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Executive Summary

Our Customer

therapyBOSS is a one-of-a-kind SaaS solution for health agencies and therapy companies that provide Early Intervention, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Skilled Nursing and assistance of Medical Social Workers. It saves time, cuts costs and streamlines operations in total compliance for treating patients at home.

therapyBOSS enables users to manage the full lifecycle of referrals including scheduling, electronic documentation, payroll, billing, tracking reassessments, communication across the entire care team and much more.

The product is constantly evolving, new features are being added and the development is going on all the time.

The Obstacles They Faced

Pragma-IT was looking for a partner to implement the product that they envisioned. The company wanted to create a unique solution for treating patients at home that would absolutely separate them from the competition.

How We Helped

Romexsoft started cooperation with Pragma-IT in 2009 and it is an ongoing relationship. With the help of the managed team of dedicated engineers we built the brand new, technologically complex, HIPAA compliant software solution which is now called therapyBOSS.

After 10+ years of mutual collaboration with Pragma-IT, our close-knit managed team of tech experts that is assembled according to the project’s needs grew to 11 specialists of Lead, Senior, Middle and Junior levels.

Our Managed Team provides Pragma-IT with the full cycle of healthcare software development from architecture design to implementation and support. The team organizes workflows in line with the best practices and ensures application’s compliance with the industry standards.

The Challenge

When Romexsoft started cooperation with Pragma-IT, it was a startup that had been initiated by one smart entrepreneur. The primary challenges were quick and proper design and development of the back-end and Android/iOS/Windows front-end applications.

Another big challenge was the setup of a maintainable, cost-effective, and operational infrastructure.

The app’s key objectives were to ease communication between all the participants involved in the Home Health Care process, to help clinicians to get rid of all extra paperwork and to have everything in one place so the data is easily shared and sorted.

The Solution

Romexsoft built the high-performing managed team of tech experts that developed the one-of-a-kind medical software solution and enabled Pragma-IT to minimize risks, reduce time-to-market and increase time-to-profit. We helped the client to decrease the Total Cost of Ownership in comparison to establishing and managing an in-house team.

Different technologies have been used during our cooperation period. Current technical stack uses Java as primary language and consists of SpringBoot based microservices with relational database cluster MariaDB Galera, NoSQL database MongoDB, and messaging system based on Kafka cluster. What concerns front-end applications, we use React.js, native Android and iOS.

Together with Pragma-IT we formalized their baseline expectations and created the scope for meeting them. We arranged the SDLC setup and ensured the optimal tech stack, execution plan and role distribution, as well as fulfilment of the quality standards, constant performance and delivery of consistent results.

We conduct team management and monitoring of the workflow on a daily basis and make sure the developers work in an agile manner and that the project is in line with the client’s vision and expectations.

Our team implemented custom CRM & DMS web-based solutions to cover different sets of business processes and flows in home health and medical insurance areas.The solutions allow patients to access and organize their personal health data in just a few clicks.

With the help of the cost-effective Pilot Light Disaster Recovery Solution on AWS built by our team, we are able to restore the client’s complete system within 2 hours when the time comes. We also ensured that the Automation QA Process is applied.

Key features:

  • online/offline mode
  • complete functionality for offline mode
  • automatic tracking of reassessments
  • smart compliance alerts
  • 100% compliant documentation
  • clinical notes for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and medical social work
  • OASIS documents including Start of Care, Resumption, Recertification, Discharge, and Transfer
  • built-in functional assessment tests with most commonly used tests for PT, OT, and ST
  • powerful and easy-to-use scheduling
  • messaging within the app to anyone on the care team.

Effective architecture and well-executed development that have been performed by the Romexsoft’s team enable constant evolvement, addition of new features and maintenance of the app.

Technologies Used

Apache Struts
Apache Tomcat
Amazon Web Services

What We Achieved Together

Our cost-efficient managed team enabled Pragma-IT to scale-up faster. We are constantly enhancing the app’s performance and agility and boosting its operational efficiency. We provide the client with the vision & roadmaps for further improvements as well as technical support of the solution. By using AWS services we are sure the DR environment is secure, and resilient.

Together with Romexsoft Pragma-IT managed to achieve: 99.9% server uptime of the therapyBOSS app, automatic failover, lightning-fast website responses, real back up to office locations, fast DR, possibility for therapists to register in less than 2 minutes, and possibility to enter patients’ referrals in less than 60 seconds.

The app is suitable for big organizations and based on the users’ feedback it saves clinicians 1.5-2 hours a week on their documentation.

Our managed team created the app that works fully without the Internet and can be accessed from any device. When a user reaches a Wi-Fi spot all data is transferred to the database automatically. As a result – less time is spent on ministering one patient and more patients can be served by Service Providers which increases the overall application’s income.

Romexsoft ensured that the SLA response time during business hours is below 5 minutes and during out of business hours – below 30 minutes, and that the app works seamlessly 24/7.

At the moment, therapyBOSS app is used by 1000+ Service Providers who manage 5000+ Contractors and is a market leader running ahead of its competitors.


therapyBOSS by Pragma-IT

“Romexsoft successfully delivered the therapy system. Its overall functionalities provided the company an advantage over its competitors. The team exercised competence, meticulous approach to Agile development and responsiveness throughout the development phase.The success of the product speaks for itself. We are far ahead of our competition in terms of features, usability, and overall strategic direction. The team at Romexsoft has added to our internal strength. Together, we have been an unmatched combination.

Gennady Gandelman, Founder & CEO at Pragma-IT

Why Romexsoft

Romexsoft has 17 years of experience in Software Development, Managed Services and Cloud-Based Businesses and is oriented on AWS.

The company is focused on long-term cooperation, has a good delivery history and 10+ years of positive experience in providing the Managed Team Services.

Via the Managed Team Service we enable our clients to meet their budget constraints with predictable cost models and achieve stable performance of a managed team with a fine tuned delivery framework.

We are engineering talents to empower our clients’ businesses and provide companies with the effective and market competitive solutions that help to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize Return on Investment (ROI).

Having a number of AWS certified Java Engineers, SysOps and DevOps Engineers, and Cloud Architects in the team, Romexsoft offers rapid start and stable performance which 90% of its customers are willing to recommend.

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