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Romexsoft provides a wide range of healthcare cloud services to boost your business with the power of AWS cloud computing.

Healthcare AWS-cloud Solutions

Cloud computing plays an important role in the rapid integration of healthcare systems from different segments of the healthcare industry. Our AWS-cloud software development services include cloud automation, management solutions and cost optimization to make cloud available to any medical organizations. Romexsoft engineers have unique skills and knowledge in AWS-cloud engineering that help simplify and accelerate your journey to the AWS cloud. We help healthcare vendors build an AWS-cloud solution from scratch, migrate existing software to the AWS-cloud, integrate on-premises systems with AWS-cloud and meet HIPAA requirements in AWS. Our AWS certified engineers are experts in optimizing AWS infrastructure, improving reliability, scalability and data security.

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What We Do

Legacy Software Migration to AWS-cloud

AWS-cloud computing is a new solution for maintaining the large numbers of healthcare legacy applications which have become obsolete. Since cloud computing offers agility, scalability, and flexibility, legacy software applications can be deployed, scaled quickly and efficiently in the cloud.

  • Romexsoft provides a fully managed service to move legacy software, databases and data to AWS cloud.
  • A well-designed migration strategy simplifies the migration process of legacy data.
  • Ensuring that the new AWS-cloud environment will meet the main security and compliance scenarios.
  • We analyze all possible migration scenarios for legacy applications and choose the best approach for each application individually.

AWS-Based Application Development

Our AWS-cloud specialists provide custom cloud computing development solutions. These solutions include building AWS-based architectures, databases, networks, platforms, servers, and applications.

  • With AWS-cloud computing it is possible to build on-demand scaling architecture for healthcare systems.
  • At Romexsoft, we skillfully implement SaaS and other cloud platform programming standards.
  • Romexsoft cloud experts are proficient in building AWS-based medical applications ensuring security operations in the cloud.
  • We provide HIPAA-compliant and integrated AWS-based medical apps development.

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Support

Romexsoft offers HIPAA-compliant AWS-cloud support for healthcare providers to assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of individual electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

  • We specialize in migration, storage, backup and disaster recovery in the AWS cloud.
  • Romexsoft helps companies covered by HIPAA with the migration of data, meeting compliance policies, the establishment of secure networks and management of all processes in the cloud.
  • We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of created, received, maintained or transmitted medical data.
  • Our AWS cloud specialists identify and protect against potential threats to the security and integrity of medical data.

AWS-Cloud Automation

Our AWS cloud automation and management solutions make AWS cloud accessible to any healthcare organization, regardless of the complexity of their workflows. Ongoing monitoring of cloud application functionalities is paramount to maintaining the continuity of care delivery.

  • Our AWS experts can identify application problems and solve them to reduce costs along with recommending an alternative architecture for the app configuration.
  • Our AWS maintenance solutions ensure security by monitoring and managing firewall rules, users, keys and other aspects of AWS infrastructure security.
  • Our AWS-cloud management services include the implementation of the best security practices, evaluations and audits to detect architectural or code vulnerabilities.

Cloud Assessment

In our solutions, we follow the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules to ensure the protection of every piece of patient health-related information while transmitting and on rest. Only authorized persons within the scope of their authority have access to patient health-related information.

Features we implement:

  • Data encryption/decryption
  • Sign-in requiring login and password
  • Touch ID or Face ID authentication
  • Auto logout (when there is no activity)
  • Automatic disposal of sensitive data (when it’s no longer needed)
  • HIPAA compatible

AWS Managed Services

Get 24/7 support for your cloud operations from a team of experienced AWS-cloud experts.

  • 24/7 network operations
  • Senior engineering specialists
  • AWS certified engineers
  • Dedicated account manager

AWS-Cloud Security

We can help to implement a multi-layer security system in AWS-cloud with all HIPAA related compliance needs, including access control, environmental security, information security incident management and security vulnerability reporting.

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Our AWS-cloud healthcare services are reliable, secure, optimized, and comply with HIPAA requirements.

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