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Executive Summary

Our Customer

ECommerce Partners is a leading provider of full range of internet marketing, website design, support and e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses in various industries like customer goods, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, fitness, food, technology, jewellery, and more. ECommerce Partners helps such famous brands as Castro, Stage Store, C.O. Bigelow, DKNY Home, L’Oréal, Sargento, JCPenney to build and grow their business successfully.

The Obstacles They Faced

The client needed to find a monitoring infrastructure that was more affordable than Splunk while providing comprehensive information. Additionally, they needed to collect logs from Rancher and its containers with minimal impact on the Rancher server and instances.

How We Helped

Romexsoft experts designed and implemented monitoring solution that effectively prevents downtime and improves the performance of the client’s production system. This led to increased operational efficiency, enhanced business continuity, and a seamless customer experience.

The Challenge

To improve business outcomes and to prevent downtimes of the existing e-commerce application built on top PHP framework and AWS Aurora as a back end, the client asked Romexsoft to build a monitoring solution for the existing AWS production environment to resolve issues before they become critical.

The challenge was to build a cost-effective monitoring solution for log, infrastructure, application and cloud services monitoring. The use of monitoring infrastructure must be cheaper than the use of Splunk and show more information. Another challenge was to collect logs from Rancher and all containers that exist in it with minimum load to the Rancher server and instances.

The Solution

Being a certified AWS consulting partner, Romexsoft did expertise of current client’s environment and decided to choose EFK cluster (Elasticsearch, FluentD and Kibana) for log monitoring, Zabbix server for infrastructure and service monitoring. The Grafana was chosen to visualize metrics via dashboards. That full-featured interactive dashboard helps observe the whole infrastructure in one place.

The solution is built on top of 3 t3.medium instances for EFK cluster and 1 t3.small instance for Zabbix server and Grafana. Grafana holds the separate dashboards with the information from EFK cluster, Zabbix and CloudWatch.

All tools that we used are available in the public domain and highly flexible. Users can see all the information about the environment in one place (Grafana). EFK cluster written in the Docker-Compose and installed in the container is managed via Rancher like simple containers. Read more about our DevOps services.

AWS Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for E-commerce Platform – Architecture Diagram

Infrastructure monitoring solution on AWS
AWS Architecture Diagram: Cost-effective Infrastructure Monitoring Solution on AWS for E-Commerce Platform.

Amazon Web Services Utilized:

  • Amazon Route 53
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Amazon CloudWatch

Other Tools Utilized

Elasticsearch icon


FluentD icon




Zabbix is an open-source monitoring solution for diverse cloud infrastructures and different environments.




What We Achieved Together

Romexsoft’s professionals successfully crafted and implemented an advanced infrastructure monitoring solution. This solution played a pivotal role in safeguarding against costly downtime and elevating the performance of the client’s production system. As a result, the client experienced heightened operational efficiency, fortified business continuity, and an unparalleled customer experience, underscoring the transformative advantages of an exceptionally reliable and high-performing monitoring solution.

Why Romexsoft

Romexsoft is AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, trusted Software Development Company and Managed Service Provider, founded in 2004. We help customer-centric companies build, run, and optimize their cloud systems on AWS with creative, stable, and cost-efficient solutions.

Our key values

  • Delivery of quality solutions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Long-term partnership

We have successfully delivered 100+ projects and have a proven track record in FinTech, HealthCare, AdTech, and Media industries.

Romexsoft possesses a 5-star rating on Clutch due to its strong expertise, responsiveness, and commitment. 60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years.

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