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Manage patient data effectively and securely, improve clinical staff productivity with custom electronic medical record (EMR) systems.


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Electronic records are a necessity for any medical practice to stay competitive in the modern healthcare landscape and continue to deliver positive health outcomes. Switching to digital gives medical personnel the ability to collect, store, access, and share patient data efficiently and securely. Since 2009, Romexsoft has been delivering HIPAA-compliant EMR software solutions with robust architecture, secure database management, reliable patient portal, effective treatment planning, comprehensive charting management features, and intuitive user interfaces for desktops and mobile devices.

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Patient Medical Records: Diagnoses, History, Demography

PMR is an alternative option to the old-style patient cards. Having an electronic system will increase the efficiency of keeping and finding records. Also, having a personal page for each patient will be useful for knowing prior personal information, such as appointment schedules, allergy conditions, drug contraindications, etc.

Keeping track of the patient’s history of illnesses, as well as the treatment records, increases the doctor’s chances of making the right diagnosis in a short period and will release the stuff from all the paperwork.

HIPAA & Regulatory Compliant Systems

At Romexsoft, we understand the importance of compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and our engineers develop stringent compliance architecture into the medical records management solutions to reduce the risk of data loss and gain user’s trust.

These include secured data encryption, person and entity authentication, access control system, data backup and disaster recovery. Medical record security remains a priority for us, and we implement cutting-edge technology to achieve this.

Mobile EMR Development

We are experienced in developing mobile EHR software with a user-friendly interface for tablets and smartphones. Our engineers build native mobile EHR for Android and iOS as well as web and cross-platform solutions with features for tracking patient symptoms, histories, demographics, vitals and treatment plans to improve the quality of care.

We also provide seamless integration of the mobile solution with internal back-end systems.

Centralized Platform

Among the many features of a medical records management solution is the maintenance of holistic and accurate patient records of staff availability, physician requirements and administrative goals. This patient record management can be effectively used for a variety of medical processes through its maintenance on a central, secure platform accessible via the Internet.

With all information stored in one place, both medical practitioners and patients benefit from better care coordination, patient engagement and care outcomes.

Electronic Data Management

With data management software solutions, the access and management of electronic medical records are simplified for cross-organizational usage. These include clinical documentation of patient care and compliance-related information that can be accessed by a particular patient or medical practitioner.

This information is additionally protected by strict security rules that eliminate the potential for security breaches and misuse.

Task Automation

Implemented software solutions for automation of basic tasks in operations and administration will lead to better patient experience, quality of service, improved treatment outcomes and reduced costs.

Task automation and less time-consuming paperwork are the benefits that ultimately outweigh the costs of developing new software.

Medication Management

Keeping control over the drug prescription is one of the main features to implement in the EMR system. Your software should be specifically centered around the treatment that patients receive and have received in the past.

Medical Code Integration: ICD and CPT

We develop a robust architecture for web-based systems to process medical and administrative information as well as healthcare reference resources like the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT).

Why Romexsoft

Analyzed Business Processes

The development of an EMR software solution requires to understand where digitalization is needed the most. We analyze the interactions between medical staff, doctors, patients, and the documentation flow to make sure we implement an EMR software solution that will meet all their needs.

Design of the UI/UX

We develop convenient EMR systems for managing clinical documentation, patient records and visits that allow medical professionals and patients to view their appointment history, set reminders, and communicate with the doctors.

We build solutions that are compliant with HIPAA requirements and make sure that healthcare data is encrypted at all stages.

Healthcare Domain Knowledge

Our experience in the Health IT domain covers the development of EMR systems and related solutions, including medical practice management systems, patient portals, medical billing, mHealth apps and more.

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