The Best 11 Tools For AWS Monitoring And Optimization

    In this article we outlined top 10 monitoring and optimization tools for applications hosted on AWS.
    Depending on your business needs there are tools that:
    • monitor apps, hardware and databases and send alerts in case of issues
    • analyze app’s performance on code- and service-levels in real time
    • control latency, storage space, network traffic, CPU usage and memory usage
    • detect fraud and increase the level of application’s protection
    These tools will help you have the full visibility of your app’s performance as well as help you make sure your app is up and running 24/7.

Application owners know from experience that they need to launch lots of tools and services to bring a single product to the market. Sometimes, it may be complicated to keep an eye on possible bugs, performance incidents, servers. Fortunately, AWS offers services that replace all the computer parts and integrates with monitoring tools to reduce manual optimization and checking.

AWS is a proven high-quality ecosystem that provides one of the best solutions for both on-premises and cloud computing companies. There are as good as 1 million AWS customers, including Netflix, Twitter, BBC and more. All the tools are integrated and form one significant infrastructure.

In this article, I will list the top AWS cloud monitoring tools that will help you to increase team efficiency, visualize app performance and collect data.

The Best 11 Tools For AWS Monitoring And Optimization

Zabbix logo

1. Zabbix

Zabbix is an open-source software for clouds, apps, virtual machines, hardware, databases monitoring. When integrated with AWS CloudWatch, Zabbix allows discovering AWS S3 buckets – their size, type and performance.

The service provides a smart alert system that sends messages when there is any change in the AWS system. Zabbix sends alerts to the nearest free team member to solve the problem quickly.

nagios xi logo

2. Nagios XI

Nagios XI provides monitoring in AWS and predicts future trends, and sends alerts in case of issues. The service uses Nagios 4 Core monitoring engine, provides convenient graphs and analytics. Moreover, it allows enterprises to plan upgrades and manage infrastructure.

Nagios XI is compatible with Amazon Cloud Watch. You can use it with other AWS tools to manage your applications and check whether they run smoothly. Use the service with AWS EC2 instances and S3 to track latency and data log metrics.

app dynamics дщпщ

3. App Dynamics

App Dynamics is one of the AWS monitoring tools for your application infrastructure management. It operates well regardless of the underlying AWS structure – AWS Fargate, Lambda, EKS, AWS EC2 instances. App Dynamics provides clients with a convenient user interface that displays resource utilization, expenses and activity. With this data, you can maximize the business impact of your company.

The service isn’t open-source, but there is a free trial you could use.

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SolarWinds logo4. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

AWS cloud monitoring model in this service is foolproof and reliable – it lets you set up the dashboard according to your preferences. The service is compatible with Amazon CloudWatch and analyzes the application performance in real time. Besides, it monitors AWS S3 storage consumption, which economizes the use of it.

SAM proposes the signal system that reacts to exceeded usage of AWS resources. You can add many metrics to the system and keep an eye on them.

SolarWinds logo

5. SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor

Solar Winds DPM is a database monitoring system that is compatible with Amazon Aurora. It collects data about application performance, incidents, latency, and execution plans and detects the problems before becoming a disaster. The findings are presented in weekly and monthly reports.

Also, SolarWinds helps to compare the application performance before and after updates in code. Profiler shows the changes in the query responses through timeframes.
SolarWinds cares about high security for your data and encrypts it 24/7, making it a perfect solution for cloud monitoring.

SolarWinds logo

6. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

The Database Performance Analyzer is an AWS optimization tool for both on-premises and cloud infrastructures with cross-platform database support. Among the features there are machine learning, intuitive UI, query tuning advisors, anomaly detection, data display. With the use of SolarWinds DPA, enterprises can identify bottlenecks early.
The service allows setting personalized alert notifications with the possibility of change. Moreover, the system advises on how to optimize the whole database.

Datadog7. DataDog AWS Monitoring

DataDog is a dream of every AWS client. The tool is integrated with many AWS services: EC2 instances, RDS, Lambda. It monitors the application performance on code- and service-level, which provides a deep understanding of occurring issues. DataDog is a single platform with huge monitoring possibilities – you can switch between services, apps, logs, databases and servers with a few clicks. The dashboard is practical and well designed.

You have a chance to use DataDog for 14 days for free. Try it!

Stackpath logo8. StackPath Server Density

StackPath Server Density monitors the network, server usage and services in the cloud. The tool is compatible with macOS, Linux, Windows and FreeBSD. It’s handy for AWS users since it connects with AWS CloudWatch and lets you watch AWS RDS instances.

StackPath offers 37 monitoring locations worldwide. You can choose multiple options from where you want your services watched.

ManageEngine logo9. ManageEngine Application Manager

ManageEngine provides detailed insights into AWS resources and applications. It shows the collected data in a convenient form – logs, metrics and events. Control latency, storage space, network traffic, CPU usage and memory usage. ManageEngine searches and identifies root causes of application performance bottlenecks before the end-users suffer from them. Use Application Manager for instances such as S3, RDS or Aurora and Amazon Billing. Although AWS is one of the fairest cloud providers with no hidden payments, it’s crucial to monitor where your money goes and where you spend too much.

Splunk logo10. Splunk

An app owner has to worry not only about performance optimization but also about online security. It is vital for keeping the company’s reputation and protecting product users’ sensitive data. Splunk may be the solution. Some features include report automation, fraud detection, orchestration. Besides alerts about breaches that have already happened, Splunk sends notifications about potential risks of outside or inside attacks. Security incidents are collected visually for intuitive use. Increase the level of protection either of cloud or traditional applications.

dynatrace logo11. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a prominent tool for monitoring applications on AWS. It offers AI-powered analytics for automatic anomaly detection and root cause identification. Compatible with AWS services like EC2, Lambda, and RDS, Dynatrace provides real-time insights into key metrics. Its user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards enable tailored monitoring experiences. Security features and robust encryption ensure data protection, making Dynatrace a valuable addition to AWS monitoring.


I hope you’ve become aware of the AWS cloud monitoring significance and AWS monitoring tools. Enterprises may face lots of performance issues linked with overuse, latency levels, billing and many more. Feel free to browse services that aren’t mentioned in this article.

I am sure that the list has helped to understand which AWS monitoring tools you need for your product. However, if it’s not true, I invite you to cooperate with the cloud expert team from Ukraine, Lviv – Romexsoft. Our company has 15+ years of experience in providing effective custom solutions and consulting. Get in touch via this link, and let’s optimize your application together!

Best AWS tools FAQ

What are some of the key functionalities of AWS monitoring and optimization tools?

These tools offer various functionalities such as monitoring applications, hardware, and databases, sending alerts in case of issues, analyzing app performance in real time, controlling latency, storage space, network traffic, CPU usage, and memory usage, and detecting fraud to increase the level of application's protection.

What are some examples of popular AWS monitoring tools?

The article lists 10 popular tools for AWS monitoring and optimization, including Zabbix, Nagios XI, App Dynamics, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor, SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer, DataDog AWS Monitoring, StackPath Server Density, ManageEngine Application Manager, and Splunk.

How does Zabbix work with AWS?

Zabbix is an open-source software that can be integrated with AWS CloudWatch. It allows discovering AWS S3 buckets, monitoring their size, type, and performance. Zabbix also provides a smart alert system that sends messages when there is any change in the AWS system, directing alerts to the nearest free team member to solve the problem quickly.

What is the significance of AWS cloud monitoring, and how can Romexsoft help?

AWS cloud monitoring is vital for enterprises as it helps in identifying performance issues linked with overuse, latency levels, billing, and more. Romexsoft, a company with 15+ years of experience in providing effective custom solutions and consulting, offers cooperation with their cloud expert team from Ukraine, Lviv, to optimize applications. They can be contacted via the link provided in the article.

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