Technical Guide to Meet HIPAA Compliance

The A to Z Technical Guide to Meet HIPAA Compliance

Our world has completely changed after the first computer was presented. IT solutions penetrated in every aspect of our lives and altered them forever. With…

by Yura

How to Automate Health Insurance Claim Management

Healthcare providers and patients have benefited from great disruptions in technology. EMR/EHR (electronic medical and health records) are allowing multiple providers access to the total…

by Halyna

Healthtech Trends: 6 Insights for 2018 and Beyond

By the end of 2015, the percent of the U.S. GDP spent on healthcare exceeded 17%, the highest percentage in comparison with all other countries in…

by Nataliia
Security and Privacy Solutions in EHR Development

Security and Privacy Solutions in EHR Development

Healthcare data breaches cost hospitals over $3.6 billion in 2017 and almost 90% of hospitals have reported a data breach in the past two years…

by Halyna
EHR systems

EHR systems – Natural Language Processing in Healthcare: Is It Worth Implementing?

The adoption of EHR systems has already proven to beneficial for the patients. Up to 65% of physicians have stated that the new system has…

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Improve Medical Diagnosis

How to Improve Medical Diagnosis Using Machine Learning

How long did your last chat with a doctor was? Let me guess – around 10-15 minutes. That’s exactly how much time your average clinician…

by romexsoft

HIPAA Compliance Requirements: Use The Checklist

In 2015, over 111 million individuals were the victims of health record breaches, via hacking or other IT incidents. These incidents included improper disposal, loss,…

by Halyna

Challenge Accomplished: Healthcare Fraud Detection Using Predictive Analytics

Those who still watch nightly national news programs are occasionally shown a “raid” on the office or home of a healthcare fraudster. These are people…

by Halyna
medical billing software

How to Develop Web Based Medical Billing Software for Hospitals?

Health professionals agree on one thing: there must be clear, precise, and accurate information among medical providers, insurance companies, and patients when billing occurs. When…

by Halyna

The Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Less than 5 years ago a visit to a doctor involved filling in tons of paperwork, describing your complaints and symptoms over and over again…

by Nataliia