Application Modernization Services

Ensure your business is future-ready with our pro application modernization solutions – optimizing software performance, driving cost savings, and fortifying resiliency.

application modernization services

Our Application Modernization Capabilities

Unleash the full potential of your digital journey as we redefine your software landscape, aligning it with the dynamic demands of the present and future. We specialize in transforming legacy systems into agile, scalable, and resilient applications, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the evolving business landscape.

Application modernization consulting

Modernization consulting services guide our clients in making informed decisions regarding architecture, technology and methodologies to enhance application performance, scalability, security, and user experience. It aims to align modernization efforts with business goals of the organization, ensuring a smooth transition to up-to-date tech stack and practices.

Application modernization consulting

Application reengineering

Modernization via app reengineering involves reimagining and restructuring existing software applications to meet modern standards and requirements. It often includes revisiting the application’s architecture, technology stack, and design to enhance performance, scalability, and maintainability. It’s an essential part of almost each type of legacy application modernization.

Application reengineering

Mobile enablement

Mobile enablement as a service involves adapting, optimizing, and enhancing existing applications to ensure seamless functionality on mobile devices. By incorporating mobile enablement services into the application modernization process, organizations can unlock new avenues for user engagement, expand their reach, and stay relevant in a mobile-centric digital landscape.

Mobile enablement

Infrastructure modernization

In the context of application modernization, IT infrastructure modernization focused on enhancing the security of both applications and their underlying cloud infrastructure encompasses a comprehensive set of measures to safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

Infrastructure modernization

Deployment modernization

Deployment modernization focuses on upgrading and optimizing the processes and tools involved in deploying software applications. This encompasses a range of activities to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of deploying applications within an organization’s infrastructure.

Deployment modernization

Proof of concept (PoC) development

When dealing with outdated solutions or applications we recommend conducting a Proof of Concept (PoC) to assess whether we’ve chosen the best strategy and approach for further software modernization. So we can conduct a PoC specifically for a segment of the modernized solution to verify whether the suggested improvement is worthwhile or not. This approach facilitates rapid feedback, allowing us to make truly informed decisions.

Poc development

Our Application Modernization Case Studies

Discover how we decoupled the application architecture for the EdTech SaaS, facilitating further scalability, elasticity, and cost-efficiency of the system.

Explore how we implemented a data analytics solution on AWS establishing the integration with the external data analytics platform – Tableau Cloud.

Find out how we fortified the client’s cloud environment and improved their entire cloud security posture by leveraging various Amazon Web Services.

What Our Clients Say

Our company’s ability to deliver sophisticated cloud-based solutions for the healthcare industry would be compromised without Romexsoft’s superbly skilled engineers. Whether it’s a complex development project or streamlining DevOps, we count on their expertise and are yet to see them skip a beat. As they have been for years of our relationship, they continue to provide the answers to our evolving needs.

Gennady Gandelman
CEO @ Pragma-IT

Romexsoft has been a strategic and essential partner to Omnyfy's ability to realise our Cloud Vision. Romexsoft helped us in multiple strategic projects including IaaS automation, programmatic provisioning of complex multi-tiered infrastructure taxonomy to support Omnyfy's PaaS deployments. I highly recommend Romexsoft. They have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.

Fabian Rebeiro
CEO @ Omnyfy

Why Romexsoft is the Right Choice as an Application Modernization Company

Since 2004, we have been a trusted and AWS-certified software development vendor. We consistently deliver modern, flexible, and cost-effective solutions, having collaborated with the majority of our customers for over four years on average.

Customer-first culture

60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years maximizing their ROI by leveraging long-term partner relationships.

5-star review rating

90% of our clients are willing to recommend us due to transparency, responsiveness, and strong AWS expertise.

Full-fledged AWS expertise

Our engineers passed AWS certifications that validates their technical competency in a wide specter of AWS tools and solutions.

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Our AWS Certifications

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Why Modernize Applications


Application modernization reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by optimizing infrastructure, operational costs, and enhancing efficiency. Through streamlined processes and improved scalability, businesses can achieve long-term cost savings.

Agility and speed

Older legacy applications are typically designed the way which makes it cumbersome and time-consuming to upgrade such apps or deploy their new versions. App modernization services ensure that your business stays afloat in the competitive market.

Development productivity

Applications that have undergone modernization can be updated with ease and whenever necessary. The result of modernization on this level is operational simplicity, and eventually, freed-up human resources that can be reinvested into new developments.

Robust security

Most modern security standards guarantee the utmost safety of sensitive and personal information which correlates with the brand’s credibility, reputation and competitive standing, while legacy applications simply don’t comply.

Application Modernization Services FAQ

What is cloud application modernization?

Cloud application modernization refers to the process of upgrading and optimizing applications by migrating them to cloud environments. This involves transforming traditional, on-premises software applications to leverage cloud-native features and services. The goal is to enhance scalability, flexibility, and efficiency while taking advantage of cloud-specific benefits such as cost-effectiveness, automatic scaling, and improved collaboration. Cloud app modernization often includes rearchitecting, refactoring, or rehosting applications to align them with cloud best practices and optimize their performance in a cloud environment.

What does legacy application modernization entail?

Legacy application modernization involves upgrading and revitalizing existing software applications that are considered outdated, often due to obsolete technologies or architectures. 
Legacy app modernization involves transforming outdated systems to reduce complexity and costs, enhance data consistency, foster cross-platform collaboration, and improve process flexibility. The focus is often on converting existing systems into web-based thin client systems, integrating multiple systems, and ensuring compatibility with existing data formats.

Which application modernization approach, based on Gartner's 7Rs, is the simplest?

The 'Rehost' approach, recommended by Gartner's 7Rs for application modernization, is considered the simplest. It involves migrating (focusing on lifting and shifting applications to a cloud environment) existing applications to the cloud without making significant changes to the code or architecture. This approach offers a straightforward transition, preserving the current functionality while leveraging the benefits of the cloud environment.

How to identify the application modernization services that the client needs?

Deciding which application modernization services a client needs involves a comprehensive assessment of their current IT landscape, business goals, and constraints.
Here's a step-by-step outline:

Expert consultation: Engaging with modernization experts for informed recommendations.
Assessment: Analyzing existing applications, infrastructure, and business goals.
Alignment: Aligning modernization efforts with business objectives.
Risk evaluation: Assessing risks, impact, and technology compatibility.
Cost-benefit analysis: Evaluating financial implications and returns on investment.
User experience: Gathering stakeholder input and prioritize user experience enhancements.
Regulatory compliance: Ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
Scalability: Considering scalability and future-proofing.
Prioritization: Prioritizing applications based on criticality and feasibility.
Roadmap: Developing a strategic roadmap for modernization initiatives.

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