Romexsoft Acquires Amazon OpenSearch Service Designation

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of the Amazon OpenSearch Service Designation, solidifying our commitment to providing high-quality search and analytics solutions with Amazon OpenSearch Service.

The Amazon OpenSearch Service Delivery specialization is an integral part of the AWS Service Delivery Program designed for engineering companies (AWS Partners) who assist customers in performing website search at scale, conducting interactive log analytics, enabling real-time application monitoring, and enhancing business intelligence capabilities.

Romexsoft Acquires Amazon OpenSearch Service Designation

The AWS Service Delivery Program validates AWS Partners that have deep technical knowledge, experience, and proven success in delivering certain AWS services. To achieve this specialization, Romexsoft as AWS Partner underwent service-specific technical validation by AWS Solutions Architects, including customer case study, which ensures that we follow AWS best practices in delivering the solutions, based on Amazon OpenSearch Service.

Romexsoft partnered with Amazon Web Services in 2018 and has been strengthening its position within the AWS Partner Network ever since. Currently, we have the AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status and also an approved membership of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.

What Amazon OpenSearch Service specialization means to our clients

Obtaining this Service Delivery specialization signifies that Romexsoft possesses proven expertise and a track record of deploying and managing OpenSearch Service. For our current and future customers, it offers several valuable benefits, which are rendered in more detail further.

Specialized expertise

A profound understanding of OpenSearch ensures that the implementation will always be efficient, optimized, and aligned with the highest AWS standards. Customers benefit from the adoption of best practices during implementation and management, resulting in optimal performance and reliability of the whole solution built with AWS OpenSearch.

Faster delivery

Our certified professionals’ proven experience allows us to deploy OpenSearch Service swiftly and effectively for any solution, reducing time-to-market for new applications, its features and capabilities. Leveraging previous successful experience also means fewer troubleshooting instances, as we ensure proper configuration from the outset.

Cost efficiency

Gaining in-depth understanding of this specific AWS service empowers us to guide you in maximizing your investments. We tailor best practices to the customer’s specific requirements, resulting in an optimized service configuration that can lead to reduced overall software development costs and improved performance of your engineering teams.

How Romexsoft expertise and usage of AWS OpenSearch have helped the businesses already.

Explore the following success stories:

How Romexsoft can help with OpenSearch Service

With Romexsoft as a trusted AWS Advanced Tier Service partner, you can unlock the full potential of Amazon OpenSearch Service, transforming your application’s search capabilities and streamlining observability and analytics of your IT infrastructure.

Here’s how we can assist you with Amazon OpenSearch:

  • Enhance app functionality by implementing features to your software with OpenSearch, whether you are building apps from scratch or expanding existing solutions.
  • Ensure IT cost-efficiency with our expertise enabling the ultimate optimization of your application’s architecture and utilized assets, which leads to the overall IT infrastructure costs reduction.

Moreover, we offer a range of services to support your entire OpenSearch journey:

  • Expert consultation from AWS professionals
  • Custom software development from scratch
  • Migration of existing apps and solutions
  • Optimization of application and cloud infrastructure
  • DevOps support and maintenance.


What is Amazon OpenSearch Service?

Amazon OpenSearch Service is a managed search and analytics service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows users to build, deploy, and manage powerful search and analytics applications seamlessly. OpenSearch is based on popular open-source search technology and is designed to handle large-scale data with real-time indexing and searching capabilities. With Amazon OpenSearch Service, users can store, search, and analyze vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently. The service is highly scalable, automatically handling the infrastructure management, software installation, upgrades, and patching, freeing users from these operational tasks.

What does the Amazon OpenSearch Service SLA guarantee?

The Amazon OpenSearch Service SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees a minimum service uptime percentage. Specifically, Amazon OpenSearch Service commits to providing a monthly uptime of at least 99.9% for the service. This means that Amazon assures customers of the OpenSearch Service availability for a high percentage of the time, as well as of a reliable and dependable search and analytics experience for users.

How can working with AWS Service Delivery Partner benefit my organization?

AWS Service Delivery Partners possess an exceptional grasp of AWS services, acquired through extensive experience in assisting customers to harness the full potential of these services. To attain the prestigious AWS Service Delivery designation, they undergo rigorous technical validation, ensuring their expertise meets the highest standards of proficiency and competence.

Serhiy Kozlov
Serhiy Kozlov CEO, Romexsoft
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