Romexsoft Joins the AWS Public Sector Partner Program

Romexsoft is pleased to announce that it has been honored to become an approved member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. AWS Public Sector organization is a growing community of partners serving healthcare, government, education, space and nonprofit customers.
AWS Public Sector Partner

AWS Public Sector Partner recognition accredits Romexsoft as the company that builds and supports applications and solutions on AWS with the expertise and experience in the public sector needed to help its clients achieve their goals and objectives. Romexsoft has become one out of 11 Ukrainian companies approved by AWS as Public Sector Partners.

We have assisted a number of companies from the Heath Care and Education domains with optimizing their AWS costs, architecting, and managing their workloads on AWS. We adhere to the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework that allows us to build secure, high-performing, scalable, resilient, and efficient solutions, tailored to customers’ needs, and to mitigate technology risks.

Romexsoft, as an AWS Certified Consulting Partner, provides its clients with Dedicated Software Development Team, IT Staff Augmentation, and Managed Services and helps customers to build and support SaaS products on AWS by optimizing them for cost, security and top performance. See our customers’ reviews on Clutch.

Romexsoft enables its clients to incorporate their business requirements into the development strategy, aligns operational capabilities with the business strategy, incorporates security designs to meet customers’ business needs, helps to reduce time-to-market, improve SLA, decrease TCO and increase ROI.

Via the discovery phase we help our clients assess their current infrastructure, identify operational readiness and benefits of migrating to AWS, and properly plan & design their application migration journey. This can be done via lift & shift, lift & replace or refactoring approaches.

Application modernization is another popular service among our customers. Romexsoft helps its clients to optimize their costs by making their applications faster and more scalable which allows our customers to make their AWS businesses more profitable.

With the help of our 24/7 AWS DevOps Support Service we operate our customers’ environments and make sure their applications are up and running round the clock. In this way we eliminate customers’ headache of constant monitoring and maintaining of their applications and allow them to focus on their core business tasks rather than IT management chores.

AWS is a reliable and extensive global cloud infrastructure with 410+ points of presence and 245 countries and territories being served. AWS offers high security and compliance with the latest regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. Being an AWS Consulting Partner, we are able to help our customers with trusted advice, management and guidance. Romexsoft helps its clients to unlock agility, drive innovation and build robust solutions leveraging AWS Cloud technology.

AWS Public Sector Partner Program FAQ

What benefits does the AWS Public Sector Partner Program offer to its members?

The AWS Public Sector Partner Program is designed to provide members with unique benefits tailored to public sector needs. By joining this program, partners like Romexsoft gain access to specialized training, technical support, and co-marketing opportunities. This program also facilitates collaboration between AWS and its partners, ensuring that public sector clients receive the best possible solutions.

How does Romexsoft's inclusion in the AWS Public Sector Partner Program impact its service offerings?

By becoming an AWS Public Sector Partner, Romexsoft can leverage AWS's vast resources and expertise to enhance its service offerings. This partnership allows Romexsoft to deliver more robust, scalable, and secure cloud solutions tailored to the specific needs of public sector clients. It also signifies Romexsoft's commitment to maintaining high standards of technical proficiency and customer service.

What distinguishes an AWS Public Sector Partner from other AWS partners?

An AWS Public Sector Partner, like Romexsoft, has demonstrated expertise in delivering solutions tailored to the unique needs of public sector clients. This includes government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. These partners undergo rigorous validation by AWS to ensure they meet the high standards set by the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.

Why is the AWS Public Sector Partner Program essential for public sector clients?

The AWS Public Sector Partner Program ensures that public sector clients work with partners who have a deep understanding of their unique challenges and requirements. By collaborating with an AWS Public Sector Partner, clients can leverage specialized solutions, expertise, and best practices that are specifically designed for the public sector's needs.

Serhiy Kozlov
Serhiy Kozlov CEO, Romexsoft
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