DevOps as a Service

Our AWS-certified DevOps team builds, automates, containerizes,
migrates, secures, optimizes, makes compliant — and creates harmony.

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Our DevOps Services

Accelerate your cloud operations and workloads by minimizing costs, speeding up the release management cycle and driving efficiency with Romexsoft DevOps consulting services. Romexsoft team of AWS certified cloud engineers can help you design and maintain cloud production systems using best practices and latest technologies in next-generation monitoring, agile release management, incident management, continuous integration and deployment.

No more back-and-forth between the Dev and Ops team during troubleshooting. Site Reliability Engineering is the Key practice we vouch for at Romexsoft.

Infrastructure Management

Manage interactions between your cloud and on-premises environments, servers, storage, network, virtualization software and more.

Operational Management

Design, oversee and control your cloud operational processes.

Capacity Management

Ensure your сloud resources are right-sized to serve business workloads in a cost-effective manner.

Availability Management

Implement robust monitoring within event-driven management architecture.

Release Management

Increase the number of successful deployments through effective release management practices.

Security Management

Manage inspections, security audits and apply best security practices.

24/7 DevOps Support

Extensive 24/7 end-to-end support of your infrastructures, workloads, and operations.

DevOps Facts

DevOps means getting more work done with fewer people involved.

Companies using DevOps practices manage to:

  • Deploy code up to 30% more frequently with 50% fewer failures compared to those who do not practice DevOps.
  • Leverage the overall quality of software development by 63% and improve the quality of the produced code by 38%.

Now transfer those numbers to your budget and calculate the potential ROI your business can yield by switching to DevOps as-a-service. Those should seem attractive. But wait, there’re even more benefits.
New to DevOps? Read more about what DevOps is.

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Agile DevOps methodology

Did you know that an Agile DevOps company can make up to 8,000 changes compared to their counterparts deploying only one single change in the same amount of time?

At Romexsoft we practice the agile approach to software development, allowing our compact teams to build enterprise-level, high-delivery products faster, ensuring business continuity and stability.

Learn how you can manage your investments smarter, gain more value from your existing assets and use your resources efficiently with Romexsoft DevOps services.

We have plenty of options for you to get started with DevOps and boost your organization’s capabilities!

Romexsoft - DevOps as a Service

AWS Consulting

Ready to begin the discussion between your development and operations team, but not sure, what steps to take first? Our consulting services help you to:

  • Identify the best AWS DevOps model and toolchain for your business needs and goals.
  • Develop the definitive services blueprint along with a step-by-step roadmap for in-house implementation.
  • Optimize your existing IT structure and resource usage.
  • Meet your goals faster; with fewer errors and less investment involved.

We will help you to make the move towards DevOps cloud computing.

DevOps consulting

What DevOps integration can do for your business:

  • Increase your production availability and reduce the costs of sustaining an effective work environment.
  • Let your programmers stay focused on code and product logic, rather than builds, server configurations and environments they work with.
  • Establish a better management and operations culture, an advantageous product delivery roadmap.
  • Improve your team’s flexibility and allow you to make new changes within a few minutes, rather than months.
  • Eliminate the human error factor and related issues.

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AWS certified engineers

DevOps Services Integration

Stop wasting your funds and efforts on non-scalable tasks. We’ll develop a custom cloud environment that will grow with your company and bring you tangible benefits without further investments.

  • Software architecture prone to disaster.
  • Clean, compliable environment,that’s easy to maintain and support.
  • The powerful shift to continuous integration and deployment.

You provide the code – we establish processes and tools to manage, deploy and collaborate efficiently.

DevOps integration services

Our AWS DevOps engineers are skilled and experienced in:

  • Creating a robust automation environment for builds, continuous integration & deployment.
  • Automated configuration management of different environments e.g. production, sandbox and more.
  • Regular security audits of networks, environments, and applications.
  • Load balancing, auto-scaling, and failover solutions.
  • Using disaster-free and recovery automated approaches.
  • Real-time proactive software and hardware monitoring.
DevOps engineers

Romexsoft DevOps Ecosystem

24/7 Incident Tracking and Collaboration

Improve visibility with real-time incident tracking, process tickets and collaborate faster to
take the right real-time actions.
Tools: PagerDuty, Jira Service Desk, Slack.

Next-Gen Monitoring

Detect abnormal changes automatically, provide proactive monitoring of infrastructure, applications and operations, organize full visibility of your cloud system.
Tools: Zabbix, AWS CloudWatch, Prometheus, Grafana

Log Analysis

Do log analysis with high-powered search and visualization capabilities to decrease debugging time and identify bottlenecks faster.
Tools: ElasticSearch, Kibana, FluentD, FluentBit, Logstash


Improve release management, automate deployments with proven continuous delivery practices, builds various CI/CD pipelines for your teams.
Tools: Jenkins, Rundeck, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild

Source Code Management

Collaborate on code securely and seamlessly to build and ship software.
Tools: GitHub, BitBucket, AWS CodeCommit


Automate common tasks with useful and powerful scripting languages.
Tools: Python, Bash

Application Containerization

Simplify development and deployment with standardized units of containerized applications.
Tools: Docker, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, Kubernetes Operations (KOPS), AWS ECS

Infrastructure as a Code

Datacenter infrastructure management and provisioning with remote operations, and state management.
Tools: Terraform, Packer, Prometheus, Grafana

Configuration Tools

Ongoing management of infrastructures and applications.
Tools: Ansible, Puppet

Our DevOps Tools


Jenkins is an extensible open-source Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery automation server used to reliably build, test, and deploy software.



PagerDuty is a real-time incident response SaaS platfrom used by IT departments to modernize their operations by driving the right processes around faster resolution and learning to prevent future issues.


Prometheus is a open-source event monitoring and alerting system used to record real-time metrics in a time series database.



Docker tools designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers.

Kubernetes icon


Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.



Puppet is a configuration management tool used for deploying, configuring and managing servers.



Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool.



Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source monitoring solution for diverse IT components, including network, application, servers, virtual machines and cloud services.

Elastic APM

Elastic APM

Elastic APM is an open source application performance monitoring solution.

New Relic


New Relic is an application monitoring cloud-based software designed to track the performances of software services.



GitHub provides hosting services for software development version control using Git.



Bitbucket is a distributed web-based version control repository hosting service that makes it easy for teams to collaborate.

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We can assist you in tailoring the perfect DevOps solutions for your business requirements.

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