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Boost your business performance with Romexsoft’s IT Staff Augmentation Services. With our Ukraine-based team, you can rapidly onboard skilled software engineers tailored to your project needs, filling tech gaps in your in-house teams, and maximizing value while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.

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    What is IT Staff Augmentation?

    IT Staff Augmentation is a strategy that allows businesses to hire skilled tech professionals on a contract basis to supplement their existing team. This approach provides flexibility to scale resources up or down based on project requirements, enabling companies to meet diverse business objectives efficiently. It’s particularly useful for short-term projects or when specific expertise not available in-house is needed.

    Looking to Extend your Team with Skilled Software Engineers?

    Fill the tech gaps in your in-house engineering teams, support your business objectives by maximizing value and minimizing TCO in comparatively little time.

    Extend Your Team

    IT Staff Augmentation: How it Works


    • Romexsoft conducts the recruitment and introduces the best candidates to the customer.
    • The client personally chooses the candidates and organizes knowledge transfer.


    • Romexsoft provides engineers with a convenient, professional workspace and workstations.
    • Romexsoft takes responsibility for administrative, financial, legal, physical security, and HR support.
    • Client is responsible for day-to-day project & people management, and for keeping overall control over the software development process.


    • Сlient can easily scale the number of IT experts up or down to react to rapid market shifts.
    • Romexsoft’s AWS certified Solutions Architects are always available to assist with professional recommendations.

    Ongoing Support

    • Romexsoft assigns a Project Coordinator to work closely with tech specialists and build productive relationships.
    • Romexsoft ensures timely, and consistent reporting and invoicing.
    • Romexsoft supports engineers’ productivity with HR activities, English courses, Sport & Health compensation, and more.

    IT Staff Augmentation Benefits

    IT Experts On-Demand

    Find the right specialists with the exact skills, knowledge and experience defined by you in line with your business objectives. We have access to the 200,000+ pool of qualified Ukrainian software developers and will assist you with finding the best match for your project.

    Development Flexibility

    Increase your development flexibility and optimize your team according to your needs. You can easily scale your team up or down, and we will make this process seamless. Our IT Staff Augmentation Service will allow you to swiftly react to new market trends.

    Decreased TCO

    Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with our transparent pricing model and avoid spending additional money on establishing an in-house team. Our quotes for IT Staff Augmentation Services are based on monthly rates for each IT expert.

    Easy Administration

    Focus on your project. Romexsoft handles all administrative support, financial, legal, physical security, and HR activities, as well as provides a comfortable workplace and professional workstation for outstaffed IT experts.

    HR Support

    No need to worry about positive atmosphere among IT experts working on your project. We will check developers’ motivation, handle rotation of employees, organize team buildings and other activities to keep you and outstaffed IT specialists satisfied.

    Long-term Partnership

    Maximize your Return on Investment with skilled software engineers that work on your project full-time. Our ongoing support of engineers helps to preserve the integrity of the team and ensures team’s high productivity long-term.

    What Our Clients Say

    AdTech Text-to-Speech SaaS Platform for Content Publishers

    • “Romexsoft’s team is essential to the product’s success. Not only have they kept development costs in check, but they’ve also managed to scale the solution substantially, onboarding a few key clients in the process. Their developers are equally personable and capable. We have found a team of devoted people who care about their clients and are very attentive to our needs.”

    Oren Liberman, COO @ Tim Media

    FinTech Credit Score SaaS Solution for Online Banking

    • “Romexsoft has built a skilled and proactive team for SavvyMoney, eager to propose new solutions and hire expertise when needed. They have very good developers. The Romexsoft team is fairly well versed in English, both written and spoken. We haven’t had the same problem with them as with other vendors. It’s a pleasure to work with Romexsoft, and I would highly recommend them.”

    Bhavna Guglani, VP of Product @ SavvyMoney

    EMR / EHR HealthCare SaaS Solution for Therapy Companies

    • “Romexsoft successfully delivered the therapy system. Its overall functionalities provided the company an advantage over its competitors. The team exercised competence, meticulous approach to Agile development and responsiveness throughout the development phase.”

    Gennady Gandelman, CEO @ Pragma-IT

    Our Clients

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    IT Staff Augmentation vs Dedicated Development Team

    Activity vs Model Staff Augmentation Dedicated Development Team
    Team Composition Skilled Software Engineers staffed by Romexsoft and managed by the Client. Dedicated Software Development Team assembled and managed by Romexsoft.
    SDLC Setup & Technology Selection Client is responsible for the SDLC setup and has full control over the development process. Romexsoft sets up the SDLC and controls the development process.
    Project Management & Team Velocity Client provides day-to-day project management, controls developers’ performance and product quality. Romexsoft provides day-to-day project management ensuring team’s performance and product quality.
    HR & Recruitment Done by Romexsoft (jointly with Client). Done by Romexsoft.
    Workspace, Workstation, Administrative, Financial, and Legal support Done by Romexsoft. Done by Romexsoft.
    Cost Model Monthly Billing per Engineer. Monthly Billing per Team.

    Why Romexsoft is The Best IT Staff Augmentation Company

    Est. 2004

    Trusted Software Development vendor and Managed Service provider since 2004.

    AWS Consulting Partner

    20+ AWS Certifications and a proven track record in HealthCare, FinTech, AdTech, EdTech, and Media industries.

    Customer-First Culture

    60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years maximizing their ROI by leveraging long-term partner relationships.

    5-Star Rating on Clutch

    90% of clients are willing to recommend the company due to transparency, responsiveness, and strong AWS expertise.

    Partnership & Awards

    AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner badge demonstrates that Romexsoft is a trusted AWS Consulting Partner Company with certified AWS experts specializing in AWS Consulting and Managed Services.
    Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its AWS Consulting Services for SMBs and Startups as one of the top-performing IT services companies in the cloud consulting segment.
    Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its end-to-end 24x7 DevOps Support Services as a top-rated AWS Managed Service Provider in Ukraine.
    Clutch named Romexsoft a top-10 leading IT services company in Ukraine that is offering AWS Managed Services due to its proven industry expertise and effective service delivery.
    Clutch recognized Romexsoft as a top outsourcing java development company in Ukraine that is able to provide measurable results and offer excellent customer service.

    TOP IT Staff Augmentation Company at Your Disposal!

    Fill the tech gaps in your in-house engineering teams, support your business objectives by maximizing value and minimizing TCO in comparatively little time.

      IT Staff Augmentation FAQ

      What is staff augmentation?

      Referring to the temporary hiring of contingent employees, staff augmentation enhances a business’s personnel capacity by patching up emergent employee needs. Originally, hiring non-permanent workers was a regular practice for filling in for in-staff employees in cases of unforeseen absence.
      In contrast, nowadays, contingent work, and, in particular, staff augmentation, is what allows for the most precise and cost-efficient engagement of highly trained experts with the most relevant to the given project expertise. Modern organizations, especially in the IT industry, benefit greatly from this pertinent trend.

      What do IT staff augmentation services cover?

      There are different types of IT staff augmentation models that an organization can use depending on its needs and goals. Here are some of the most common types:

      Time and Material: This is a common model where the augmented staff is hired on an hourly or daily basis, and the organization pays for the actual time and materials used. This model is suitable for projects with unpredictable timelines, scope or requirements.

      Dedicated team: In this model, the organization hires a dedicated team of augmented staff for a specific project or period of time. This team works exclusively on the project for the organization and may be managed by either the organization or an external vendor.

      Project-based: In this model, the augmented staff is hired for a specific project, which has a defined scope and timeline. This model is often used for short-term projects with specific objectives.

      Managed services: In this model, an external vendor is responsible for managing the entire project or part of it. This may include managing the augmented staff and overseeing the project from start to finish.

      On-demand: This model is typically used for short-term or one-off tasks that require specific skills or expertise. The organization can quickly access specialized talent to complete the task without the need for a long-term commitment.

      What is the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?

      IT staff augmentation differs from project outsourcing in two respects: scope and responsibility.

      Firstly, while staff augmentation attracts extra virtual resources to assist the domestic team in processing the load of tasks, outsourcing means delegating the whole project, or its components, to an outside vendor.

      So as to the second component, IT staff augmentation leaves project management to the in-house teams whereas project outsourcing involves taking full responsibility for the management, and thus, the outcomes within the project.

      Will the staff augmentation services work for my project?

      YES, if you have experts in your team who will perform the roles of CTO and Product Manager, and will be able to instruct, coordinate, and manage the workload of tech specialists on a daily basis.

      if your team lacks a technical expert who will perform the team’s day-to-day workload management, and control the developers’ productivity and performance quality. In this case, we recommend you choose the Managed Team Model.