Appium Automation Testing for Healthcare Mobile App

Explore how our QA engineers applied their expertise in the client’s mobile application business logic, user flows, and test scenarios, implementing a suitable automation testing process with Appium.

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Executive Summary

Our Customer

Pragma-IT therapyBOSS is a one-of-a-kind (both web and mobile) SaaS solution for Home Health Agencies and Therapy Companies that covers a wide range of services (including Early Intervention, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Skilled Nursing) to enable users to manage all administrative and clinical aspects of home health therapy. The application has proven to save time, cut costs and streamline operations for treating patients at home.

The Obstacles They Faced

As the therapyBOSS mobile app is quite a comprehensive solution that has a wide range of features & functionalities, regression tests need to be executed repeatedly with every new release or even on a daily basis. Performing repetitive tests manually was a very time-consuming process for the QA team of engineers, therefore, Pragma-IT resolved to implement test automation so as to save time and reduce business expenses.

How We Helped

Romexsoft QA automation engineers applied their expertise in the client’s mobile application business logic, user flows, and test scenarios, consequently implementing a suitable automation testing process with Appium. Introduction of this app testing solution significantly reduced the time needed for application regression testing as well as validated newly developed app’s features, it also improved the quality of the refactored code to keep consistency of current features, and ensured easier bug detection in the existing development workflow.

The Challenges

The client had a QA team release the mobile app upon its complete and comprehensive manual software testing. Though at first, the manual testing process went smoothly, the QA team faced challenges when it came to refactoring and improvements after the initial release.

Each enhancement or a new feature introduced to the application brought about full retesting of the app. Evidently, it led to significant delays in releasing the subsequent app versions, and the client was looking for an automation solution to address the testing requirements, including regression testing and covering new features.

The Solution

In the course of the project, our QA team implemented automated functional testing with Appium for the iOS app version. Appium scripts were also used to identify possible performance issues. The said scripts, inherently updatable and reusable, were written with the intention of reusing them later for the Android version, as it was still under development. Broad device coverage and device-related issues detection were ensured by Romexsoft QA team’s decision to run test scripts on emulators and real devices, chosen according to our client usage statistics.

Appium Automation Testing Framework Architecture

Appium Automation Testing Solution for Healthcare Mobile App

Additionally, our automated testing solution generates test execution reports in a coherent reporting format. The test scripts are run daily and enable the team to see test execution results, which allows improving the quality of the refactored code. This helps us to maintain consistency of existing features for the mobile app in general, as well as for each new feature being developed.

Technologies and Tools Utilized:

  • Appium
  • Appium Inspector
  • Java
  • Xcode Instruments
  • Maven

The results

Romexsoft QA team implemented an effective Test Automation Suite for Pragma-IT that is primarily aimed at accelerating new features delivery and ensuring that there are no malfunctions in the existing code. Moreover, it enhanced the therapyBOSS mobile app testing process for automated regression and functional testing.

The key benefits of the implemented automation testing include:

  • Elimination of human mistakes in the development phase of the application
  • Reduced time of manual work after executing automation regression testing
  • Iterative test scenarios execution which makes by-hand information entering obsolete
  • Possible performance issues detection by the updatable and reusable Appium scripts
  • Facilitated bug and issue detection in the existing workflow through the identification of failed script sections
  • Improved refactored code quality which ensures consistency of existing and newly developed features in the app

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