Romexsoft Obtains AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Status

We are proud to announce that Romexsoft, a software development company and managed services provider, has gained the Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Services Partner status.

Romexsoft has become one of the 11 Ukraine-based companies that have ever received this accreditation.

AWS Advanced Services Partner Status – Romexsoft

The approval process for the AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status is thorough and meticulous, and it is granted to vendors that have a strong team of trained and certified IT specialists with a high level of skills and technical expertise, a proven customer experience and a high NPS.

Romexsoft partnered with AWS in 2018 and has been strengthening its position within the AWS Partner Network ever since. Currently, Romexsoft has a 9+ customer satisfaction score on AWS. This means that the company is a top-rated agency that provides AWS consulting, professional and managed services. Romexsoft builds and supports SaaS products optimized for cost, security, and performance.

Partnership with AWS, a leading global cloud service provider, gives Romexsoft access to the valuable resources inside the AWS Partners Network and allows our teams to provide high-quality, innovative and resilient solutions developed in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework requirements, solve technical challenges, and deliver value to our clients.

Benefits of working with Romexsoft as an AWS Advanced Services Partner:

Architecture Validation & Technical Consultation

Customers who choose to develop their architectural solutions with AWS Advanced Partners can have those solutions validated and approved by the Architects from AWS.

Cost Efficiency

Working with an AWS Advanced Partner allows you to get upfront discounts on various services. Moreover, the AWS Advanced Partner will present you with different cost-saving options of running the proposed solution on AWS, and compare them with the cost of running the solution on-premises.

Innovation Sandbox Credits

AWS Advanced Partners have access to the Innovation Sandbox Credits. The AWS Innovation Sandbox Credits can help you effectively integrate AWS services into your solution, launch a product for general availability on AWS, and offset AWS usage costs incurred during development.

Proof of Concept Funding

AWS offers Proof-of-Concept (POC) funding for companies that cooperate with AWS Advanced Partners to develop small scale projects (<$250K ARR) where the customer has not yet fully committed to adopting AWS, but is keen to consider a POC to confirm that AWS is a viable solution for their business project.

Migration Acceleration Program

The Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a comprehensive cloud migration program that supports migrations of any size or workload throughout each phase of the customer migration journey: Assessment, Mobilization, Migration, and Modernization.
AWS Advanced Partners can use the MAP benefits to help customers migrate to AWS by offsetting the cost of the migration project.

Partner Opportunity Acceleration Program

This program is eligible for pilot projects, PoCs, migrations, de-risking projects, strategic investments, and projects related to timeline acceleration. Cooperation with an AWS Advanced Partner gives you a possibility to get a 10% off your annual infrastructure cost on AWS.

How Romexsoft Provides Value to Its Clients

Romexsoft offers 3 main types of services:

  • Dedicated Development Team (Managed Team)
  • 24/7 AWS Support
  • IT Staff Augmentation.

With our Dedicated Development Team (Managed Team) Service, we leverage our proven AWS expertise and help our clients take full advantage of doing their businesses in the cloud. Our dedicated development teams, recruited in line with our customers’ business needs, develop secure, scalable and cost-effective software solutions, perform application modernization, conduct discovery phases and POCs, increase clients’ business efficiency, and promote business continuity.

With the help of AWS Cloud Support Services, Romexsoft provisions, deploys, runs, and supports customers’ infrastructures, workloads and applications, helps clients optimize costs, and makes sure the applications are up and operating smoothly 24/7.

Via the IT Staff Augmentation Service, Romexsoft extends its clients’ teams with top-notch Ukrainian tech experts that have the skills, knowledge, and experience that match the requests of the customers. Our teams seamlessly integrate with the clients’ business and development processes and help our customers decrease TCO, increase ROI, maximize value, and minimize investment in comparatively little time.

Learn more about Romexsoft services and contact our experts to begin your сloud adoption journey.

About Romexsoft

Romexsoft has been a trusted software development vendor and managed services provider since 2004. We empower customers’ businesses with innovative, scalable and cost-efficient software solutions and strong AWS expertise.

Romexsoft has an expansive skillset and proven track records in HealthCare, FinTech, EdTech, AdTech and Media industries. The geography of our clients expands from the USA to Australia.

Our key priorities are high-quality solutions and services, customer satisfaction, and long-term partnerships. 60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years. More customers’ reviews are available on Clutch.

AWS Advanced Tier Partner FAQ

What are the different AWS partnership tiers and where does Romexsoft stand?

AWS partnership tiers include the Select, Advanced, and Premier tiers. Romexsoft has recently obtained the AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status, making it one of the 11 Ukraine-based companies to have ever received this accreditation. This status is granted to vendors that have a strong team of trained and certified IT specialists, a proven customer experience, and a high Net Promoter Score (NPS).

What does it mean to be an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner?

Being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, like Romexsoft, means that the company has demonstrated a high level of technical expertise and customer success in the AWS environment. It also means that the company has access to a wide range of resources within the AWS Partner Network, enabling them to provide high-quality, innovative, and resilient solutions developed in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework requirements.

What benefits does an Advanced Partner like Romexsoft offer?

As an Advanced Partner, Romexsoft offers a range of benefits including architecture validation and technical consultation, cost efficiency, access to Innovation Sandbox Credits, Proof of Concept funding, and participation in the Migration Acceleration Program and Partner Opportunity Acceleration Program. These benefits help clients integrate AWS services into their solutions, offset AWS usage costs, and migrate to AWS more efficiently.

What distinguishes an AWS Select Partner from an AWS Advanced Partner?

AWS Select Partners are companies that have met the basic requirements of the AWS Partner Network, including having a certain level of AWS billings, a minimum number of AWS certified individuals, and a set number of customer references. On the other hand, AWS Advanced Partners, like Romexsoft, have met more stringent requirements, demonstrating a higher level of expertise and customer success in the AWS environment. They also have access to more resources and benefits within the AWS Partner Network.

Serhiy Kozlov
Serhiy Kozlov CEO, Romexsoft
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