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Amazon OpenSearch Service – A Comprehensive Guide

amazon opensearch

Like many organizations, yours may be facing challenges when seeking secure, scalable, and high-performing search and analytics solutions. Indeed, the pursuit of making the most of the available data is often hindered by operational complexities. Be it data security or scalability issues, this is where Amazon OpenSearch Service comes into play.

Should you be new to Amazon OpenSearch Service or quite a confident user already, this all-encompassing article will guide you in the intricacies of data-driven approach and analytics. The article will give you a thorough overview on:

  • What OpenSearch Service is and how it relates to OpenSearch
  • How Amazon OpenSearch operates and what functions covers
  • What the typical use cases for OpenSearch Service are
  • What benefits OpenSearch Service provides and at what cost

Application Observability – What It Is For and How You Can Handle It with AWS

application observability

Suppose you have a public-facing web application. Suppose the app users report complaints about the sluggish performance of your application. Both your front-end and your back-end teams dive into their dashboards and metrics, but neither can pinpoint the root of the problem. What we as consulting partners typically discover upon analyzing a case is that businesses have plenty of technical metrics and only a scarce, if not none, representation of user experience metrics for an app. That is exactly the issue with observability that generates certain blindness to the origins of user dissatisfaction.

In this article, we delve into the essence of application observability, uncovering its pivotal role in ensuring robust functionality. Join us to find out:

  • what application observability stands for
  • why application observability matters for performance
  • what the three pillars of app observability are
  • what application observability tools and services AWS has to offer.

Modern Application Development on AWS: Pathways that Generate Business Value

Modern Application Development on AWS

Granted that modern web or mobile applications are an indispensable part of delivering customer value, it is only justifiable for businesses to invest in modern architecture construction to pave the way to customer satisfaction and competitive standing. Unfortunately, the struggle organizations face in balancing technology management and innovation holds many businesses back from reaping the results of their application modernization. In order to help you address this frequent issue permeating the process of modern application development, Romexsoft has created this article which reveals:

  • What the most common advantages of modern architecture are
  • What steps cloud application development entails
  • How AWS application development services support modern infrastructures
  • Why collaborate with certified vendors in AWS consulting and application development

18 min read

How to Expand Business Value With AWS Cloud Financial Management

Cloud Financial Management on AWS – Romexsoft

As businesses increasingly look to the cloud to provide the scalability and agility, they often mistakenly assume that cloud-based systems are the most cost-effective solution. However, without proper financial governance, the cost savings promised by the cloud can quickly disperse. To address this challenge, Cloud Financial Management (CFM) has emerged to help organizations strike a balance between performance and spending. This article illustrates the fundamentals of CFM, including:

  • the concept, purpose, and impact of CFM;
  • four key areas of Cloud Financial Management;
  • most effective CFM practices to make the difference.

AWS Cost Optimization: How Cost Saving Works in Amazon Cloud

AWS Cost Optimization – How Cost Saving Works

While one of your long-term business objectives may be cost optimization, it is virtually impossible to set such a complex process in motion without getting into the specifics. We have drafted this article to give you insights into how to save costs on AWS. Upon reading you will learn about:

  • the role of business value in cloud economics;
  • four pillars of the Cloud Value Framework;
  • AWS cost savings analysis and its purpose;
  • AWS cost reduction strategy;
  • AWS cost optimization principles.

SaaS PoC: Why to Use it and How to Prevent its Collapse From Suddenly Growing Demand

PoC for SaaS

As a piece of disposable code which nonetheless speaks volumes of the solution’s future, a proof-of-concept seems to be a simple and effective way to predict a software product’s further trajectory. Meanwhile, there are numerous gray spots in using PoC. Armed with this article, you will get into the swing of…

  • What proof-of-concept (PoC) is
  • What PoC business benefits and implications are
  • What PoC-associated challenges SaaS faces
  • How to successfully switch from PoC to production
  • How Romexsoft helps in PoC-production transition
6 min read

Most important AWS Services for HIPAA Compliance

AWS Services for HIPAA Compliance

Rapid growth forces many businesses to start migrating their software solutions from on-premise to the cloud. Some companies even go forward by adopting the cloud-first…

6 min read

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery: The Beginners Guide

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Within this Article you will learn why do you need a Disaster Recovery Plan.

7 min read

What is Serverless?

What is Serverless?

Garden owners’ biggest delight is to enjoy the beauty of nature. Most likely, they don’t want to worry about endless manual work, buying more and…

DevOps Testing – Approaches and Tools

DevOps testing AWS

Application and software market is continuously growing and changing. Organizations compete to achieve higher velocity at delivering software to their customers. However, it’s not only…