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Big Data Analytics in Business

Big Data Analytics in Business

The digital space has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Users worldwide have been producing loads of data there. Speaking of numbers, the…

Pros and Cons of Big Data

big data

There is no denying that since The Digital Revolution, our world has become majorly data-driven. At the current pace, people are producing around 2.5 quintillion…

Outsourcing Data Science to Ukraine: 8 Do’s and Don’ts

Get to know why Ukraine is one of the most attractive countries for outsourcing data science services.

5 Intriguing Ways to Better Marketing Using Big Data

5 Intriguing Ways to Use Data Science for Better Marketing

Learn how to empower digital marketing with big data. Expert commentary on personalization, retention and targeted marketing campaigns from data scientists.

4 Features Portfolio Risk Management Software Should Include

Learn how your financial company can profit from custom risk management software - specific product features and main benefits identified.

10 min read

How to Identify Micro-Moments in E-Commerce Using Big Data

Micro-Moments in E-Commerce Using Big Data

Learn the use cases of Big Data for micro-targeting and customer journey personalization in e-commerce and how these could be leveraged in your business.

10 min read

How Financial Risk Management Software Can Benefit from Big Data Analytics

Financial Risk Management Software

The benefits of big data analysis for financial risk management explained with examples, use cases and commentary from experienced developers.

8 min read

Fight of Titans or Comparison of Big Data Frameworks: Spark vs. Hadoop

Comparison of Big Data Frameworks

Learn what is the difference between Spark and Hadoop frameworks for working with big data and determine which to use for your project.

8 min read

How a Fintech Solution Can Succeed With Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Learn how implementing a big data analytics solution within your Fintech application can improve your customer experience and boost ROI.