS's pay-as-you-go model allows fintech startups to keep their infrastructure costs low while they scale, making it an ideal choice for trading application development.

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