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Premium AWS DevOps Consulting Services

  • Cloud Modernization & DevOps Automation
  • High-performing AWS Infrastructures Implementation
  • Legacy Apps Modernization and Optimization
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architects & DevOps
  • Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • End-to-end 24×7 DevOps Support
  • Ukraine Based Team

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    Our DevOps Services

    Accelerate your cloud operations, minimize costs, speed up the release cycle by driving efficiency with Romexsoft DevOps Professional Services.

    Design and maintain cloud systems using best practices and latest technologies in DevOps automation, next-gen monitoring, release management, incident management, continuous integration, and deployment.

    Get professional advice from our AWS certified Solutions Architects and DevOps team how to deliver secure, compliant, and cost-effective cloud systems! Leverage our experience by utilizing Romexsoft’s DevOps Consulting Services, Managed DevOps Services, and DevOps Support Services.

    Our AWS-certified DevOps Team builds, automates, containerizes, migrates, secures, optimizes, makes compliant, and creates harmony.

    DevOps Use Cases

    Environment Management

    Manage interactions between your cloud and on-premises environments, servers, storage, network, virtualization software and more.

    Operations Management

    Design, oversee and control your cloud operations. No more back-and-forth between the Dev and Ops team during troubleshooting.

    Capacity Management

    Ensure your сloud resources are right-sized to serve business workloads in a cost-effective manner.

    Availability Management

    Implement a robust continuous monitoring system with event-driven management architecture.

    Release Management

    Increase the number of successful deployments through effective release management practices.

    Security Management

    Ensure security and compliance of your cloud architecture, apply best security practices, manage inspections, and security audits.

    24×7 DevOps Support

    Extensive 24×7 end-to-end support of your infrastructures, workloads, and operations.

    Disaster Recovery

    Build cost-effective DR environments for your business-critical applications and workloads. Ensure fast recovery to deliver the best user experience to your customer.

    Engagement Models

    IT Staff Augmentation

    Romexsoft DevOps and IT engineers act as an extension of your in-house team. Our remote developers integrate into your company’s development processes.
    Read more about Romexsoft IT Staff Augmentation Services.

    Managed Team

    Plug-and-play delivery unit fully dedicated to the realization of your project. The team is assembled of experienced DevOps, Developers, Architects, and other field experts. Read more about Romexsoft Dedicated Development Team Services.

    Managed Project

    We analyze your requirements and deliver the solution according to the schedule and budget. Managed Project is a Fixed Price Project fully managed by Romexsoft.

    24×7 DevOps Support

    True 24x7x365 Tier 2 and Tier 3 end-to-end technical support within SLA including next-generation monitoring, incident management, Service Desk, postmortem, and findings reports. Read more about Romexsoft 24×7 DevOps Support Services.

    Our Clients

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    What Our Clients Say

    Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for E-learning Company

    • “The system introduced by Romextsoft was significantly cheaper than the client’s previous third-party alternative. The product was reliable. The team was responsive, easy to work with, and facilitated direct calls for the project’s progress.”

    Daniel O’Reilly, CTO @ LearnCube

    24x7 DevOps Support Services for Healthcare Marketplace

    • “The client has experienced an increase in their SLA from 99% to 99.5%, thanks to the team’s escalation process. The team stays on track using Jira, which helps them manage their workflow and backlog items. The team’s technical and hands-on approach helps them quickly deal with incidents.”

    Jun Seki, CTO @ Healthera

    Text-to-speech Audio SaaS Platform Development for AdTech Company

    • “Romexsoft’s team is essential to the product’s success. Not only have they kept development costs in check, but they’ve also managed to scale the solution substantially, onboarding a few key clients in the process. Their developers are equally personable and capable. We have found a team of devoted people who care about their clients and are very attentive to our needs.”

    Oren Liberman, COO @ Tim Media

    Our AWS Expertise & Credentials

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional badge showcases that Romexsoft maintains well-trained and certified staff experienced in AWS Cost Optimization, AWS Cloud Migration, and Legacy App Modernization.
    AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional badge showcases that Romexsoft maintains an experienced and certified DevOps Team offering its DevOps as a Service to SMBs and Startups settled on AWS.
    AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate badge showcases that Romexsoft maintains well-trained and certified staff offering its AWS Consulting Services.
    AWS Certified Developer - Associate badge proves that Romexsoft maintains a team of experienced and certified developers offering its Cloud App Development Services for SMBs and Startups settled on AWS.
    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate badge showcases that Romexsoft maintains well-trained and certified staff offering its AWS Managed Services.
    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge demonstrates that being a trusted AWS Managed Services Provider, Romexsoft maintains a well-trained and certified staff.

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      Romexsoft DevOps Expertise

      24/7 Incident Tracking and Collaboration

      Improve visibility with real-time incident tracking, resolve support cases, and collaborate to take the right actions faster.
      Tools: PagerDuty, Jira Service Desk, Slack.

      Next-Gen Monitoring

      Detect abnormal changes automatically, provide proactive monitoring of infrastructure, applications, and operations, organize full visibility of your cloud system.
      Tools: Zabbix, AWS CloudWatch, Prometheus, Grafana

      Log Analysis

      Decrease debugging time and identify bottlenecks faster with log analysis powered by advanced search and visualization capabilities.
      Tools: ElasticSearch, Kibana, FluentD, FluentBit, Logstash


      Improve release management, and automate deployments with proven continuous delivery practices by implementing various CI/CD pipelines tailored for your specific needs.
      Tools: Jenkins, Rundeck, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild

      Source Code Management

      Collaborate on code with teammates securely and seamlessly to build and ship software. Implement workflows that include pull requests, branching, and merging, as well as code reviews and feedback.
      Tools: GitHub, BitBucket, AWS CodeCommit


      Automate common tasks with useful and powerful all-purpose scripting languages like Python and Bash. Eliminate manual work, simplify CI/CD pipelines and configuration management with the help of scripting languages.
      Tools: Python, Bash

      Application Containerization

      Simplify development and deployment with standardized units of containerized applications. Deliver your products faster, with better quality and compliance.
      Tools: Docker, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, Kubernetes Operations (KOPS), AWS ECS

      Infrastructure as a Code

      Manage and provision your infrastructures through code, rather than manual work. Leverage all the benefits of source code management tools by describing infrastructure configurations through code in simple text files.
      Tools: Terraform, Packer, Prometheus, Grafana

      Configuration Tools

      Ensure ongoing configuration and provisioning of infrastructures, application deployment, remote operations, and state management with proven Configuration Tools.
      Tools: Ansible, Puppet

      Partnership & Awards

      AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner badge demonstrates that Romexsoft is a trusted AWS Managed Service Provider with a strong team of certified experts offering AWS Consulting Services and AWS Managed Services.
      Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its AWS Consulting Services for SMBs and Startups as one of the top-performing IT services companies in the cloud consulting segment.
      Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its end-to-end 24x7 DevOps Support Services as a top-rated AWS Managed Service Provider in Ukraine.
      Clutch named Romexsoft a top-10 leading IT services company in Ukraine that is offering AWS Managed Services due to its proven industry expertise and effective service delivery.
      Clutch recognized Romexsoft as a top outsourcing java development company in Ukraine that is able to provide measurable results and offer excellent customer service.

      DevOps Services FAQ

      How can my business benefit from DevOps Services integration?

      DevOps means getting more work done with fewer people involved. By applying DevOps methodology you can meet your goals faster, with fewer errors and less investment involved.

      Companies using DevOps practices manage to:

      • Deploy code up to 30% more frequently with 50% fewer failures compared to those who do not practice DevOps.
      • Leverage the overall quality of software development by 63% and improve the quality of the produced code by 38%.
      • Increase availability of your systems and reduce the costs of sustaining an effective production environment.
      Romexsoft - DevOps as a Service

      What are the benefits for my development team from utilizing DevOps Services?

      • Let your programmers stay focused on code and business logic, rather than on builds, server configurations, and environment management they work with.
      • Establish a better management and operations culture focusing on the product delivery roadmap.
      • Improve your team’s flexibility and allow you to make new changes within a few minutes, rather than months.
      • Deliver only the best customer experience by eliminating the human error factor and other related issues.
      AWS certified engineers

      What is DevOps as a service?

      DevOps as a service is a collection of methodologies and tools applied to improve the efficiency of cooperation between the software development (Dev) and the IT operations (Ops) parts. DevOps as a service providers help companies to speed up and automate the software development lifecycle of their products so that the businesses can deliver a better value to its clients in shorter terms.

      In a way, DevOps is an extension of the agile approach. The experts of DevOps as a service companies are integrated into all the stages of the software development lifecycle to optimize the processes and configure continuous delivery of the products enhancements in a secure and high-quality manner.

      DevOps consulting

      What are the main DevOps practices?

      DevOps consists of a set of practices and methodologies integrated into the entire software development process. For example, the practices include agile planning, continuous development, integration of continuous automated testing, and containerization. Another integral part of DevOps is CI/CD – Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, which allows to streamline and automate the development, testing, and deployment stages. Infrastructure as a code is a principle of IT infrastructure management that presupposes using scripts to automatically set the deployment environment. The microservice architecture structures an application as a set of autonomous collaborating services, which gives flexibility and scalability. There are many more DevOps practices which rely on the main DevOps principles and serve to configure, manage and optimize the delivery cycle.

      DevOps engineers

      Why Romexsoft?

      Est. 2004

      Trusted Software Development vendor and Managed Service provider since 2004.

      AWS Consulting Partner

      15+ AWS Certifications and proven track record in HealthCare, FinTech, AdTech, EdTech, and Media industries.

      Customer-First Culture

      60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years maximizing their ROI by leveraging long-term partner relationships.

      5-Star Rating on Clutch

      90% of clients are willing to recommend the company due to transparency, responsiveness, and strong AWS expertise.

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