Migration from Heroku to AWS Case Study - AVA Touch



New-York, USA


Real Estate


2 people


2 weeks

Executive Summary

Scale Development “SD” creates custom, interactive digital amenities for new and existing buildings by integrating IoT. Scale Development is an innovative company which uses cloud-based solutions.

Scale Development hosted ava-touch application on Heroku paying a high cost for its services. The company needed elastic and scalable infrastructure, which couldn’t be satisfied by Heroku offering. Romexsoft helped to solve these issues by migrating web app to AWS.

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Scale Development utilizes multiple technologies to advance their offering. Hosting the ava-touch app in the Heroku cloud, the company had to pay high prices for the services without getting enough benefits of it. At the same time, it would be less expensive and easier to manage the assets in AWS. AWS offers a wide variety of services that allow Scale Development to get desired elasticity, scalability and easy management of its cloud infrastructure. 


Being a certified AWS consulting partner, Romexsoft did professional expertise of ava-touch software and environment and quickly conducted a plan of migration to AWS with its infrastructure design. Implemented cloud system utilizes the following services:

  • Domain Name System (Route53);
  • Elastic Beanstalk Service (EBS);
  • Elastic Container Service (ECS) with Autoscaling Configuration; 
  • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB);
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), 
  • Identity Access Management (IAM);
  • Elastic Container Registry (ECR);
  • RDS (PostgreSQL);
  • Simple Storage Service (S3);
  • Monitoring and Logging (Cloud Watch).

Migration from Heroku to AWS


DevOps Automation reflecting CI/CD processes was implemented by CodePipeline:

  • CodeCommit;
  • CodeBuild
  • CodeDeploy

DevOps Automation reflecting CI/CD processes romexsoft


As a result, the ava-touch apps environment was deployed in AWS without downtime. Scale Development pays 2-times lower price and a scalable system’s architecture made the application ready for high load. Romexsoft implemented Elastic Beanstalk Service (EBS) which gives SD opportunity easily manage its web app environment. 
Romexsoft and SD continue working together. Romexsoft improves migrated web app source code. Moreover, the partner is going to develop other web apps implementing Serverless and Lambda AWS services there.

About the Partner

Romexsoft is a provider of software engineering outsourcing services. HQ & Development center of the company is located in Lviv, Ukraine.
Romexsoft has wide professional experience of building, deploying and supporting customer solutions on AWS. Romexsoft mission is to provide extensive support to customer-centric companies to help them build and grow cloud-based businesses on AWS.
To provide great customer experience Romexsoft develops and retains a strong bench of AWS-trained and certified staff. Romexsoft is a certified AWS Consulting Partner company.

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