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Building Cloud Applications in Java 

Become a cloud-forward organization – upgrade your business model, delight customers with new product features, capture new markets. Romexsoft will assist you with building cloud apps using the most robust programming language – Java. 

Having Romexsoft on board means more than deploying superior apps in the cloud. Our Agile and versatile team can provide a host of other IT services as well: architecture design & implementation; automated testing services; monitoring and production support for web, mobile, API, low/no-code projects. 

Build a more reliable ecosystem of AWS cloud applications. Reduce the risks of vendor lock-in huge on-premises bills. Accelerate release pace and deliver fault-tolerant, stable and high-performing software to the end-users. 

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Our Approach to Cloud Development

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Reliable, scalable, secure, affordable cloud infrastructure 
  • AWS comes equipped with a multitude of compliance tools
  • Amazon web services data centers, built to meet even the most security-sensitive requirements

Microservice Application Development

  • Improved flexibility cloud computing
  • Focus on resilience
  • Agile, hyper-focused productive teams

DevOps Automation

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Configuration management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible) and provisioning (Terraform, AWS CloudFormation)
  • Next-Generation Monitoring Services
  • Maintainability

Security and Compliance Benefits

  • Faster distribution of security patches
  • Improved logging, application and security monitoring
  • Designed to implement DiD (defense in depth) architecture:
    • Apply authentication between each component
    • Minimize the trust between components

Stateless Components

  • Seamless scale up and scale down 
  • Better for roll-backs
  • Easier to repair

Container-Driven Model

  • Significant speed boost for the development and testing cycles
  • Improved security through application isolation
  • Shorter release cycles

Learn How Сloud Apps Can Give Your Business an Edge

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Cloud Application Development Romexsoft

Our approach to cloud application development services assumes usage of microservices architecture, adoption of the container-driven model, incorporation of stateless components and adoption of DevOps practices. You will be partnering with an experienced team certified Architects, Developers, Testers, SysOps, and DevOps engineers, working as a united front towards meeting your business goals. Working with us means that we ship new code faster, without compromising product quality or security. 

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