DevOps Consulting

Romexsoft offers DevOps Services to organizations of all sizes to establish high-quality service delivery through faster releases, enhanced security and improved IT operations.

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services We Offer

Romexsoft helps organizations achieve seamless collaboration, efficiency, and innovation across various aspects of IT infrastructure and the software development lifecycle.

DevOps Advisory Services

DevOps Advisory Services

We guide our customers on how to adopt a DevOps culture to accelerate cloud operations, minimize costs, and improve security. We can help you with:

  • Assessment and cloud strategy development
  • Cloud architecture design and implementation
  • Proof-of-concept implementation
  • DevOps automation
DevOps Professional Services

DevOps Professional Services

We assist our clients in applying modern DevOps practices within their organizations. Our expert team helps you realise various DevOps initiatives, such as:

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • DevSecOps
Managed DevOps Services

DevOps Managed Services

We focus on day-to-day maintenance to ensure optimal productivity of your infrastructures and apps. Our managed DevOps services includes:

  • 24×7 NOC and incident response
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Performance optimization and scalability
  • Clud modernization & SRE

DevOps Consulting Solutions by Romexsoft

Romexsoft is a reputable agency that helps organizations implement robust solutions to boost their operations.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Build, test, and deploy your applications with speed and reliability using CI/CD.

As a reputable DevOps agency, Romexsoft can help you automate your delivery pipelines enabling frequent code changes, cloud application deployments, new feature rollouts, and timely implementation of fixes and patches.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Monitoring and Logging

Romexsoft’s DevOps professionals can assist in implementing next-gen monitoring systems. This enables you to detect issues early and troubleshoot them quickly, improving the efficiency of your applications and infrastructure.

Monitoring, Logging, and Performance

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Automate and manage your infrastructure and resources with ease using code.

Reduce manual effort, and boost efficiency with IaC solutions offered by Romexsoft.

Romexsoft provides expert assistance with implementing IaC solutions making it easy to use for you when dealing with complicated infrastructures.

Infrastructure as Code


Integrate security into every step of delivery and deployment by leveraging the latest tools and technologies in DevSecOps while reducing the risk of data breaches.

As a reputable partner, Romexsoft can help you build secure applications that meet industry guidelines and regulations.


Our Clients

Digitail - The all-in-one software for veterinary clinics

What Our Clients Say

Monitoring and Logging solution for E-Learning SaaS Platform

The infrastructure monitoring solution introduced by Romexsoft was significantly cheaper than the client's previous third-party alternative. The product was reliable. The team was responsive, easy to work with, and facilitated direct calls for the project's progress.

Daniel O'Reilly
CTO @ LearnCube

Infrastructure Automation solution for E-commerce Marketplace

Romexsoft has been a strategic and essential partner to Omnyfy's ability to realise our Cloud Vision. Romexsoft helped us in multiple strategic projects including IaaS automation, programmatic provisioning of complex multi-tiered infrastructure taxonomy to support Omnyfy's PaaS deployments.

I highly recommend Romexsoft. They have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.

Fabian Rebeiro
Founder & CEO

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Environment Management

Environment Management

Manage interactions between your cloud servers, storage, network, virtualization software and more.

AWS Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Confirm that your cloud resources are right-sized to operate in a cost-effective manner.

Release Management

Release Management

Rise the number of successful releases across different environments.

Security Management

Security Management

Uphold the security and compliance of your cloud architecture, observe industry standards, and conduct periodic inspections.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Organize cost-effective backup and DR solutions for business-critical apps and workloads for fast recovery and durability.

Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization

Modernize your infrastructures by unlocking the latest cloud technologies and enhancing scalability, performance, and efficiency.

Tools and Platforms Our DevOps Team Specialize In - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Automation Server
PagerDuty is an Incident Management Real-Time Operations Platform
PagerDuty is an open-source event monitoring and alerting system.
Zabbix is an open-source monitoring solution for diverse cloud infrastructures and different environments.
Cloud and application monitoring with New Relic.
New Relic
Amazon CloudWatch for Monitoring, Log analysis, and Performance improvements utilizing custom AWS metrics for DevOps purposes.
Docker tools designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers.
Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.
Puppet is a configuration management tool used for deploying, configuring and managing servers.
Ansible - open source IT automation engine.
AWS CloudFormation for managing infrastructure as code within DevOps pipelines.
Terraform consulting and DevOps automation with Terraform
AWS CodeCommit is used to maintain source code in CI/CD solutions.
AWS CodeBuild is used in CI/CD solutions to compile code and run tests.
AWS CodeDeploy is used to automate app deployments in CI/CD solutions.
AWS CodePipeline is used to automate continuous delivery pipelines for fast and reliable software releases.

Our DevOps Consulting Stages

At Romexsoft, we use a comprehensive approach to realize and sustain DevOps methodology in your organization effectively.

Our approach is structured to deliver tangible results at every stage of our collaboration.


Discovery and Assessment

This project initiation phase is used to analyze current practices, infrastructure, and business needs to identify gaps and opportunities to improve.


Planning and Strategy

In this planning phase, we detect the right DevOps strategy and develop a tailored roadmap that aligns with the organization’s objectives.


Implementation and Integration

During this phase, we implement necessary DevOps practices and integrate required tools into the existing workflow.

After completion, we provide DevOps testing and quality control to ensure everything works as expected.


Monitoring and Optimization

The Optimization phase introduces continuous process improvement through periodic adjustments to DevOps procedures, infrastructure, workloads, and operations.


Training and Support

During Training and Support phase, we equip customer teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to sustain and evolve DevOps transformation.

Why Choose Romexsoft as Your DevOps Consulting Company?

Benefit from a team of seasoned DevOps engineers, architects, and field experts with a proven track record of delivering reliable solutions.

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Est. 2004

Trusted software development vendor since 2004.

Customer-First Culture

Customer-First Culture

60% of our clients maximize their ROI through long-standing relationships with our company.

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

90% of clients are willing to recommend the company due to our transparent communication, responsiveness, and hands-on DevOps experience.

Our Verified Cloud Specializations

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner badge demonstrates that Romexsoft is a trusted AWS Consulting Partner Company with certified AWS experts specializing in AWS Consulting and Managed Services.
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Our Certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge showcases that being a reputable AWS Consulting Company Romexsoft is has experienced consultants offering its professional services.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft has seasoned consultants providing its AWS Consulting Services.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional badge demonstrates that being a reputable DevOps Services Provider Romexsoft has skilled consultants offering its DevOps Consulting Services.
AWS Certified Developer - Associate badge proves that Romexsoft maintains a team of experienced and certified developers offering its Cloud App Development Services for SMBs and Startups.
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft maintains skilled staff offering its DevOps Managed Services.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge demonstrates that being a reputable AWS Managed Services Provider Romexsoft maintains a skilled staff.


How can DevOps consultants assist with software delivery?

DevOps experts advise organizations on the DevOps approach offering a range of services, such as:

1. Assessing the current approach to development and operations, and reviewing tools, apps, and infrastructures to find inconsistencies and areas for improvements.

2. Developing a tailored DevOps strategy and roadmap that corresponds with an organization's business objectives and helps optimize its delivery pipeline.

3. Implementing DevOps practices like CI/CD, monitoring and logging, and IaC for better software quality and release cycle automation.

4. Integrating various DevOps tools and services, such as source control, build automation, testing, and deployment, to enable a comprehensive DevOps workflow.

5. Automating manual and repetitive routines in the software delivery pipeline to boost efficiency, reduce errors, and increase speed.

How to achieve great outcomes while working with a DevOps agency?

Here are vital steps to achieve optimal results:

1. Opt for an Experienced Team. Their expertise is crucial for effectively implementing DevOps approaches and tools that reinforce your development and operations processes.

2. Begin with a thorough assessment and planning workshops. The consulting firm should begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current practices, infrastructure, and business goals.

3. Implement rigorous quality assurance and testing. This ensures that all solutions meet the highest performance, reliability, and security benchmarks before they are deployed to production.

4. Nurture transparency and feedback loops to track team velocity. This allows for data-driven decisions and well-timed adjustments to align the project with your goals.

5. Maintain clear and regular communication with the consulting agency. Routine updates on project pace and milestones are significant for keeping everyone informed and involved.

What challenges can DevOps address in managing complex infrastructures?

1. Challenges in efficiently allocating computing resources to prevent overprovisioning and underprovisioning.

2. Managing secure access to different systems with varying requirements to prevent security vulnerabilities.

3. Keeping data synchronized across IT systems with up-to-date and accurate test data without compromising sensitive information.

4. The need for comprehensive monitoring systems that work within platforms to quickly identify and address issues.

5. Effective cost management and precise spending audits while maintaining various IT systems.

6. Coordinating rapid and fast deployments to avoid downtime or service disruption.

What are the common issues when rolling out DevOps?

1. Cultural resistance involves overcoming the shift from working in silos to a collaborative approach, which can be challenging in traditional settings.

2. Lack of skills and training can hinder the implementation of necessary DevOps toolchain.

3. Toolchain integration can be complex and time-consuming, involving the selection and integration of a cohesive set of DevOps tools.

4. Addressing security concerns is vital for maintaining security measures during rapid deployment cycles.

5. Establishing effective measurement and DevOps metrics is often difficult.

6. Scaling DevOps concepts from a small team to the entire organization can introduce misalignments.

7. Budget constraints can limit the full implementation of DevOps ideas.

8. Breaking down silos within the organization to foster collaboration is often a significant hurdle.

9. Continuous improvement of the DevOps process and regular updates to technology and skills can be complicated.

What are the benefits of DevOps outsourcing?

1. Outsourcing DevOps tasks can significantly reduce costs associated with hiring full-time specialists and maintaining in-house teams, as organizations leverage pay-as-you-go model.

2. By outsourcing DevOps responsibilities, your internal team can focus more on core and strategic activities instead of operational tasks.

3. Outsourcing offers greater flexibility and responsiveness, enabling on-demand scaling of DevOps activities without the need for new staff recruitment or layoffs.

4. DevOps outsourcing partners often have robust risk management processes in place, which improves overall project success rates.

5. Experienced outsourcing firms are well-versed in handling compliance and security requirements, ensuring that your DevOps processes adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

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