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AWS Cost Optimization: How Cost Saving Works in Amazon Cloud Computing Services

AWS Cost Optimization – How Cost Saving Works

While one of your long-term business objectives may be cost optimization, it is virtually impossible to set such a complex process in motion without getting into the specifics. We have drafted this article to give you insights into how to save costs on AWS. Upon reading you will learn about:

  • the role of business value in cloud economics;
  • four pillars of the Cloud Value Framework;
  • AWS cost savings analysis and its purpose;
  • AWS cost reduction strategy;
  • AWS cost optimization principles.

Application Modernization on AWS Cloud – a Comprehensive Guide

Application Modernizagtion on AWS Cloud

Free up your time and focus by getting the most essential information on software modernization in a detailed but concise guide to Application Modernization on AWS Cloud. We’ve put together an article which will leave you doubtless on a perplexing and complicated topic of app modernization.

What you’re about to figure out is:

  • reasons for app modernizing;
  • why modernize app with AWS;
  • modernization in its stages and phases;
  • approaches and strategies of modernizing;
  • useful services to speed up the process.

Legacy System Assessment for Further Application Modernization

Extracting Value from Legacy System Assessment for further Application Modernization

After reading this article, not only will you get acquainted with the fundamentals of the legacy app assessment, but also gain insights on how to implement the practical suggestions to take full advantage of your system review.

Initial steps matter the most, so if you’re contemplating digital transformation and legacy systems modernization, understanding the meaning and their essence related specifically to your organization is essential.

ISO 27001 Compliance: How to Prepare Your SaaS

How prepare SaaS for ISO 27001 compliance

In an attempt to bypass all new emerging threats, numerous SaaS owners have gone for the leading security standard – ISO 27001. Many companies, though, are still contemplating ISO certification so we have created this article to clarify:

  • Why comply with the ISO 27001 standard
  • What ISO 27001 is and what it covers
  • What benefits of ISO 27001-compliance SaaS gets
  • How to prepare for ISO 27001 audits and certification
  • How Romexsoft can help SaaS become ISO compliant.

How to Create an Application Modernization Roadmap

Application Modernization Roadmap Creating

We have written this article to aid professionals who are embarking on their first application modernization journey.

This article explains:

  • How having a smart roadmap can help with app modernization.
  • How you can use the AWS app modernization framework in the process.
  • Where to start if you want to create an app modernization roadmap yourself.
  • How to create an application modernization roadmap using our advices.

Application Modernization Strategy That Always Works for SaaS Companies

Application Modernization Strategy for SaaS

We created this article to talk about:

  • What benefits every SaaS company should expect from App Modernization?
  • How to align an Application Modernization Strategy with business goals?
  • How to Modernize SaaS Apps and Platforms they are run on?
  • How to build a real-world App Modernization Roadmap?

Amazon Web Services or Heroku – Which is Best for Your Business?

Heroku vs AWS

In this blog you will find a brief outline of AWS and Heroku, namely:

  • Overview of Heroku (its benefits & main working principles)
  • Difference between AWS and Heroku
  • Pros & Cons of Heroku
  • Pros & Cons of AWS
This article will assist you in making an informed decision in favour of either AWS or Heroku.

The Definitive Benefits of AWS Cloud Adoption

Benefits of AWS Cloud

    Are you still thinking whether to migrate to the cloud or not and if it’s worth migrating to AWS?
    Here are the main benefits of the AWS cloud:
    • Global Infrastructure
    • No Limits on Capacity / Built-in Flexibility
    • Agility, Speed & Cost Efficiency
    • Top Security & Privacy
    • Vast Variety of Tools & Services
    • On-going Support & Needed Tutorials
      • This article will help business owners better understand the benefits of the AWS cloud adoption.

AWS Cost Optimization – Best Practices and Strategies

    Want to optimize your AWS costs but don’t know where to start?
    In this article we will help you understand how to:
    • Choose the right pricing model
    • Match your capacity with demand
    • Select the right AWS Cost Management Tool
    • Terminate any unused assets
    • Choose the right storage option
    • Select the most suitable instance type
      • The blog post will help you get to know how to reduce your TCO and increase your ROI via cost optimization and automation implementation.

Step-By-Step Guide to Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan with AWS

A detailed guide from AWS IT specialists

    Want to implement a Disaster Recovery Plan for your solution, but don’t know where to start?
    Here we outlined 7 main steps that will help you implement the Disaster Recovery Plan on AWS successfully:
    1. Identify & describe all of your infrastructure;
      2. Involve the entire development team;
        3. Identify the importance of each infrastructure element;
          4. Discuss RTO and RPO with stakeholders;
            5. Use your accumulated information to create the plan;
              6. Establish the in-house communication network;
                7. Testing & re-testing.
                This blog will help you learn how to create an efficient and cost-effective disaster recovery plan.